Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 115 - Absolute-Kill Sword Array (1)

Chapter 115: Absolute-Kill Sword Array (1)

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The middle-aged man was shocked, but he understood the situation.

Once the absolute-kill sword array started, it could only be closed by a Sword Faction elder.

However, Elder Lin might have used quite a lot of energy to shut down the absolute-kill sword array so urgently.

“Yes,” replied the middle-aged man as he looked up at Ye Qingtang on the Eight Trigrams Stage.

“Ye Qingtang, the sword array is turned off already. You can come down.”

On the Eight Trigrams Stage, Ye Qingtang’s breathing was rather hurried. It had not been a month since her spirit root rebuilt, and her body still experienced the pain of having a spirit root dug out; thus, she had not fully regained her strength. Under normal circumstances, she would have definitely died in the sword array.

She was able to live until now only because of the experiences she accumulated in her previous life when fleeing for her life.

Ye Qingtang took a deep breath and calmed her erratic breathing, though her heart was already on alert.

There were many magical objects on earth, and who knew which of them would be able to sense the aura of the Heart of the Demon God. She really had to be even more careful in the future.

Moreover, she did not know whether…

Xuanling Sect found any clues.

The middle-aged man could not help but admire Ye Qingtang when he saw that she was not at all flustered even though she seemed exhausted.

If it were to be any other candidate, they most likely would have died in the sword array. It was indeed unusual for Ye Qingtang, however, to stay this calm and composed and even be so indifferent after the incident.

“Senior, do I need to retake this sword array assessment?” Ye Qingtang’s first sentence upon coming down from the Eight Trigrams Stage stunned the middle-aged man.

Retake the assessment?

The middle-aged man took a look at the messy Eight Trigrams Stage and felt a shiver down his spine.

There was a sudden change to the sword array, and god knows what abnormality actually happened. Under such circumstances, the Sword Faction would definitely not start up the sword array again within a short period of time.

Nonetheless, it was good that Ye Qingtang was the last candidate.

“There is no need. You can just head straight to the location of the third segment,” the middle-aged man said.

Ye Qingtang did not say anything further. She had used up too much energy just now, and her body did not have a strong foundation from the start. Using all her energy in a fight like this had physically exhausted her.


Ye Qingtang knew that the third segment did not require too much energy.

After a slight nod, Ye Qingtang left, and her anxious heart calmed down a little.

If she could continue taking the assessment, it meant that Xuanling Sect did not discover the Heart of the Demon God. Now, she could rest assured.

When Ye Qingtang headed for the location of the third segment, the four elders’ hearts were heavy.

“Elder Lin, why did the absolute-kill sword array start without a reason?” Elder Qin looked towards a rather exhausted Elder Lin who was walking back slowly.

“It is still unknown as of now. I have ordered Sword Faction disciples to close the sword array down temporarily. I will investigate in detail after this assessment.” Elder Lin’s complexion was pale. Once the absolute-kill sword array started, only he and Xuanling Sect’s Sect Master could forcefully turn it off by using large amounts of energy.

He urgently closed the absolute-kill sword array just now, and, thus, his breathing was still erratic.

“I hope such incidences will not happen again. The sword array is not set up only for candidates. If we face external enemies and the sword array experiences an abnormality, it would be unfavorable to the sect,” Elder Qin said with a slight front. From his point of view, the sword array was administered by the Sword Faction, and it was definitely the Sword Faction’s responsibility now that something happened to it.

This time, Elder Lin did not talk back, and a deep frown set on his face. He himself could not understand why the absolute-kill sword array started up for no reason.

“Forget it. There is no accident in the end. Just pay more attention in the future,” said the Fist Faction elder, who stood up as a mediator.

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