Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Reborn (2)

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Ye Qingtang had not seen this face for a few hundred years.

She remembered that in her previous life she had felt inferior as a result of her birthmark. She could only wear a veil all day long to cover the ugly face. However, after a long time, she realized that she was not born with the birthmark, but it was instead the result of someone purposely sealing her original appearance.

Thinking about such, Ye Qingtang could not help but smile. She drank her medicine in one gulp. As the bitterness entered her throat, she swore secretly that since she was given a chance to be reborn, she must cut off all the regrets of her previous life.

She would never let anyone hurt her father or anyone around her!

Ye Ling sighed softly as he watched Ye Qingtang finish her medicine. The Ye family now was very unstable. Ever since the Second Elder, who always supported him, went into seclusion, the ambitious Great Elder took the chance to take over the entire Ye Family. Ever though Ye Ling was still the master of the Ye family, he had already lost all of his power.

However, he felt relieved as long as Tang Tang was safe and sound.

“You should rest more after drinking the medicine.” Ye Ling’s eyes were full of concern. Ever since his wife passed away, he treasured his precious daughter even more and focused mainly on taking care of her.

Ye Qingtang nodded. All her suffering from the three hundred years in her previous life were incomparable to the care from her loved ones. She felt extremely lucky to be able to meet Ye Ling again.

When Ye Ling was about to leave Ye Qingtang’s room, a servant’s voice was heard outside the door.

“Master, the second junior master of the Duan family, Duan Tianrao, is here to visit the Young Lady. He’s at the front hall now.”

Ye Ling smiled in relief after hearing the servant’s words. He then turned his head and looked towards Ye Qingtang who sat on her bed.

“Tang Tang, Tian Rao cares for you. You see, he came to visit you this early, as he knew you weren’t feeling well. I feel relieved to let him take care of you in the future,” Ye Ling said.

Duan Tianrao was the second junior master of the Duan family in Lin Town. He was also the fiancé of Ye Qingtang. The two of them were engaged when they were young. Duan Tianrao was waiting for Ye Qintang to turn 16 when he would then marry Ye Qingtang.

As for this son-in-law, Ye Ling was quite satisfied with him. He was delighted that Duan Tianrao came to visit Ye Qingtang this early.


Ye Qingtang’s face showed no trace of shyness a normal girl would have. There was only sarcasm in her big and clear eyes.

Duan Tianrao.

How could she forget about him?

Not long after the news of her broken spirit root was spread out in her previous life, Duan Tianrao rushed over to the Ye family. However, her fiancé was not there to comfort her and instead just tried to make things worse.

Ye Qingtang closed her eyes slowly. The images of Duan Tianrao when he arrived at the Ye family in her previous life appeared in her brain.

Ye Qingtang wore the veil all day long. There were rumors spreading in Lin Town in her previous life that she was extremely ugly. This was the reason why Ye Qingtang was too afraid to step out of the Ye family. Even when she stayed within the Ye family, she wore the veil all the time.

Even her long-engaged fiancé, Duan Tianrao, had not seen her face under the veil before.

Ye Qingtang used to think that Duan Tianrao treated her sincerely. However, after her spirit root was broken, Duan Tianrao came not to comfort her but instead to annul the engagement, choosing another woman over her.

“Tang Tang?” Ye Ling was concerned as he saw that Ye Qingtang’s expressions were odd.

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