Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: The Si Family (4)

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Ye Qingtang raised her eyebrows slightly. If she remembered correctly, the ice toxin that plagued Si Bai and caused the death of his mother had always been thought of as the doing of the Ye family. Yet, why is it that this person was still smiling at her?

In reality, the Si family’s guess was not wrong.

The poison used to kill Si Bai’s mother was indeed the doing of the Ye family. However, this had nothing to do with Ye Ling; this entire scheme was, in fact, secretly done by the Great Elder of the Ye family.

This was only made known to Ye Qingtang when she was on the run in her previous life.

Including her previous life, this was her first time seeing Si Bai, who, as rumored, was an elegant and talented youth whose handsome face was abnormally pale.

Looking away from him and to the strict-looking old man seated in the center, she greeted,

“Grandfather Si.”

The master of the Si family clan scoffed. No matter how outstanding the looks of the girl in front of him, his hatred towards the Ye family could never be erased.

“I am not your grandfather! Do not address me in any way you like. So tell me, Ye Qingtang, you said that you are able to save my third grandson?”

“Yes, Master Si,” she replied with a small laugh while completely paying no attention to his animosity.

This was because she understood the reason behind his resentment: the Elder Master held the same family name “Ye”.

Looking over her thin frame with disdain, Master Si bellowed, “Ye Qingtang, I don’t care if you are the Young Lady of the Ye family. Do you know of the potential outcomes of your audacity to spout nonsense at the Si family door today?”

Ye Qingtang clearly sensed his hostility towards her, yet she disregarded it and replied with a smile, “Since I dared to come, it naturally means I am confident. Isn’t it arbitrary of you to claim that I am spouting nonsense when you have not heard what I am going to say?”

“Arbitrary?” Master Si scoffed, “The Si family has looked for famous physicians all over the world to treat my third grandson. You are only fifteen this year, and I have never heard of the Ye family having any medical attainments, so where did you find the confidence to speak this way?”

Although Master Si allowed Ye Qingtang to come in, he had never at all believed she could really save Si Bai. All he wanted to do was to vent his anger, and even if he couldn’t kill Ye Qingtang, he had to make the Ye family pay a price!

“Grandfather, since Young Lady Ye came here personally, I believe she is definitely prepared. Why don’t you let her try since you have already let her in?” Si Bai, who had been standing aside all along, said suddenly. This was to help Ye Qingtang.

Master Si clearly did not expect his own grandson to speak up for Ye Qingtang. Instantly, his face darkened, and his brows wrinkled.

Ye Qingtang had already prepared what to say to persuade Master Si, yet the third young master actually helped her out of the predicament before she needed to say anything. This unforeseen situation slightly baffled Ye Qingtang, and she could not help but look at the beautiful young man with a smile in her eyes.

Si Bai was actually quite kind.

Si Bai only politely returned Ye Qingtang a smile.

He did not want his grandfather to be angry over an immature young lady.

“Nonsense!” Master Si was clearly in disapproval.

Si Bai let out a small laugh. Just as he was about to say something, Ye Qingtang responded, “I’m already in the territory of the Si family. If I make any errors, Master Si can question me anytime. Even if I do have any ulterior motives, I won’t take my own life as a joke, right?”

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