Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 2080 - Heavenly Wolf Sect (2)

Chapter 2080: Heavenly Wolf Sect (2)

Ye Qingtang knew from the start that the reinforcements from the Crimson League had been interrupted by the Heavenly Wolf Sect. They wouldn’t be able to come and help them out in the First Domain.

Bai Zhi’s expression darkened.

“Mi, what are the chances of winning over the two sect custodians?” Bai Zhi could only pin her hopes on Mi, who was the most powerful out of them.

Mi replied, “If I were to just pick one of them to battle, there’s only a ten percent chance of winning.”

Mi’s reply made the sticky situation even worse.

“Mo Yao, you handle the two sect custodians with Ming Di.” Mi’s gaze landed on Ye Qingtang.

Ye Qingtang was speechless.

What did he just say?

Mi hadn’t noticed anything wrong with Ye Qingtang yet so he continued, “You have been hiding your capabilities from others. Even now, I still haven’t figured out how powerful you are. I lost when I challenged you ten thousand years ago. Now, we can only count on you and Ming Di as our last hope.”

She remained silent.

She hadn’t expected the Holy Lord of Shadows to be that powerful.

As she had witnessed Mi’s powers before… To think that even Mi wasn’t the Holy Lord of Shadows’ match. Hearing from Mi, the two sect custodians were capable of destroying him and Bai Zhi…

Her powers…

It was clear that her Holy Venerate powers weren’t enough. She wanted to defeat them too, but she wasn’t capable of doing so.

A deep sense of despair filled her.

It was really difficult to pose as the Holy Lord of Shadows, not just anyone was capable of doing it.

As Mi and Ye Qingtang were discussing their strategy, the Ancient You Clan and the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s army were almost upon them. The two people leading in front were the two sect custodians.

Lu Zhiyao and Shui Mou.

“I was thinking who the Crimson League would send. It turns out it’s Mi and Bai Zhi…” A woman with an ethereal appearance approached. She scanned the Crimson League’s army with her eyes and when she noticed Mi and Bai Zhi, the corners of her lips hitched up.

Elder Yuan stood beside Lu Zhiyao and Shui Mou. When he heard Shui Mou’s words, his heart almost skipped a beat.

He had seen Mi and Bai Zhi’s capabilities with his own eyes. Even the elite youths that were trained by the Ancient You Clan weren’t able to hold in for long when they fought against them.

They were that powerful, but they sounded pathetic when Shui Mou talked about them.

Elder Yuan couldn’t help but turn to look at the Clan Master.

A smile was on the Clan Master’s face.

“The Heavenly Wolf Sect’s powers are comparable to the Crimson League in the Second Domain. Moreover, the Heavenly Wolf Sect has expanded over the years and is capable of defeating the Crimson League,” Clan Master said.

While the Clan Master was talking, Lu Zhiyao suddenly lifted his arm. A glimmer of light appeared on his palm, transforming into a sharp sword and he waved it with light movements.

The sword aura started acting on the Crimson League’s army.

Boom! The ground was split into two halves and a huge crack appeared in the middle.

It only took one moment and the various clans were flabbergasted by the sword’s alarming power.

Even then Lu Zhiyao had a poker face on. He merely looked at Mi, who stood at the front of the army and spoke with a calm voice.

“Hand over the fragments of the Spirit of Chaos and I can consider leaving your corpse intact in one whole piece.”

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