Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 1738 - 1738 Father Chi Returns to the Capital

1738 Father Chi Returns to the Capital

In the end, Gu Yunzheng didn’t catch up to her. When he got home and confirmed that Fellow Daoist Chi had really given him a level 6 Advancement Pill, he went wild with joy and excitement at her extravagance.

Fellow Daoist Chi gave him a level 6 Advancement Pill just like that.

Gu Yunzheng was so shocked that he couldn’t believe it. In his heart, he made up his mind to hug Fellow Daoist Chi’s thick thigh tightly in the future. He now very much suspected that she was a high-level alchemist who could even refine high-grade pills like a level 6 pill.

Gu Beizheng’s heart thumped non-stop.

He was definitely going to cling to Fellow Daoist Chi.

Chi Shuyan had decided to visit the ancient martial arts world at the Fan family’s invitation, and she was well aware that the most important issue now was the stockpile of medicinal pills. Before she went, she had to refine more medicinal pills, such as the Spirit Gathering Pill, the Beauty Pill, the Marrow Cleansing Pill and the Marrow Recovery Pill.

So, Chi Shuyan immediately went to buy a lot of herbs. Of course, her first choice was the Jing Auction House. Qian Zhengde had been looking forward to Miss Chi’s visit for a long time. In addition, Miss Chi chose a lot of herbs this time, so Qian Zhengde was enthusiastic and solicitous. After settling the bill and verifying the number of herbs, Qian Zhengde couldn’t stop smiling. Although he was a little worried that Miss Chi had chosen too many herbs this time, more than that, he felt happy.

When had Miss Chi ever disappointed him and Young Master Jing?

Qian Zhengde didn’t dare underestimate Miss Chi’s abilities at all.

As soon as Miss Chi left, Qian Zhengde immediately reported this matter to Young Master Jing. When Jing Hengran found out how many herbs Shuyan had bought this time, his eyes were filled with surprise and curiosity. He wanted to know why she had suddenly chosen so many herbs at one go.

But thinking about it carefully, it was Jing Hengran and the Jing family who would benefit from Shuyan’s large purchase. After all, the contract between the two parties made it clear that however many herbs the Jing family provided her with, she had to give a proportionate amount of medicinal pills to the Jing family. This was only a good thing for Jing Hengran and the Jing family. Jing Hengran didn’t dwell on it, but he still felt a little conflicted and disappointed. After the last time, he completely understood that there was no hope for him and Shuyan.

Thinking this, Jing Hengran felt a small sense of loss.

Chi Shuyan naturally didn’t know or want to know about the blow to Jing Hengran’s heart. It was the weekend; after returning to the villa, she hurriedly refined pills.

Only after setting up a barrier around her did she focus on refining pills

Most of them were low-grade medicinal pills, with some mid-grade and high-grade medicinal pills mixed in. As for the high-grade medicinal pills, there were only one or two. It was a pity that medicinal herbs that were more than 1,000 years old were too rare. No matter how good she was at refining pills, she lacked medicinal herbs, and could only produce one or two high-grade pills at most. She also felt more at ease. Most of the medicinal pills she refined were level 3 and level 4 medicinal pills, which could be considered very good.

By the time she came back to her senses, it was already dark outside. Because she had used up too much spiritual energy, Chi Shuyan couldn’t help but feel a little tired. After resting for a while and circulating her spiritual energy again, however, she was pleasantly surprised. It turned out that the small vortexes of spiritual energy that had been in her body for a long time were already full. She just had to wait for the right time to break through to level 6 of the Mystic Yin Arts.

She couldn’t wait to break through to level 6 immediately, but she was still worried. After all, breaking through to level 6 in this world was already the limit. She didn’t know what fortuitous encounter she would need in order to break through again. She knew very well that if she really wanted to break through to the last level of the Mystic Yin Arts, she would have to leave this world and go to a cultivation world.

It was a shame that this idea wasn’t realistic no matter how she thought about it, unless she had another fortuitous encounter or chanced upon some Teleportation Talisman. Chi Shuyan took a deep breath and felt that it was better not to think too much or be too greedy. Not only had her rebirth and the Mystic Yin Arts changed her fate, she had also protected everyone she wanted to protect. She was already satisfied, to say nothing of how she now had family, love and friends. She didn’t lack anything. Chi Shuyan felt that she couldn’t be any more greedy.

Besides, she still had a long way to go. Who knew, she might really have some fortuitous encounter in the future. Thinking this, her originally impetuous spirit calmed down a lot, and her mindset was broadened as she was enlightened.

Just as Chi Shuyan removed the barrier, the phone on the table rang. She picked up, and Qi Zhenbai’s familiar voice rang out on the other end. She heard him say, “Wife, Dad has already returned to the capital and is at the old Qi residence. I’m entertaining him and don’t have time to pick you up, but I’ve already told Haozi to do so. Follow him back to the old residence later.”

Chi Shuyan didn’t reply, and Qi Zhenbai continued to exhort, “Haozi is almost at the villa. Wait for him.”

“Oh!” Chi Shuyan nodded obediently. The couple chatted for a while longer before she hung up.

Not long after, Qi Hao called her. She heard the kid say, “Sister-in-law, I’m at your door now. My cousin wants me to bring you back to the old residence right away. By the way, Uncle Chi is here. My brother is entertaining him and has no time to come, which is why he asked me to pick you up!”

Actually, Qi Hao didn’t know what to call Father Chi, but the wedding hadn’t happened yet, so he still had time to think about it. Still, this Uncle Chi was Sister-in-law’s father, so Qi Hao respected him from the bottom of his heart, to say nothing of his cousin, who had to perform well in front of Father Chi.

Since her man had already let her know, Chi Shuyan nodded without hesitation at Haozi’s words. “Okay, wait for me at the door. I’ll be out soon!”

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