Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 753 - Zhou Yingbo (1)

Chapter 753: Zhou Yingbo (1)

After parting ways with Group 9, Feng Yuanlin was afraid that Zhenbai’s wife had really brainwashed Gu Yunzheng. The more he looked at those people of Group 9, the more he disliked them. They wouldn’t even return the talismans she gave them; what good benefits could Group 9 have?

Feng Yuanlin vomited blood when he thought of how those people from Group 9 had feigned ignorance and refused to return the talismans before they left.

Fortunately, Zhenbai had worked hard and found such an awesome wife. Relying on his childhood friend’s connections, he naturally had plenty of benefits and talismans. When Zhenbai’s wife gave him the box of talismans previously, Feng Yuanlin had been very happy.

After giving Xiao Shan and the others some instructions, he was prepared to drive Zhenbai’s wife back. “Come, Zhenbai’s wife, I’ll send you back!”

Chi Shuyan stood next to the car and looked at the numerous bodies of the students that were being carried out of the school. Her expression was a bit heavy. How could Feng Yuanlin not see through her thoughts? He patted her arm and said, “Zhenbai’s wife, don’t think too much. If it wasn’t for you tonight, more of them might have died.” After a pause, Feng Yuanlin thought of that damn Principal Wang again. Fortunately, the heavens had eyes. That Principal Wang had sinned and died himself. Otherwise, Feng Yuanline would have killed that Wang man first, no matter what.

Moreover, the fact that this had happened tonight was too much of a coincidence. Who would have thought that those student participants would suddenly come back? Feng Yuanlin had never believed in things like fate, but at that moment, he could only sigh with emotion at the tragic deaths of the students. Perhaps it really was fate. They could have come back at any time, but it just had to be tonight!

Feng Yuanlin’s temples throbbed fiercely at the thought that he would have to face the reproach and tears of many parents later.

Fortunately, most of the responsibility would fall on the school.

“Zhenbai’s wife, get in the car! I’ll send you back. It’s so late, your man will probably be anxious!” Feng Yuanlin looked at the time. It was almost 11pm.

Chi Shuyan’s attention had been on the school, and when she heard Feng Yuanlin’s words, she subconsciously took out her phone. There were more than a dozen missed calls, all from Qi Zhenbai.

Chi Shuyan was glad that she had sent a message earlier to let him know.

Otherwise, this man would probably blow up her phone. Chi Shuyan was about to get into the car, when she saw a familiar figure in the distance. Who else could it be but Brother Zhu?

Chi Shuyan said to Feng Yuanlin, “Brother Feng, wait for me first. I’m going over for a look! I’ll be right back!”

When Chi Shuyan went over, Zhu Bocheng was hugging his cousin Zhou Yingbo tightly. His cousin, Zhou Yingbo, was his younger uncle’s son.

His mother and younger uncle had the best relationship. His uncle and aunt treated him very well, as if he was their own son.

Speaking of which, his aunt and uncle were good people, and their only fault was that they valued boys over girls. Yingbo wasn’t their only child, but he was indeed their only son. If something happened to him, Zhu Bocheng really didn’t know if his aunt and uncle would go crazy. Fortunately, this child was fine.

Zhou Yingbo was a little embarrassed to be hugged by his cousin. There were people everywhere. If not for the shock of almost dying, he wouldn’t let his cousin hug him like this for so long. Zhou Yingbo said, “Brother, I’m fine! Can you not tell my parents about this?”

This was also the reason why he had asked his teacher to contact just his cousin when his teacher said to contact his parents.

Zhu Bocheng snorted. “Do you think you can hide such a big thing from your parents? Hurry and tell me what happened at your school. Why are so many people dead?”

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