Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 1850 - 1850 Gutted Fang Yu

1850 Gutted Fang Yu

Chi Shuyan still wanted to speak, but there was a loud bang in the Liang ancestral hall, and something suddenly shattered. Chi Shuyan turned around and saw countless bugs flying out. Her face turned very unsightly. She didn’t waste time, and immediately had Qi Hao take Fang Yu and Lu Ningwen out of the old Liang family residence first.

At that moment, Qi Zhenbai spoke in a deep voice. “My car is outside. Haozi, take your two friends out first!”

“Cousin, Sister-in-law, what about you guys? Why don’t we leave together?” Seeing that his sister-in-law and cousin were telling him to run first, how could Qi Hao do so? Even though his legs were weak and he was afraid when he saw the dense swarm of bugs about to fly out, he still insisted on standing where he was.

Fang Yu and Lu Ningwen’s faces turned pale when they saw the dense swarm of bugs that was about to fly out.

Chi Shuyan originally wanted to insist that Haozi take Fang Yu and Lu Ningwen away first, but when she released her mental strength, she realized that all the bugs around the old Liang family residence were about to gather together, and some of them were already flying in their direction. Hence, she had her man take Haozi, Fang Yu and Lu Ningwen away first. At the same time, she said that she would immediately catch up to them after setting up an array.

Qi Zhenbai’s face was dark and he didn’t speak. When Chi Shuyan saw her man’s face, she felt a little uncertain and guilty.

Just as she was thinking about how to persuade the man to take Haozi and the others away, the baleful aura and cadaveric qi in the man’s body leaked out under his control.

The green grass around them immediately withered when it was tainted by the cadaveric qi and baleful aura.

The bugs in the distance immediately stopped when they sensed the dense and terrifying baleful aura. They looked like they wanted to fly over, but didn’t dare.

Taking advantage of this good opportunity, Chi Shuyan immediately left the old Liang family residence with everyone else. Before she left, she immediately set up an array that prevented anyone from entering.

The Yin Corpse Nourishing Array had been destroyed and the queen insect was dead; as long as the bugs no longer had a source of flesh and blood, they would die out sooner or later. This was probably what Old Fifth Liang meant when he said that once the queen insect died, all the bugs would die.

After the array was set up, a golden light flashed in the old Liang family residence. It was as if all the bugs in the house seemed to realize something, and they suddenly lost control and attacked.

Seeing so many bugs about to fly out, Fang Yu, Qi Hao and Lu Ningwen were the first to scream. Chi Shuyan and Qi Zhenbai’s faces didn’t change.

Sure enough!

The first wave of black bugs were about to fly out of the old Liang family residence, when they were suddenly blocked by a golden light. The bugs screeched indignantly, and they hit the barrier even harder.

Chi Shuyan took a glance before setting up a concealment array. Seeing that her man’s familiar car was nearby, she immediately motioned for Haozi and the other two to get in first. “Let’s go!”

When everyone got into the car, Qi Hao, Fang Yu and Lu Ningwen in particular were so excited and overjoyed at leaving the old Liang family residence that they cried.

Chi Shuyan, who was sitting in the passenger seat, understood what the three of them were feeling. Haozi was fine. After all, he had seen a lot of things with her. However, it was probably Fang Yu and Lu Ningwen’s first time encountering such a strange thing. When they first entered the old Liang family residence prior to the start of filming the variety show, there had been so many people and it had been very lively.

In the blink of an eye, they were the only ones left. Everyone had had a close brush with death many times, so it was impossible for them not to be overjoyed and excited to be able to come out alive.

Chi Shuyan didn’t know what to say to comfort the others. It just so happened that she saw a box of mineral water under her feet. When she opened the box, she looked at the man next to her, who had pursed his thin lips and was silent, and for some reason felt even more guilty.

She hurriedly opened the box and handed out bottles of mineral to the three boys in the backseat as she comforted them. “Okay, everyone is fine now. Be happy!”

When Chi Shuyan comforted them, Fang Yu and Lu Ningwen cried even louder. They didn’t stop crying and never stopped thanking Chi Shuyan. Occasionally, they would say that the thing they regretted the most in their lives was participating in this horror variety show.

Fang Yu, in particular, had been fine before he came to participate in this variety show, but now that he had lost an arm, he could imagine the commotion he would cause once he went home like this.

He could already imagine how sad his parents would be. He was also very sad in his heart. Even as Fang Yu cried, however, he still had some hope. After all, Master Chi was so powerful. Fang Yu cried until he almost couldn’t breathe. He stuttered and gritted his teeth as he probed, “Celestial Master Chi, I… Is it hopeless for my arm?”

Chi Shuyan looked at where Fang Yu was missing an arm, and a trace of regret flashed in her eyes. If it wasn’t for the fact that it had been cut off, she might have been able to help. However, even if she had a way, it wouldn’t be good to forcefully defy fate. After all, she had already just done so for Fang Yu and Lu Ningwen.

According to her fortune-telling, both of them should have died in the disaster at the old Liang family residence, but they were alive now – trying to defy fate again might not necessarily be a good thing for Fang Yu.

Chi Shuyan could only say that there was nothing she could do. Seeing how gutted Fang Yu looked, she added, “A missing arm doesn’t have to be a bad thing – look at the bigger picture!”

Lu Ningwen and Fang Yu also took turns exhorting Fang Yu. When Fang Yu’s traumatized expression softened a little, Chi Shuyan heaved a sigh of relief.

Lu Ningwen consoled Fang Yu. He was very glad that his luck was good and his arm hadn’t been cut off like Fang Yu’s. Otherwise, he would probably be even more gutted than Fang Yu.

After Chi Shuyan finished speaking to the three boys in the backseat, she saw that her man didn’t say anything for a long time. He drove expressionlessly with pursed lips. For some reason, Chi Shuyan felt a little nervous. She couldn’t help but suddenly say, “Husband, why did you suddenly come here to find me?”

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