Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 2333 - Palm Flame (2)

Chapter 2333: Palm Flame (2)

“Just wait and see. Not only would he lose the bet with Di Nuo, but he’ll also lose the bet with our Teacher Zhu. By then, we’ll be able to see him kneeling on the floor in apology, before crawling out of the Netherworld Academy…”

As the crowd continued their discussion, the selection trials began.

When the elixir for this year’s trial was announced, dismayed cries echoed across the entire arena.

“Sky Spirit Jade Elixir?! My goodness, am I seeing it right? We are going to compete based on that?”

“Madness, madness! Who the hell can refine this elixir?”

“Damn, luckily I didn’t take the risk to sign up. Otherwise I would end up utterly humiliated.”

“This is a high-grade elixir… although we sometimes refine elixirs beyond our grade, the success rate is pathetic. It would be considered a major stroke of luck to succeed just once over a hundred tries. Even if a high-level alchemist attempts this, his success rate would not be more than 10%…”

The crowd felt that this year’s trial was too ruthless.

For this grade of elixir, not only did one have to select the required ingredients with the utmost care, the process of brewing it was extremely arduous. Just the slightest mistake would result in failure. Even if one carried out all the steps correctly, they still might not succeed…

This type of high-grade elixir was an impossible challenge to the medicine faculty students.

Those students, who had been full of confidence when they turned up for the trial, were now utterly shattered by those four words: Sky Spirit Jade Elixir.

Meanwhile, after seeing the topic, one lone person amongst the candidates immediately stood up and went to collect the necessary ingredients.

“Damn, who is so formidable? They’re ready to start already?”

Everyone turned to look and realized that it was Song Yanhan. Their amazement instantly faded away.

Apart from Song Yanhan, no one else could refine this elixir.

“Look at Song Yanhan’s tripod. Isn’t that the same one left behind by that legendary figure?”

The crowd finally noticed that Song Yanhan’s tripod looked exceptionally outstanding. It was a dark gold tripod only about half the height of a normal person. Although it was much smaller than the usual tripod, no one would suspect its quality.

After all…

This tripod was a treasure left behind by that Grand Master alchemist.

Zhu Ning had kept this tripod since that legendary figure left. It was rumored that many alchemists were willing to pay a good fortune to buy that tripod, but they had all been rejected.

And now, that divine-level tripod was in Song Yanhan’s possession. It could be seen just how highly Zhu Ning regarded him.

Song Yanhan’s speed was the fastest. While the rest of the candidates were still in a confused daze, he had already selected the appropriate ingredients and started the preparations.

The other candidates finally snapped out of their reverie. Since they were here, they might as well just give it their best shot.

Stepping forward, they moved to choose the ingredients. Nearly all the best ingredients had already been snatched up by the candidates. Meanwhile, one person remained unmoving.

“Don’t tell me Yun Chen is scared stiff? But I am not surprised. He probably doesn’t even know the recipe for the Sky Spirit Jade Elixir.”

“I already said he shouldn’t have joined. Isn’t he just asking for it?”

This was completely within the crowd’s expectations. No one bothered about that useless low-level student anymore. Instead, they all focused on Song Yanhan. It was a pleasure to watch his fluid, practiced movements.

On the high stage, a satisfied glint flashed across Zhu Ning’s eyes as he observed Song Yanhan’s actions.

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