Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 2750 - The Owner Of The Heart Of The Heavenly Dao (5)

Chapter 2750: The Owner Of The Heart Of The Heavenly Dao (5)

Ye Qingtang nodded at Ah Yao’s words. “I see. I understand now… I originally thought that you and Sister Ah Yao would become like family to me. It seems that I was wrong.”

Ah Yao smiled. “You are just one of my chess pieces. How can you become my family? You are just a vessel for my power. My tool. Do you understand?”


A cold glint flashed across Ye Qingtang’s eyes. In a flash, she drew her Destruction-level divine weapon. “You… shouldn’t be wearing Sister Ah Yao’s body. This is… an insult to Sister Ah Yao.”

“I didn’t expect a chess piece to get angry…” Ah Yao smiled.

In the next second, Ah Yao disappeared from the spot and came to Ye Qingtang’s side. The two of them faced each other.


Ye Qingtang reacted quickly and slashed out with her Destruction-level divine weapon.

However, Ah Yao instantly disappeared without a trace.

“Ha, your strength might be outstanding, but I am a candidate for the next Tian, as well as your main body. How can you hurt me in the slightest?” Ah Yao smiled faintly.

“She can’t hurt you, what about me?!”

A cold shout spread throughout the venue.

The big yellow dog jumped out.


“Why are you here?” Ye Qingtang was stunned as she stared at the big yellow dog.

“I…” The big yellow dog shook its tail. Actually, it just came in to take a look… who knew that it would encounter such a situation. It might as well take the initiative to step out.

“You are?”

Ah Yao appeared again and stared at the big yellow dog with a puzzled expression.

“I am one of the candidates for the next Tian, have you never heard of Misfortune?” The big yellow dog stared at Ah Yao.

“It’s you… the second… Tian?” Fear appeared in Ah Yao’s eyes.

However, it quickly returned to normal. “No, you are no longer Tian. Also, I can tell that your strength is suppressed by the rules of the lower realm. Tian will never allow you to break the rules of the lower realm.”

The big yellow dog looked a little sheepish. With its current strength, it could not break the rules of the lower realm even if it wanted to. This woman had seen through it…

“Hmph, what a joke.” The yellow dog sneered. “I still have something to do. We’ll talk about it another day.”

With that, the big yellow dog wagged its tail and turned to leave.

Ye Qingtang, “…”

Although it was just a dog, it was still the second Tian. It was Misfortune… Did it not care about its reputation…

“Aren’t you coming along with me?”

The big yellow dog glanced at Ye Qingtang.

“Neither of you can leave.” Ah Yao appeared again and blocked Ye Qingtang’s path.

The big yellow dog wagged its tail. “Oh no, she’s not afraid of me.”

Ye Qingtang looked at Ah Yao. This woman’s aura was too powerful and the power of the Heavenly Dao she possessed was even more terrifying. She was no match for her…

“Since you are the same person, why can’t you be a part of Ye Qingtang instead?”

An extremely familiar voice sounded out from the void.

In the next second, the red glow on Ah Yao’s body flickered incessantly and a thick karma aura surged endlessly.

“Ling Yan?”

Ye Qingtang was slightly taken aback when she saw the man walking towards her.

“Qingtang, long time no see.” Ling Yan smiled at Ye Qingtang.

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