Rebirth of a Movie Star

Chapter 67 (END) - Extra 6 (Final)

Extra 6 (Final)

Bai Lang and Qiu Qian’s wedding was held not long after the fourth movie in that series was shown in the cinemas.

It was really just to make up for before, because Bai Lang and Qiu Qian had gotten registered long ago in H country after Qiu Qian’s recovery from his injuries.

The reason was pretty simple. Qiu Qian’s rehabilitation was in D country, however the  neighbouring H country was the first country in the world to recognize gay marriage. So in D country there were many gay couples who ran to the neighbouring H country to get married.

When Qiu Qian saw these couples his eyes went red and naturally he didn’t want to miss this opportunity.

The only reason they hadn’t done it earlier was because Qiu Qian had said that this was the reward he would give himself after standing up from his wheelchair.

However this event was not known by many people in China. The day they got registered, the only people that attended was Bai Lang, Qiu XiaoHai and the still walking very slowly Qiu Qian. In addition there was Hong Hong who drove them to the civil registry bureau. They signed a few documents and got their registration.

After that, Bai Lang focused on Qiu Qian’s rehabilitation. Qiu Qian was also occupied in the final stages of snatching power of the Qiu family. So because they were both busy, the two people didn’t even think about any wedding ceremony. Because this matter didn’t seem that significant. The people who mattered already knew that they were married.

However it was only that when the fourth movie for that series of books hit the theatres, Bai Lang’s fame really reached a new peak.

Movie fans were added to book fans, and with the addition of the effect of the character he was playing, meant that Bai Lang suddenly gained many passionate new fans. And a lot of them were young women.

In order to express the love and admiration bubbling in their hearts, sometimes they would call out things like “I want to have your baby!” Or other such passionate confessions.

If a normal person heard this, they would only think it was just a fan trying to express their love. They were just words. However because of Bai Lang and Qiu Qian’s special relationship, there were several female fans who really thought about it seriously. They rushed to Total Entertainment’s reception desk and wanted to send a message to Bai Lang to say she really wanted to have Bai Lang’s child. They could do it via IVF. Because she didn’t want to ruin Bai Lang and Qiu Qian’s beautiful relationship. She only wanted Bai Lang to be even happier than now….

Her words were very passionate. When Qiu Qian heard about it his face went black. However this was really an issue that the two of them had never touched on before. One evening while lying in bed, Qiu Qian couldn’t withstand the anxiety in his heart and directly asked Bai Lang.

However he had only just started talking when Bai Lang cuddled him and kissed him. He smiled and said, he knew what made him happy and that it was for their family of three to live well.

At that time, in the dimly lit room, the moonlight came in from outside. Bai Lang, lying beside him, had a radiant smile on his face.

Qiu Qian threw aside his prepared words of “fairness” and being “willing to endure”, and also the information he had secretly gathered about surrogacy. He only violently embraced Bai Lang and told him that his happiness was exactly the same.

The next morning Qiu Qian convinced Bai Lang. He said they should have a wedding ceremony.

This would show everyone that Bai Lang’s happiness was him.


A few weeks later, Bai Lang and Qiu Qian’s friends all received an invitation without any preamble or warning.

When the silver card was opened, there was printed three blue colored stars. Two big and one small.

The romantic and elegant script said that three weeks later, Bai Lang and Qiu Qian would hold a wedding ceremony on the beaches of the T islands.

At that time they wanted to invite their friends to bring their own flip-flops and sunglasses and come to share in their joy.

Of course contained within the letter was a return airplane ticket.


On the day of the wedding, the sun shone brightly. There was not a cloud in sight. The natural beauty of the glittering blue ocean and white sands enthusiastically welcomed the guests.

On the vast and empty sands a small wedding arch had been set up. The arch was filled with colorful flowers often seen on the island. Pink morning glories and white roses were set up in the space between the blue ocean and the blue sky, other than being romantic there was a feeling of purity.

On either side of the arch were placed some chairs for the guest. There weren’t many, maybe thirty to forty in total. There was an aisle left between the seats, just like as though there was going to be red carpet set up later.

However today there wasn’t any red carpet. Instead there was only the warm and delicate white sand. On either side of the aisle, there were decorations in the shape of starfishes and clams. It was both clean and artistic looking.

On one side of the area, there was a pure white grand piano placed. The purpose was to play the wedding march.

However it being placed like that gave the scene a somewhat dreamlike atmosphere.

This allowed Fang Hua, who had never attended a beach wedding before and who had come to personally inspect the surrounds the day before, to finally cast aside the reservations she had about this flip-flop and sunglasses wedding. She was just scared that Qiu Qian’s careless love of the ocean would mean Bai Lang wouldn’t get the treatment he deserved.

But as she strolled on the clean sands, Fang Hua became more and more satisfied. She even complimented Qiu Qian a few times. This kind of place which wasn’t occupied, where phones didn’t work, and which you couldn’t even get a visa to go to without knowing people, was very sensible. Not only did they not have to worry about any uninvited guests, they could even post the wedding notification on the same day and let this group of journalists and fans work themselves into a frenzy but be completely unable to get closer.

However no one knew that Bai Lang and Qiu Qian didn’t pick this location for the reasons Fang Hua had described.

Because this was the place Qiu Qian had first confessed to Bai Lang. It was on these sands that the two people’s relationship had changed for the better.


Dang~ dang dang dang~

Dang~ dang tang dang~

After that, the wedding piano echoed throughout the beach.

The music today was organized by Rong SiQi who was playing the piano personally.

Qiu XiaoHai and Rong Zan held baskets of flowers and walked down the aisle throwing flowers, they grinned as they opened the pathway for the newlyweds.

The two beautiful children were dressed for the occasion. Outside their loose shirts, they wore wreaths made of flowers around their necks. They looked both joyous and cute.

Then finally it was time for the two main characters.

However unexpectedly the two grooms didn’t wear any luxurious tuxedos or formal clothing. Instead they wore a pair of simple white shirts. When they appeared, Qiu Qian and Bai Lang were holding hands. They walked towards the celebrant standing in front of the arch as simply as though they were taking a stroll by the beach.

But even so, under their wind-tossed hair, the two people’s joy from the bottom of their hearts was apparent and very mesmerizing.

The breeze was warm, their actions natural and sincere, there wasn’t any artifice or too much ceremony.

Fang Hua suddenly felt even more keenly what this wedding ceremony was trying to convey.

Against the sound of the waves…

“I, Qiu Qian, am willing to become you Bai Lang’s, support in life, family member as well as your only and forever partner.”

“I, Bai Lang, am willing to become you Qiu Qian’s, support in life, family member as well as your only and forever partner.”

“Your smile warms my heart, your tears break my heart.”

“Your smile warms my heart, your tears breaks my heart.”

“My love for you is imprinted deeply onto my soul.”

“My love for you is imprinted deeply onto my soul.”

“Whether in times of pain and suffering, or in times of joy,”

“Whether in times of pain and suffering, or in times of joy,”

“I will support you and accompany you.”

“I will support you and accompany you.”

“Until the sky falls down and the earth becomes old,”

“Until the sky falls down and the earth becomes old,”

“And the ocean runs dry.”

“And the oceans run dry.”

When the vows were finished, Fang Hua couldn’t help dabbing away the tears at the corner of her eyes.


Afterwards the wedding ceremony was cut into a short 10 minute clip.

The person responsible for doing the editing was this year’s winner of the Golden Emperor award for best director, Zhu Kuan. His signature aesthetic filmmaking, paired with the music from the winner of the Golden Coil, meant that when this clip was uploaded onto Total Entertainment’s website, the initial download quickly reached several tens of thousands.

He didn’t want anyone to disturb them during the wedding but Qiu Qian didn’t mind letting the fans have a good look afterwards. As Bai Lang’s fans furiously clicked, they couldn’t help but admit that the male god in their hearts had found a good man. This type of wedding ceremony which was simple and natural, but at the same time didn’t lose in the romance department, really fulfilled the fantasies women had in their hearts about what a wedding should look like.

Don’t say, but beach weddings really started trending afterwards in China. However based on the quality of the beaches in the country, as well as the crowded population, even if the venue was cleared the scenery didn’t look as beautiful. Most people could only rub their hands and wait for this trend to pass.

However this didn’t stop people from discovering T island’s natural beauty. And the first tourist spot that was open to the public was of course the beach that Bai Lang and Qiu Qian got married on. Because right now, because of the series of foreign movies, Bai Lang could be considered internationally famous. The wedding clip that was posted on Total Entertainment’s website was quickly reposted by various international media outlets.

Of course, all of the above happened afterwards.

On the actual day of the ceremony, the two little flower children also made a promise to each other.

“Ah Zan, how long will you be staying here to play this time?”

“Three days.”

“Only three days oh. Then tomorrow let’s go collect seashells, and the day after let’s go pick fruit ah.”


“Look this is the type I like to collect, they’re pretty ba.”

Qiu XiaoHai patted the sand off his hands and from his pocket took out a white-colored, small conch shell and handed it to Rong Zan.

Rong Zan took it and examined it carefully. It was very pretty.

“Present for you!” Qiu XiaoHai grinned.

“Thank you.” Rong Zan’s eyes curved.

Qiu XiaoHai nodded his head, satisfied. Then he began to dig around in the sand again.

After the wedding ceremony, when the adults were sitting on the sunshade chairs chatting and drinking champagne, the two kids went to play by the sand by the ocean.

Right now Qiu XiaoHai and Rong Zan were recreating the arch.

“Oh, the side of the arch needs to be curved, and this side needs to be like this, en…”

“There also needs to be five rows of chairs here.” Rong Zan followed on.

“Yes you put five on the left and I’ll put it on the right.” Qiu XiaoHai pointed.


“Five rows of chairs, each row has four seats.” Qiu XiaoHai mumbled to himself. “There also has to be people on the chairs. We can use rocks to represent the people ba, otherwise it won’t fit.”

“En.” Rong Zan was used to working quietly.

When the two small people recreated the adjacent wedding ceremony scene in the sand, Qiu XiaoHai gazed with satisfaction at his creation. He even dragged Bai Lang and Qiu Qian over to look and received a series of compliments.

After that Qiu XiaoHai entered a period of reflection. He looked at the sand then looked at the real arch standing not far away. Then he turned to look at Rong Zan and said, “Ah Zan, I think our arch is a bit small. In the future let’s get a bigger one okay?”

Rong Zan was someone that chased perfection. Even though it was just sand, he still was the same. So right now he was still carefully altering the degree of the curve of the arch. He said, “Okay.”

“Hehe, then it’s settled.”

“En.” Rong Zan replied.

So you can’t blame the Rong Zan of many years later for forgetting what he had once agreed to.

All the way until Qiu XiaoHai reminded him.

Then they also had their own beach wedding ceremony.

(Full text end)

T/N: This is the end of the full series! Unfortunately there’s no more on these characters from the author. It would have been awesome to see more on RZ and QXH! Thanks for reading!

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