Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Mistress Rumors

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Lin Xiaoting clearly felt several sharp eyes sweeping straight toward her neck as soon as she said this. She was a bit embarrassed. In fact, a good portion of the pile of snacks and letters were from the boys in the back row.

But looking at Chi Shuyan’s pretty face, Lin Xiaoting composed herself. Anyway, Chi Shuyan gave her all of these snacks, plus she didn’t look like much of a snacker, so she might as well take advantage of it, otherwise, someone else would. Li Xiaoting nibbled on chicken feet as she pushed the notes she had taken in class toward Chi Shuyan. “Here are the notes from the teacher’s discussion during the test paper reviews. Do you want to see them?”

“I’d love to.” Chi Shuyan was quite fond of this generous deskmate. She took the notes and read them, then pushed the set of review exercises on her desk over to her. “I think this set is pretty good. Didn’t you finish the previous set of exercises?”

They shared their learning experiences with each other, went to the bathroom together, but when they came back, they noticed the strange attitude of the whole class. A heated discussion was in full swing when they came in, which immediately quieted down to the point that even a pin drop could be heard.

Many students looked at them with a bit of scrutiny, either looking at strangely or contemptuously. To be precise, these eyes actually fell on Chi Shuyan.

“The teacher isn’t here, and there’s no class. What are they looking at us for?” Li Xiaoting was in a fog.

Chi Shuyan shrugged and said nothing.

A short, thin boy sitting in the middle of the back row, wearing thick glasses, suddenly stood up and walked up to Chi Shuyan with a bit of contempt and disappointment in his eyes. “So, you’re actually such a vain and superficial, casual girl.”

Chi Shuyan, who was criticized for no apparent reason, lifted her big round eyes and retorted wordlessly, “Who are you? Nuts!”

The boy blushed and looked at Chi Shuyan with angry accusations in his eyes. “Don’t go pretending to be pure and lofty all day long. A shameless, trashy mistress is simply a stain to my liking.”

“Who are you calling a mistress? You’re a toad wanting to eat swan meat. If you can’t eat grapes, count them as sour grapes.” Before Chi Shuyan could get angry, Li Xiaoting took the lead and exploded after hearing the ugly charge. “What did you mean? Liu Qingfeng, make it clear to me.”

“Need I say more? The facts are in front of us,” Liu Qingfeng scoffed sarcastically.

“You… ” Li Xiaoting still wanted to argue, but Chi Shuyan stopped her.

This time, even the simple-minded Li Xiaoting noticed with hindsight the strange looks from their classmates.

Li Xiaoting and Chi Shuyan went to their seats and poked Zheng Shujun at the front desk indignantly. “We just went to the bathroom, so how did it come to this when we returned? Who the hell fabricated this? Does anyone still believe in nonsensical news here?”

Zheng Shujun also looked helpless and said, “You guys should look at the school forum.”

Li Xiaoting quickly swiped her phone open and saw the huge bold red headline: Alert! Alert! A department beauty in Ning’an First Middle School is being kept and is living a depraved life! An anonymous ID dropped the bombshell and wrote thousands of words at great length.

It claimed that some girl was seen going out every day during the exam preparation period, getting into different luxury cars one after another, and being picked up and dropped off by different older men every day. The overtone of the allegations conveyed the girl’s disdain for boys with no money at school and her preference for wealthy older men. Not just words, but a whole bunch of sneak pics were also posted.

Hundreds and thousands of floors were built underneath, and the discussion turned heated and mostly abusive.

“I know this girl; she’s the one who got kicked out of a class. I didn’t expect she’s debauched to this extent. She’s too shameless!”

“Exactly, I mean, how come she’s been dressing up better and better? You really can’t judge a book by its cover. I thought she was so innocent before, but it turned out that she’s rotten!”

“Is she working as a prostitute outside? No wonder she goes out everyday and doesn’t even care about the entrance exams. It turned out that she’s working hard to ‘make money’. Haha! Give consideration for her business next time.”

Several anonymous IDs, obviously boys, unscrupulously talked and poked fun.

“Shuyan, w-what’s going on here? The picture above seems to be really you. Has there been some kind of mistake?” Zheng Shujun pressed.

“How can this be?” Li Xiaoting also looked at the photo above in surprise. If she didn’t know what Chi Shuyan was like, she would have thought otherwise.

Chi Shuyan looked carefully at the sneak pics. The first few were indeed of her and several were of her getting into Su Yeran and Yang Hongsheng’s luxury cars. From her shape and side profile, it was clearly her. But the next few blurry ones of her at the bar, kissing a fatface, and being taken advantage of while keeping him company for a drink was clearly not her.

Chi Shuyan sneered lightly. These real and fake photos were pieced together to create a preconceived impression, followed by a few large-scale, blurred faces, and photos of similarly shaped escorts. This guy was really an expert at his job.

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