Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 1255 - Feng Yuanlin ‘Settles the Score’ (1)

Chapter 1255: Feng Yuanlin ‘Settles the Score’ (1)

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In the end, under Feng Yuanlin’s curious and expectant expression, Chi Shuyan immediately explained everything without waiting for Qi Zhenbai to speak again, such as how Feng Yuancen had suddenly confessed to her and why he had been kicked.

Chi Shuyan was very embarrassed when she explained this. She still had to worry about the expression of the man surnamed Qi in front of her, mainly because while she was explaining things, she clearly sensed that his face was still very gloomy and livid. A storm was brewing, and the temperature around him plummeted.

She was afraid that this man would go crazy again.

After listening to Shuyan, Feng Yuanlin finally understood why Zhenbai had kicked his younger cousin. His face alternated between white and purple, and he was stupefied.

In particular, when he heard Shuyan say that his cousin had gone to her school with a huge bouquet of roses and confessed to her in front of Zhenbai, his livid face turned green with disbelief and shock!

Did that kid have a death wish?

He then looked at Zhenbai’s unsightly face in front of him. He probably wanted to kick Feng Yuanlin’s cousin a few more times. A murderous aura surrounded him.

Feng Yuanlin was alarmed on his cousin’s behalf. At that moment, he forgot about avenging his cousin. Because of Zhenbai’s extremely ugly expression and his usual ruthless methods, he broke out in a cold sweat for that kid.

All these years, this kid had been like a butterfly who dallied with all sorts of women. Feng Yuanlin thought that sooner or later, his cousin would definitely suffer because of women. Who would have thought that his cousin would really suffer one day and even kick the iron plate that was Qi Zhenbai?

Of all the women he could covet, his cousin had to covet Shuyan, Zhenbai’s woman!

Feng Yuanlin had rushed over to vent his anger on behalf of his cousin, but now that he knew what his cousin had done and how he had coveted Zhenbai’s woman, the remaining anger in his heart was swept away. When he looked up at Shuyan and Zhenbai again, Feng Yuanlin felt very guilty and embarrassed.

Feng Yuanlin sighed. He felt that this kid was too lucky that he hadn’t been kicked to death this time!

If this kid had made a move on Shuyan using his typical M.O., Zhenbai would have dealt with him long ago!

The more Feng Yuanlin thought about how his cousin had courted death, the more despair and embarrassment he felt.

Chi Shuyan took in Brother Feng’s expression and deliberately gave him more time to digest the matter. At the thought that Feng Yuancen had been kicked until he vomited blood, she felt too guilty.

Qi Zhenbai was silent the entire time. As he smoked, he saw his wife suddenly cough a few times. He immediately stubbed out his cigarette, threw it on the floor, and crushed it.

Of course, although he didn’t say it, he didn’t feel the slightest bit guilty in his heart. If that kid inside wasn’t Yuanlin’s cousin, Qi Zhenbai would still want to teach him a further lesson.

At the thought of that kid holding roses and trying to steal away his wife right in front of him, the only thing Qi Zhenbai felt now was the urge to kill him. His face grew darker and the sense of oppression around him grew heavier.

The more Feng Yuanlin looked at Zhenbai’s face, the more diffident he felt. At the thought that his cousin had targeted Shuyan, he was so ashamed that he wanted to kill his troublemaker cousin himself.

The atmosphere between the three also became more and more awkward.

Fortunately, it wasn’t long before the door of the operating room opened and the attending physician and a few other doctors came out. Although Feng Yuanlin did itch to kill his cousin, he was really worried when he found out that it was Zhenbai who had hit him. He hurriedly asked, “Doctor, is my cousin okay?”

Chi Shuyan was also anxious and worried. No matter what, he was Brother Feng’s cousin. If something really happened to that kid, she really didn’t know what to do.

Her head hurt!

Qi Zhenbai saw his wife’s anxious face at that moment, and his face suddenly darkened fiercely. There was a hint of maliciousness and murderous intent in his eyes, but when he thought of how the kid inside was Feng Yuanlin’s cousin, his murderous intent gradually settled after a long while. However, his face was covered in a layer of frost and there was no warmth at all in his expression, which inexplicably made one’s hair stand on end.

Unfortunately, Chi Shuyan and Feng Yuanlin’s attention was all on the attending physician, so they didn’t see the strange expression on Qi Zhenbai’s face.

The attending physician, on the other hand, was about to speak, but a pair of cold eyes swept over him, scaring him so much that his heart jumped. He swallowed his words.

Fortunately, the attending physician reacted quickly and immediately averted his eyes. He didn’t dare look at the other man, who had an especially strong presence and aura. His face was pale as he spoke to Feng Yuanlin and Chi Shuyan, who had better expressions. “It’s not life-threatening. It’s just that the patient’s injuries are too serious. Not only does he have internal bleeding, he has fractured ribs and bones. He’ll probably be bedridden for half a year at least.”

As soon as the attending physician said that, Feng Yuanlin’s heart turned cold and jumped. What shook him was that Zhenbai’s d*mn kick had actually caused internal bleeding. Fortunately, that kid had only been kicked once. If Qi Zhenbai had kicked him again, Feng Yuanlin might really only be seeing his cousin’s corpse tonight.

Of course, although Shuyan hadn’t said much earlier, Feng Yuanlin knew that the reason Zhenbai had only kicked the kid once was definitely because Shuyan had stopped him. Otherwise, given Zhenbai’s possessiveness and Feng Yuancen’s M.O., that kid really would have died.

Feng Yuanlin’s head turned cold at the thought of the consequences.

Chi Shuyan’s heart jumped and she heaved a sigh of relief. It was good that Feng Yuancen was fine!

Soon, the nurse transferred the unconscious Feng Yuancen to another ward. Feng Yuanlin looked at his cousin’s pale face on the bed and felt very upset. In the end, he still suppressed his anger.

When his cousin was moved to another ward, Feng Yuanlin gritted his teeth and immediately said, “Zhenbai, come, let’s go out and talk!”

Qi Zhenbai had no objections and nodded expressionlessly as he prepared to go out.

Chi Shuyan was a little worried. “Brother Feng…”

Feng Yuanlin said, “Shuyan, I just want to have a chat with your man. He’s so ruthless; do you think I can bully him?”

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