Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal

Chapter 1298 - Big Brother, Come and Spar Too

Chapter 1298: Big Brother, Come and Spar Too

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This Jiang Lixue was a person ranked on the Pugilistic World’s Dragon Potential List, not some unknown fellow, yet he was easily defeated by this youngster. This was something that the crowd didn’t even dare to think of—at the start, everyone thought that Hong Dali was just an ordinary entertainment artist, and most of them gathered around just to watch the show.

But now, they didn’t think so anymore. After all, most of the people here didn’t even manage to see clearly Hong Dali’s movement just now.

“This little brother is impressive. What kind of book is that? He can achieve such an effect by learning from it on the spot?”

“Isn’t that so, but I didn’t see any words on the book. What’s this?”

“Not sure. Don’t be nervous, let’s wait and see first!”

At this moment, another person walked out of the crowd. This time, the person was solemn as he looked at Hong Dali and said, “Brother, I’m Cang Yulong, ranked 32 on the Dragon Potential List. Shall we spar too? If you can defeat me, regardless if those secret manuals are real or fake, I will buy all of them. How is it?”

Once he said this, most of the people in the crowd slapped their legs in regret.

Regardless of the credibility of the secret manuals, just for this youngster’s power alone, they would earn something by doing him a favor in buying the secret manuals!

“Hehe, I promise that the secret manuals are real. But since you wish to fight me, I naturally won’t reject.” Hong Dali looked at that person. He was a young man about 25 or 26 years old, quite handsome, and he carried a sword in his hand. Then, Hong Dali said, “But I don’t have a weapon.”

“Which brother is willing to lend a weapon to this brother?” Cang Yulong hurriedly cupped his fist towards the crowd and said, “I think everyone is willing to see us spar, right?” He was right. Who wasn’t willing to see such an interesting show? Instantly, a few people stepped forward, expressing that they were willing to lend their not too expensive weapon to Hong Dali.

Almost all kinds of the more common weapons like sword, blade, pole, hammer, and so on could be found amongst those weapons.

Hong Dali casually plucked a spear from amongst them, smiled, then said, “I shall use this one!” He then turned towards the Goddess of Wisdom and said, “Wife, the book.”

The Goddess of Wisdom understood what Hong Dali was doing by now. She pursed her lips and smiled, throwing the “Wordless Heavenly Book” to Hong Dali.

The marvelous thing about this part was that there weren’t any words in the book. Many people in the crowd wanted to snatch the book and take a look, but no one really dared to do so.

“I will be able to defeat you once I learn another move.” Hong Dali grinned and flipped through the book again. “Okay, this will be enough.” Then, he casually threw the book to a random person in the crowd and said, “Brother, you can practice the move in the book too.”

That person was instantly elated, but after flipping through it, he was instantly depressed. The people around him were clueless too. “There aren’t any words in this book, what’s this?”

“This is the Wordless Heavenly Book passed down in my family.” Hong Dali carried the spear with both of his hands and curiously asked, “What’s wrong, all of you can’t learn from the book?”

“You already said it’s wordless, who can understand without any words…” That person muttered, then respectfully handed the book to the Goddess of Wisdom and said, “Miss, this is really a precious thing, just that we can’t understand it. What a pity, what a pity!”

The Goddess of Wisdom was very clever, after all. She pointed at the other four secret manuals and said, “My husband has drawn the moves in the book in these four books—of course, not all of the moves, only a small portion of them.” When she said husband, her face reddened, but she very quickly recovered.

At this moment, Hong Dali and Cang Yulong had already been battling.

In the Divine College, Hong Dali had used weapons to fight with Bei Yuanqing before. At that time, he also used a spear. This time, using Second Gear, he used a few moves that actually looked legit and quickly defeated Cang Yulong.

This time, everyone was quiet, their eyes shining brightly and staring intently at the four secret manuals.

Although Cang Yulong lost the fight, he was very delighted in his heart. Because according to what he said just now, these four secret manuals were now his.

“This brother, I have lost. State your price, I shall buy these four secret manuals.” Cang Yulong directly stood in front of the secret manuals and prepared to learn the moves on them.

“300 taels for one. It will be a total of 1,200 taels for all four.” Hong Dali smiled and stated a price that wasn’t too high nor too low.

“Here are 1,500 taels, consider the extra 300 taels as making friends.” Cang Yulong took out the silver taels from his sack and prepared to hand them to Hong Dali. However, the others in the crowd instantly interjected. “Hey, Cang Yulong, it isn’t very fair that you are directly buying all of the secret manuals like this, right?”

“That’s right. If these secret manuals are real, with the power this little brother demonstrated just now, each secret manual is worth a thousand silver taels each at least. You’re taking too much of an advantage by buying all of them for 1,500 taels.”

Those smarter ones had already started offering higher prices. “I offer 1,000 taels for one!” Instantly, another followed. “I offer 1,500 for one.” “2,000 for one!”

The crowd instantly erupted. However, a person with a clearer head loudly shouted, “Everyone, listen to a word from me!”

The crowd quickly quietened. That person wore a black robe, was about 40 years old, had a square face, and looked quite majestic. Someone said, “It’s the vice clan leader from Black Water Clan, Yan Chengde! Everyone, let’s listen to what he has to say!”

Yan Chengde cupped his fists towards all sides and said, “Everyone, this little brother is indeed highly skilled, but it’s hard to differentiate if his secret manuals are real or not. I have a small request, but I’m not sure if this little brother is willing to agree or not.”

“Please say it.” Hong Dali wasn’t surprised at all. At such a moment, someone would definitely request to inspect the goods.

As expected, Yan Chengde said, “I won’t take advantage of this little brother. I shall use 2,000 taels to buy one secret manual and test it on the spot. If it’s indeed real, that’s naturally the best. If it’s fake, I will just take it that this little brother is playing a joke on everyone and give the 2,000 to him for free. How does this sound?” He was considered to be a well-known person amongst the people here, so they instantly nodded in agreement.

It was very easy to test whether the secret manuals were real or not. Normally speaking, a person could tell by just taking a few looks at it. Especially for move-types, it was even easier to tell.

Yan Chengde had already predicted that these four secret manuals were definitely all real. With Hong Dali’s powerful martial arts, he wouldn’t resort to lying for this little bit of money. The reason Yan Chengde said this was to gain a secret manual for himself first and also become a good person in the eyes of others. At the same time, he could also befriend Hong Dali. This was killing three birds with one stone, he wouldn’t lose out no matter what.

Hong Dali naturally understood his thinking. He just laughed and said, “You’re an elder, I naturally won’t dare to lie. Which secret manual do you intend to choose?”

Yan Chengde looked at the four secret manuals, then lastly pointed at one and solemnly said, “I shall choose this one.”

Hong Dali took a look and was instantly amused. “Sunflower Treasure Book!”

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