Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 2314 - Masochist (3)

Chapter 2314: Masochist (3)

Qin Feng had a glorious past and also suffered much hardship after his decline.

Actually, Qin Xuan’s innate talent was also not that far below Qin Feng’s. It was only because Qin Feng had been too powerful that Qin Xuan was overshadowed.

Now that these two were facing off each other, it would definitely be a spectacular show.

But quite a number of people believed that Qin Feng was too rash. Even if he wanted to protect Ye Qing, he should also know his place.

“The Qin family only needs one genius.” Qin Xuan narrowed his eyes at Qin Feng.

“Qin Feng, make your move.”

Qin Feng looked at Qin Xuan. He suddenly put down the Sword of Destruction and strapped it by his waist.

The crowd was stunned by Qin Feng’s move.

“What? The match has yet to start and Qin Feng is already backing off?”

“What else can he do? Fight Qin Xuan? Qin Xuan is ranked number five. He is already at the Divine Lord stage and far more powerful than those ranked behind him. And he is being personally mentored by Gu Wei. Just give him a few more months and he’ll probably rise to the top three.”

The crowd had a heated discussion. They all had their own predictions about the outcome of this match.

Qin Xuan looked at Qin Feng’s sword. He couldn’t help frowning slightly.

“Brother Feng, are you admitting defeat?”

Qin Feng looked impassively at Qin Xuan.


Qin Xuan raised his brows.

“You are not worthy.”

The expression on Qin Xuan’s face twisted into one of rage.

Not worthy?!

That was just a fake Sword of Destruction. How dare this trash say that he was not worthy!

Qin Xuan was so incensed that he ended up chuckling to himself. It would not be long before he would be able to pound Qin Feng straight into the ground, right in front of everyone!

Reaching out, Qin Xuan released an all-encompassing aura to cover the entire arena. That Divine Lord level aura was suffocating. Everyone couldn’t resist gasping when they saw Qin Xuan’s aura.

Lei Yan and the others were the only ones who maintained their composure. The corners of their lips curled up slightly as they watched Qin Xuan.

It was just a clown prancing around.

Gu Wei stood on the high stage, observing Qin Xuan’s display. A look of satisfaction surfaced in his eyes. He then glanced at the immobile Qin Feng, before shaking his head in disappointment.

Just as everyone believed that this match would end very soon, Qin Feng made his move.

Looking at Qin Xuan, who was charging at him with a raised fist, Qin Feng slowly lifted his left hand. Right at the moment his fist was about to strike his chest, Qin Feng gripped that fist.

Qin Xuan came to a complete standstill. The hand gripping his fist was like an enhanced iron cage that had undergone tens of thousands of years of forging. It completely stopped his attack, and he found it impossible to move.

What was going on?

Taken aback, Qin Xuan snapped his eyes towards Qin Feng. As Qin Feng slowly lifted his eyes, there was no emotion at all in those frosty eyes.

With a slight narrowing of those eyes, a surging aura suddenly erupted from Qin Feng’s body.

Qin Feng tightened his grip.


The sound of bones shattering echoed throughout the entire arena!

Intense pain shot throughout Qin Xuan’s fist. Before he could let out a cry, Qin Feng had already lifted his leg and kicked him viciously in the stomach.

Qin Xuan flew across the air, fresh blood spurting out of his mouth! He landed heavily on the side of the platform, just half an inch away from falling off. Even so, he was feeling so much pain that it felt like his entire body was breaking apart.

Qin Feng’s kick had nearly crushed all his internal organs!

How was this possible?!

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