Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 2741 - Ye Yue (2)

Chapter 2741: Ye Yue (2)

Ye Qingtang was speechless.

“Han Cangming, you want to leave?!”

A cold glint surfaced in Feng Wuyin’s eyes and he started to chase after him.

However, Ye Qingtang stopped him.

“Wuyin,” Ye Qingtang said in a soft voice.

Feng Wuyin’s body trembled slightly and he stared at Ye Qingtang in disbelief. “You are… Sister Ye Yue?!”

“Wuyin, you’ve grown up.” Ye Qingtang smiled and patted Feng Wuyin’s head dotingly like how she did back in that long-gone era.

“Sister Ye Yue… Is that… really you?! You’re not dead?!” Feng Jiuyou was shocked to see Ye Qingtang.

Ye Qingtang had been missing for 10,000 years. There had been no news of her for the past 10,000 years. Although they could not accept it, everyone knew very well that she had likely died long ago. Otherwise, it was impossible for her to not appear at all for 10,000 years.

“Are you really Ye Yue?!”

Suddenly, several saints from the Great Immortal Temple arrived beside Ye Qingtang. The Nine Heavens Saint, in particular, was flushed red and his body trembled as he looked at Ye Qingtang.

“Master, I am unfilial. I am sorry to have worried you.” Ye Qingtang looked at the Nine Heavens Saint and sighed.

“Good… good good good! It’s good that you’re not dead. It’s good that you’re not!” The Nine Heavens Saint looked somewhat agitated.

“Junior Sister Ye Yue, is that really you…”

A middle-aged man slowly walked to Ye Qingtang’s side.

“Senior Brother Xie Jun, you’ve aged,” Ye Qingtang said softly as she stared at him.

Xie Jun’s body trembled when he heard that. It was indeed Ye Yue…

“Feng Wuyin, Feng Jiuyou, we should have a good talk.” One of the saints looked at Feng Wuyin and Feng Jiuyou.

The two of them didn’t say anything.

“Sister Ye Yue, what happened? Weren’t you kidnapped by Han Cangming back then? Lan Shan saw it with his own eyes,” Feng Wuyin said with a frown.

“No.” Ye Qingtang thought for a moment before continuing. “It has nothing to do with Han Cangming. Don’t cause trouble for him in the future.”

“Then what happened? Where did you go… and also, you were the one who left the Paragon Relic behind in the Great Immortal Temple, right?” Xie Jun frowned at Ye Qingtang.

“Yes.” Ye Qingtang nodded. “Senior Brother Xie Jun, apart from exchanging for a Paragon Relic… I also exchanged another relic. Have you forgotten about it?”

“Another relic?” Xie Jun pondered for a moment. “Are you talking about the Space-Time Relic?”

“That’s right,” Ye Qingtang said. “Back then, I was curious and used the Space-Time relic to head to another era…”


Everyone was stunned.

So, everything was just a big mistake?!

“Ye Yue, you… you were…” The Absolute Heaven Saint stared at Ye Qingtang with a helpless expression. “You were just young and curious, but you should have informed us. You left and were gone for 10,000 years. If you returned a little later, all of us would have died. Your Master and I would have left this world forever brimming with regret.”

Ye Qingtang looked a little embarrassed. She should have done more preparation before leaving with Ling Yan. The great misunderstanding between the Deity Realm and the Great Immortal Temple would not have happened then.

“Wuyin, Jiuyou, the Great Immortal Temple is my home and everyone here is my family. You cannot be so unreasonable to the Great Immortal Temple.” With that, Ye Qingtang’s gaze landed on Feng Wuyin and Feng Jiuyou.

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