Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Falling Into His Arms

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Just when Zhu Bocheng thought that Chi Shuyan would’t hesitate to give in, she firmly shook her head: “No.”

Zhu Bocheng: “….” Best friend’s charm has dropped. Ahhh, he actually failed to dazzle this little girl into giddiness? But thinking about how this girl’s eyes were glued to his best friend just now, were her means too powerful or was she playing hard to get?

But regardless of her thoughts, this ginseng was too important to his best friend. Just as Zhu Bocheng was about to patiently explain its use to Chi Shuyan, she seemed to have perceived his intent and took the lead with Qi Zhenbai: “You shouldn’t take this kind of ginseng in your current condition. It will only accelerate the outbreak of your ice-cold constitution.” After saying this, she ignored the two and immediately asked the clerk at the counter, “Please wrap it up for me.”

The clerk took one look at Qi Zhenbai and since the gentleman didn’t object, she moved to wrap it up.

“Can you even give medical advice?” Zhu Bocheng looked at Chi Shuyan in shock. She actually saw through his friend’s special physique at a glance.

“Just fine,” Chi Shuyan replied.

“Are you studying medicine?”


“Then, is your family from a medical family?”

“”No.” Chi Shunyan shook her head, turned around, and asked the clerk politely, “Can I borrow a blank piece of paper and a pen?”

Hearing Chi Shuyan’s denial, Zhu Bocheng was no longer interested in asking any more questions, thinking that she spoke at random and scored a lucky hit.

The clerk hummed in reply, hurriedly took a paper and a pencil out, packed that ginseng and was about to hand it over…

“Hey, this stuff looks pretty good, I’ll take it. How much is it?” A girl of 17 or 18 came over and rudely snatched it away. Yang Chenchen actually didn’t even know what the package was, but seeing that it was something Chi Shuyan was interested in, she got up the idea to take it away.

“I’m sorry, this customer chose this red ginseng first. We have other ginseng in our shop, would you like to have a look?” The clerk inquired.

“But I’m only interested in this red ginseng, it has to be this.” Yang Chenchen was pulling a giant wolfhound. Arrogantly, she turned her head and looked at Chi Shuyan, feigning surprise. “Chi Shuyan, how did you get here? Do you know how expensive this red ginseng is? It’s millions at random. As a classmate, don’t blame me for not reminding you. Don’t get thrown out as a beggar. After all, you can’t even afford to change a single piece of clothing on a regular basis, wearing those same few secondhand pieces all year round; even more so for cosmetics and maintenance products. ”

“You don’t have to worry about it, I still can afford this one,” Chi Shuyan said indifferently.

“You can afford it?” Yang Chenchen stared at her in wonder and utter shock. “Chi Shuyan, you’re not someone’s mistress, are you? No wonder you’re always skipping school every day, how can you be so depraved?”

Yang Chenchen’s words resounded loudly in the empty hall, especially her mentioning of the word ‘mistress’, which attracted many people’s thoughtful gazes on Chi Shuyan.

Chi Shuyan snorted: “If you’re filthy and think that others are as filthy as you, I’m really sorry, but I’m bone-ash level obsessed with good looks, unlike you with no goals, the kind that one of those fat, wealthy dirtbags could lull into a frenzy. But, I understand. After all, you were born of a mistress and are rather uninformed.” Who wouldn’t splash dirty water?

Chi Shunyan’s retort was rich in information and the people who heard it nearby radiated a subtle glow, looking at Yang Chenchen differently. Chi Shuyan’s tolerance certainly beat Yang Chenchen’s. She blushed instantly and glowered hatefully at Chi Shuyan. “Chi Shuyan, you’re maliciously slandering me. You’re the child of a mistress. Believe it or not, I’ll rip your mouth off! One more word of nonsense from you!”

“I’m only speaking the truth, unlike some who lie a lot.”

Yang Chenchen choked. She glared at Chi Shuyan, thought of something suddenly and questioned, “Don’t play dumb with me. Now, you’re finally showing your fox tail. Wenyun and Sister Hui are still in the hospital. Chi Shuyan, you did it, right? It must be you. Who else is so wicked besides you?”

Chi Shunyan was fed up with Yang Chenchen’s nonsense and said coldly, “I can’t beat 11 people let alone provoke you! Why didn’t you say you were fighting among yourselves? Either that or there’s an unequal sharing of the spoils.” Chi Shunyan immediately snatched back the red ginseng from Yang Chenchen’s hand and turned around to leave.

Seeing that Chi Shuyan was leaving, Yang Chenchen grabbed her arm unforgivingly. “Stop right there and speak clearly, are you annoyed or guilty?”

“Let go!” Chi Shuyan slapped Yang Chenchen’s hand away that tugged at her. Seeing the giant wolfhound that sprang out from the corner, she was horrified and subconsciously retreated. Chi Shuyan was pretty bold, but she was still a girl at heart. Having been traumatized by a dog bite in her early childhood, the sight of such a huge canine made her heart pound.

Yang Chenchen obviously noticed Chi Shuyan’s strange reaction and fear. Nine and a half out of ten girls would be scared. Yang Chenchen had always found pleasure in seeing others fear her, so she let out a complacent, odious smile. She’d better scratch Chi Shuyan’s face. She commanded covertly, and sure enough, the giant wolfhound, which was two meters high, geared up to attack. Icy blue eyes aimed at Chi Shuyan, and raising its sharp claws and teeth, it lunged fiercely at Chi Shuyan.

Chi Shuyan was so terrified that she turned pale and clammy with cold sweat, momentarily forgetting her abilities. She turned around and ran instinctively with eyes tightly shut. She seized the void and stuck a hand on whatever she caught, as if wishing she could hide away.

Qi Zhenbai obviously didn’t see this coming, but when Chi Shuyan pounced on him vigorously, he stood firm. His cold and profound face was stunned, and his pair of slightly upturned, cold, majestic slender eyes flashed with hints of consternation. He pursed his thin, diamond-shaped lips that were as red as blood, and fixed a stare at the petite girl burying her face in his chest. His brows knitted tightly. He normally hated being touched, but he wasn’t much repulsed at the moment. His eyes narrowed slightly.

Zhu Bocheng also stared, a bit overwhelmed by the rapid development of this matter, but despite his surprise and amazement, he moved nimbly and viciously kicked away the beast that pounced on her.

“Abbin! How dare you kick my dog!” Yang Chenchen stared furiously at the man, who took the shot, and said indignantly, “Do you know who I am? Do you know how much this giant dog costs? It’s not something you can afford to compensate.”

“Oh? I’d like to know, who are you?” Zhu Bocheng sneered derisively, with a foxy smile and his arms crossed over his chest.

Seeing that Zhu Bocheng didn’t take her seriously, Yang Chenchen sizzled in rage: “My uncle is Yang Kangde of Fuzhou. You just don’t know any better. You’ve seen him on TV, right? I’m warning you not to meddle with my business. Kneel and apologize to my Abbin, and I’ll let you off the hook, you hear me?”

“Yang Kangde? I’ll take note of it.” Zhu Bocheng recited softly, without any hint of emotion.

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