Rebirth: How a Loser Became a Prince Charming

Chapter 1010: The Final Episode

Chapter 1010: The Final Episode

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"Darling, you are always so considerate with me. You have done so much for me! You should have told me. I would have taken care of you!"

Their parents appeared behind Cong Nianwei and looked at the couple with silent smiles. They had always supported them with actual actions.

Cong Nianwei shook her head at Qin Guan, "You have done so much for me. This is not just your dream, it's the promise we made. I'm the person who understands you the best."

I want to cry...

"Okay. Let's wait for the results here, in America. Let's go to Hollywood together!"

As expected, Qin Guan won the Best Supporting Actor Golden Globe. Soon, the Oscars announced the nominees shyly. In the middle of February 2009, the most remarkable award ceremony of the international film circle began. That day, Qin Guan was no longer the most awkward being at the ceremony. He walked on the red carpet like the most shining star in the galaxy.

He didn't need to build up a momentum for Chinese films. He didn't need to show up for his sponsors. He attended the ceremony just for himself. All the cameras were fixed on him. The legendary actor had started his career in the fashion circle before he had even turned 20. A few years later, he had won his first important acting award. By the age of 30, he was considered a miracle among the film and TV circle.

Of course, everything would depend on the results of the award ceremony, but at the moment, he was the most attractive guy there.

The most frequent Oscar guests felt something in the air. Everyone was anxious to find out who would win the Best Supporting Actor Award instead of the Best Actor or Actress Award.

As the moment approached, everyone's hearts started beating heavily. When the nominees' names flickered on the screen, the host slowed down his voice.

"The nominees for the Best Supporting Actor Award of the 81st Oscars are Qin Guan, Michael Shannon..."

As Qin Guan's name was read out loud, some nervous guests started clapping their hands unconsciously. The host stood stunned for a few seconds.

This is really awkward. Let's just announce the winner.

"The winner is Qin Guan, with his performance in 'The Dark Knight'!"

This was both expected and unexpected. Qin Guan walked to the stage slowly with mixed feelings.

"Thank you for the applause. Some friends of mine, who were afraid of a lack of applause, paid some people to clap for me..."

Everyone laughed, including the other nominees.

"I would like to express my appreciation for..."

Qin Guan was familiar with acceptance speeches, so although he was absent-minded, he delivered a fluent speech. Suddenly, Wang broke in with a cry, "Brother Qin! Cong Nianwei gave birth to a boy!"

She burst into tears as she held the phone, while the father of the baby stood stupefied on the stage.

"Ha ha! Did everyone hear that? I would like to express my gratitude to my wife, who encouraged me to accept this role. I would also like to express my appreciation to my son, who came to the world just in time. If he had been early, I wouldn't have showed up to receive this award. I have nothing else to say. I have to leave. You are all welcome to our celebratory feast tomorrow! See you!"

A large bed and a smaller one had been placed close to each other in the hospital room. Qin Guan rushed upstairs, entered the room silently and set the award down on the bedside table. The next morning, when the mother and the baby opened their eyes, they would see the new toy right away.

I love my family.

I love all the people who stood by me through all my ups and downs.

I love all the readers who read about my life.

I'll be here forever.

I'm Qin Guan, a tough, yet simple man. I will stay with you whenever you smile or cry. I'll forever be a considerate man full of loveā€¦

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