Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: The Si Family (2)

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There were master physicians that had mentioned that Si Bai would not live over 18 years. As such, the Si family spared no effort trying to extend the life of their Third Young Master, the most precious member of the Si family.

Ye Ling, having no idea why Ye Qingtang mentioned Si Bai, said, “Si Bai’s condition has been not very stable recently. I heard that the Si family even invited Master Physician Xu over, but it did not seem to help.”

Master Physician Xu was a famous master physician in Lin Town. Countless people tried to seek for his help, but he rarely helped them. It all depended on his will to save a person.

It was apparent that the Si family had spent a lot of effort to invite Master Physician Xu over.

Ye Qingtang nodded as if thinking of something and said, “Father, I need to go out and buy something. I shall leave first.”

Ye Ling stared at Ye Qingtang with confusion.

What happened?

Why did Ye Qingtang want to go out alone?

Was this a dream?

It was well-known that Ye Qingtang was not willing to go out because of her birthmark. Even if she left the house, she would be inside a palanquin to hide herself from the public.

How come today…

Ye Qingtang suddenly changed?

Ye Ling felt that her daughter had become another person after her spirit root was broken. She was totally different now.

“Then… be careful outside.” Ye Ling was concerned about Ye Qingtang’s safety, but seeing her newfound independence, he was more relieved than worried.

After Ye Qingtang left the Ye family, she walked to the Si family slowly.

Ye Qingtang had heard about the Third Young Master of the Si family in her previous life. He was really an incredible genius. The Si family had tried all ways to extend his life, but he was only able to live to 25 years. Si Bai was extremely famous and reputable, and even Ye You did not dare to offend him. However, eventually Si Bai passed away, and Ye You took the chance to terminate the entire Si family along with the Ye family.

To prevent similar situations from happening, Ye Qingtang was going to extend Si Bai’s life!

However, she was not just a kind person who wanted to offer help. She wanted to make a deal, one that could get her into the sect, with the Si family.

Anyone not in the sect was as weak as an ant. One could only be considered truly strong after they stepped onto the Path to Heaven and entered the sect. Only then, they would be able to learn high level skills and cultivate their spirit roots. Without joining the sect, one could never reach the Paragon level no matter how much talent they possessed

The difference between a person in the sect and a normal person was insurmountable. Once a person entered the sect, they were entirely different from normal people.

Any inner sect disciple had the power to dominate a part of the world.

As such, it was extremely difficult to enter the sect. Simply being in the greatest family clans like the Ye family, or even the royal family, was not enough to qualify. It was easier to learn to fly through the skies than to qualify to enter the sect.

Ye You was recognized by the sect and was able to enter thanks to the supreme-grade spirit root she had snatched from Ye Qingtang. From there, Ye You learned millions of skills in the sect and reached the Paragon level. In contrast,Ye Qingtang in her previous life put in a lot of effort in her training and eventually reached the Paragon level as well, but her abilities were still completely incomparable to Ye You’s.

However, now that she was given a second chance…

Ye Qingtang raised her eyes and stared at the door of the Si family. A cold smile appeared on her face.

The Si family was able to introduce people to the sect. If she could seize the opportunity and enter the sect, she would be one step closer to defeating Ye You!

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