Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 1949 - Betrayal (2)

Chapter 1949: Betrayal (2)

He had planned everything perfectly. But the only thing he failed to account for was his very own granddaughter betraying him.

“Haha! Domain Monarch, you didn’t expect this, right? He who knows when to move with the times is a wise man. Your granddaughter and daughter have been smart enough to switch to the winning side. You are the only one who dared to use a fake fragment to try and fool us.” The warden gave a cold laugh.

The entire scene was witnessed by Ye Qingtang and the rest, who were still hiding.

“What’s… what’s wrong with those two Jiang family women? How could they do this to their own people?” Several ancient clan leaders widened their eyes in disbelief. They even suspected that their eyes and ears must be deceiving them.

“Doomed. I am afraid the Domain Monarch is doomed this time.”

The crowd shook their heads and lamented the betrayal of the Domain Monarch by his own family. They also felt regretful that the Jiang family failed to escape their demise in the end.

The Domain Monarch had been engaged with his enemies and didn’t know what happened within the canyon. But Ye Qingtang and her group saw everything from their high vantage point.

Even those battle-worn ancient clan leaders never expected there to be two traitors within the Jiang family!

Hidden within her sleeves, Ye Qingtang’s fists were tightly clenched. She felt a desperate urge to tear Ye You apart when she witnessed her sneak attack against Jiang Lang.

How could Ye You be so heartless as to attack her very own family members!

Ye You, you are really something!

Ye Qingtang narrowed her eyes. Taking out a golden mask from her space ring, she put it on. It was the mask left behind by the Holy Lord of Shadows.

“Ming Di.”

A vicious glint flashed across Ming Di’s blood-red eyes when he heard Ye Qingtang’s voice.

The massacre was about to begin.

A caustic smile appeared on the Ancient You Clan youth when he saw the injured Domain Monarch.

“I advise you not to move about. That blade is poisoned and the more you struggle, the faster the venom will spread. If you continue being disobedient, I will have to handicap your arms and legs. See if you can still struggle then…” The youth raised his hand and reached toward the Domain Monarch’s arms.

The Domain Monarch took a deep breath. He knew he was powerless to defend himself now and had resigned himself to death.

But just as the Domain Monarch had given up all hope. A booming dragon’s roar rang out. In the next second, a massive shadow fell over the crowd.

A gigantic demon dragon was flying toward them, and a slender figure was riding upon that beast. It was a woman wearing a golden mask.

“Is that…” The warden frowned at the sight of the demon dragon and woman. For a second there, he had no idea how to react. But the eyes of the Domain Monarch flashed when he saw the demon dragon.

“Temple of Shadows… Demon dragon Ming Di?”

So the one riding upon that dragon was…

With a loud crash, Ming Di landed somewhere outside the canyon. The warden finally snapped out of his trance, suddenly realizing who that gold-masked woman on that dragon might be.

The warden has seen that golden mask in a portrait before. It was an Emperor-level artifact and belonged to the Holy Lord of Shadows.

Why was the Holy Lord of Shadows here?

Ye Qingtang stood upon Ming Di’s back as she surveyed the people before her. A murderous glint surfaced in her eyes when she saw the pale-faced Domain Monarch, the unconscious Jiang Lang and the others.

But she was well aware that now was not the time to face the Ancient You Clan head-on.

Nevertheless, no matter what, she had to bring those people away with her today. Ye Qingtang had Ming Di pick up those people before turning to flee the scene.

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