Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Transformation (4)

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The poison in Ye Qintang’s body would not affect one’s health, but it would ruin one’s appearance. Given that the Great Elder dared to poison even Ye Ling, the master of the family clan, it was obvious that he would not let her go either. It was most likely that the poison was fed to her when she was young by the Great Elder.

Ye Qingtang would not have noticed that if she did not study medicine many years later in her previous life.

The herbal soup in her hands now was the antidote to that poison.

In her previous life, Ye Qingtang was very ashamed of herself because of her birthmark and was not willing to reveal her face in front of others. Now, although she did not bother about her appearance anymore, she still did not want the peculiar poison to remain inside her body.

Ye Qingtang took a heavy breath and poured the entire bowl of stinky herbal soup into her mouth. She almost cried after tasting the extreme bitterness of the soup.

“I’ll never drink this again in my life.” Ye Qingtang frowned and wiped off the soup residue on her mouth.

Right after she drank the herbal soup, Ye Qingtang felt a stabbing pain on the portion of her face with the birthmark. She immediately went in front of the bronze mirror and observed the changes to her face.

The large red birthmark gradually disappeared in front of her eyes, revealing pure white skin.

Without the birthmark, Ye Qingtang’s appearance changed immensely. Her delicate features appeared more luring on her white face, and the ugly woman in the mirror transformed into an astonishing beauty.

“This… Now, this is much more pleasing to the eye.” Ye Qingtang touched the part of her face that just recovered and smiled, exhibiting unbelievable beauty.

Ye Qingtang admired her reflection for a while and then packed things up. She immersed herself in the bath bucket to wash off the fatigue of the day.

Cold water immersed her skin gradually. She felt as if she was reborn by the refreshing coldness of the bath.

As she calmed down, she recalled all the things that happened in her previous life, but she could only remember up to the moment she crushed her heart on Lingyun Mountain…

Ye Qingtang still could not figure out why she was not dead.

In her previous life, Ye Qingtang did not know that the heart inside her was the Heart of the Demon God until much later. She only felt that her heart was different from others and that it would sometimes let out some kind of sinister aura.

Ye Qingtang did not have any contact with the power at that time. She tried to suppress it, but people still treated her as an evil demon…

“The Heart of the Demon God, everyone is craving for you. If you really are as powerful as how they describe you, then… lend me your power…” Ye Qingtang rested her head on the edge of the bucket. Her eyes were hidden by a layer of water vapor, but one could still observe the coldness in her eyes.

As long as she could take her revenge and send all her enemies to hell, she would not mind abandoning her human skin and becoming a demon!

Just as she finished her words, the heart that was beating stably suddenly twitched. A strand of dark fog came out of the Heart of the Demon God and poured into her body. A sharp pain spread throughout her body and dashed towards her lower stomach.

The place that used to store the spirit root was cold as ice when her spirit root was dug out, and Ye Qingtang was more familiar with this emptiness than anyone else.

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