Rebirth of an Abandoned Woman

Chapter 258 - Second Wife

Chapter 258: Second Wife

Since Sang Wan had said so, as a servant, Nanny Jiang could not intervene in the Young Master’s affairs. Hence, she could only look towards Sang Wan.

“Nanny Jiang,” Sang Wan returned a firm gaze, “Since this servant has insisted, please report to your mistress and thank her for her good intentions!”

That was a refusal.

Nanny Jiang looked at Sang Wan and nodded her head. “Since Young Mistress has said so, I’ll report that to her later on. As for Miss Gu…”

Sang Wan faintly smiled upon hearing Nanny Jiang. “Mother wasn’t there when I went to pay my respects earlier. I actually had something to tell her. I don’t feel well these few days, so I would like to stay at the country house for a few days to recuperate. I’m afraid I won’t be able to help Mother out with this! However, since she has said so, I won’t dare to disagree. I’ll leave Nanny Li and Zhide at home to help! There are several other experienced servants. With them, there won’t be a slip-up. As I’m still young and have never arranged for such a grand event, I’m afraid I’ll only bring more inconvenience if I stayed to help!”

Nanny Jiang froze and subconsciously looked at Nanny Li, as if wanting to ask what had happened.

Nanny Li was in a shock as well. Sang Wan had never mentioned that she wanted to recuperate at a country house. This was her first time hearing that. 

However, she was someone who supported Sang Wan. If she did not know about this, then it would be clear that Sang Wan had made the decision at the last moment to go against the Old Mistress. Knowing this, how could Nanny Li let Nanny Jiang have any doubts? She kept a calm look as if she had heard Sang Wan say that before.

Nanny Jiang silently sighed before she nodded and said with a smile, “In that case, I’ll let Old Mistress know! Oh, right. Young Mistress, when do you plan to go?”

“Today.” Sang Wan replied with a smile, “I will have to trouble you to report back. If Mother is free, I’ll go over and say goodbye to her. Otherwise, I won’t disturb her.

“I’ll report this back to Old Mistress immediately!” Nanny Jiang hurriedly responded. Trouble was brewing, and she knew better than to stay.

Sang Wan nodded her head and watched her leave.

Nanny Li dismissed the servants and left only Liu Ya, Zhide, and Hong Ye. “Young Mistress, are you really going to stay at the country house?”

Sang Wan answered with a smile, “Yes. I’ll have to trouble you with the matters here!”

Sang Wan believed that she couldn’t handle Gu Fangzi’s matter personally. Since she couldn’t change anything, she would rather avoid it and remain oblivious.

Nanny Li moved her lips but did not say anything about reconciliation. She sighed softly. “Young Mistress should stay there for a few days! Which country house do you want to go to? After staying there for a few days, I’ll send someone over to fetch you! The household can’t do without you!”

Nanny Li knew that she hated what was to come. As such, she would fetch her back when everything ended. Otherwise, Gu Fangzi would cause an uproar to the point that Wang Shi would put her in charge of everything. By then, it would be too late for Sang Wan to return! This was not something that getting angry could resolve. In another few days, when Sang Wan’s anger dissipated, she would surely think more clearly.

Having heard that, Sang Wan just smiled without uttering a word.

Not long after, Xiu Chun came to invite her over. Sang Wan instructed Liu Ya and the rest to pack the luggage, while she took two young servants with her to Wang Shi’s place.

As she had expected, Wang Shi was very unhappy. When Wang Shi saw her come in, her expression looked even worse.

“Your daughter-in-law is here to greet Mother!” Sang Wan went forward and bowed before standing up lightly. Her head was kept low, and she looked gentle and indifferent with her usual gentleness and gracefulness. However, something about her was different.


Wang Shi didn’t say anything, and neither did Sang Wan. The two of them remained silent.

“You’re going to stay at the country house?” After a while, Wang Shi asked indifferently without any affection.

“Yes, I plan to go there today. I came here to bid you goodbye, Mother.” Sang Wan nodded her head.

“Hmph.” Wang Shi sneered. “Why are you going there? Aren’t you living comfortably here? Is your body feeling uncomfortable? Or maybe your mind?”

If this was in the past, Sang Wan would have definitely turned pale upon hearing that. However, she was not that cautious anymore. So what if she was cautious? She still couldn’t change anything!

Sang Wan pretended as if she didn’t understand what Wang Shi had been talking about and replied honestly, “My body doesn’t feel very well. Mother, please let me go to the country house to recuperate in peace!”

Upon hearing that, Wang Shi nearly fainted. She was so furious that it became difficult for her to breathe.

“Go!” She said furiously, “Having bad health is not a trivial matter. Go and recuperate well! You don’t have to worry about anything when you stay there. After some time, I’ll send someone over to fetch you!”

What she meant was that if she didn’t send anyone over, she did not need to come back.

Sang Wan didn’t take her words seriously and responded submissively. If possible, she wouldn’t want to return, but there was nobody who could stop her from coming back either.

When Wang Shi saw her indifferent look, it was clear that she had not repented. Hence, she waved her hand and said impatiently, “Alright, you may leave!”

Sang Wan bowed and acknowledged before leaving.

“Old Mistress,” After Sang Wan had left, Nanny Jiang went forward and persuaded, “This isn’t good, right? If Young Master were to know about this…”

“What can he do?” Wang Shi replied furiously, “You’ve also seen for yourself. Sang Wan wanted to go there. I wasn’t the one chasing her out of the house! If Fengju complains to me about this, then he isn’t my son anymore!”

Nanny Jiang did not dare to utter another word.

Wang Shi became angrier when she thought about it, “Sang Wan is increasingly having a bad temper now! Did she really think that I can’t manage her? It’s been some time since she had married into the Shi Family, yet she still isn’t pregnant even though Shi Fengju doted on her for so long. When Shi Fengju marries a concubine, she gives me this attitude now! Is this how the Sang Family bring up their daughter?”

“Old Mistress! I don’t think Young Mistress is such a person. Please calm down!” When Nanny Jiang saw that Wang Shi wanted to settle scores, she quickly tried to mediate, “Young Mistress is also really filial to you. I can see that, so how can you not? Although I do not dare to say this, but…”

Wang Shi glared at her and said, “Don’t say it if you don’t dare to! I’m sure you’re going to put in good words on her behalf!”

“Old Mistress is wise!” Upon hearing that, Nanny Jiang smiled and said, “Miss Gu has always been close to you ever since she was young, but her status has changed to that of a concubine after marrying into the Shi family. You’re always shielding Miss Gu, so it would be strange if Young Mistress didn’t have any opinions on that! Yesterday, although Young Mistress’ words were a bit impulsive, she was not unreasonable. She is the wife. It is a given fact that a wife can deal with a concubine any way she wishes. However, Old Mistress, you brought Miss Gu and stormed to her place. Where is her dignity then! Moreover, the incident with Miss Gu’s servant wasn’t even her fault!”

Upon hearing that, Wang Shi couldn’t help but waver. However, would she simply admit to it? If she did, wouldn’t it mean that she was at fault? Sang Wan was being so strong-minded. At this moment, she definitely could not admit her mistake!

“That’s enough. Even you are saying that!” Wang Shi said angrily, “Sang Wan knows about Fang’er’s relationship with the Shi Family. How can Fang’er just be an ordinary concubine? How can I bear to see that? Since Sang Wan is my daughter-in-law, shouldn’t she show consideration for my feelings with her actions or words? She’s clearly going against me on purpose!”

Wang Shi was once again convinced and she added with emphasis, “It must be the case!”

Nanny Jiang was made completely speechless. The matter between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law was a complicated one. Nanny Jiang felt that she shouldn’t have spoken out of line! However, since she had already said so, she couldn’t help but add, “I know that you have a liking towards Miss Gu, but in this way, Miss Gu and Young Mistress are bound to be incompatible one day! How long can you protect Miss Gu? Young Master has his heart set only on Young Mistress!”

Upon hearing that, Wang Shi sighed softly and said, “How can I not know that? But Fang’er is so pitiful, and she’s my younger sister’s only kin. How can I bear to see her suffer? That’s why I want to raise her status to a second wife. When she gives birth to a son for Fengju, she will have someone by her side for a lifetime. I will guide her well and mediate between her and Sang Wan!”

Nanny Jiang really wanted to ask whether it would be too late by then, but seeing that Wang Shi seemed to have a card up her sleeves, she held herself back from asking.

Sang Wan wrapped the luggage she was bringing with her and called for a carriage. She took Liu Ya, a young maidservant, and two other married women with her.

“Young Mistress, do enjoy yourself there. After some time, I’ll send someone to fetch you!” When Sang Wan boarded the carriage, Nanny Li said warmly with a smile. She also instructed Liu Ya to serve Sang Wan well.

Liu Ya quickly agreed and Sang Wan said with a smile, “I’ll hand the household to you. You’ll only have to focus on taking care of the things happening in the household. I know very well when I should return!”

Nanny Li nodded with a smile and secretly sighed as she watched the carriage slowly disappear. She turned around and let out a long sigh.

When Shi Fengju came back in the evening and didn’t see Sang Wan, he hurriedly asked about her in astonishment.

Nanny Li was in a daze and quickly answered, “Young Mistress has gone to Dongliu Country House to recuperate. She said she told you yesterday. Young Master, you didn’t know?”

“She went to the country house?” Shi Fengju was slightly startled. Without answering Nanny Li’s words, he quickly asked, “Who did she bring with her? Did she bring all the necessities?”

Nanny Li answered, “Liu Ya, two capable married servants, and a young maidservant. We couldn’t pack everything in time, so I’ll have someone send the rest over tomorrow.”

Shi Fengju smiled slightly and shook his head before he nodded. “Please do. Prepare more as well. Don’t let her suffer! She isn’t feeling happy, so it’s good that she went to tidy up her feelings.

Nanny Li was confused thanks to Shi Fengju and wondered if he had agreed. If so, why was he shocked earlier? Did he know or not know about it?

“Young Master, don’t worry. I won’t let Young Mistress suffer!” Nanny Li quickly nodded her head to agree. After thinking, she sounded him out, “Today, Old Mistress plans to raise Miss Gu to be a second wife in the next few days. This needs to be properly arranged. Young Mistress asked me to be in charge of this matter. Young Master…”

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