Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 1094 - Cold-Faced Qi Zhenbai    

Chapter 1094: Cold-Faced Qi Zhenbai

After hanging up, Chi Shuyan was still stupefied. For a moment, she couldn’t think of who she had offended who could talk about her in front of Mother Qi.

The only person whom Chi Shuyan could think of was Qin Qing. Just as she thought that, a familiar car appeared and stopped beside her.

The window rolled down, and the man’s handsome and familiar figure was revealed. Seeing that it was Qi Zhenbai, Chi Shuyan strode over to open the car door and get in.

Sitting in the passenger seat, she fastened her seatbelt. She was puzzled and still thinking about what Mother Qi had said about her offending someone. She was so absorbed in her thoughts that she didn’t notice the unusually cold face of the man next to her.

The car was silent until they were almost at the Qi residence. Chi Shuyan took the initiative to say a few words to the man, but didn’t get a reply for a long while. Chi Shuyan thought that the man hadn’t heard her at first, so she spoke again.

He ignored her.

She couldn’t help but turn her head to take a look. She saw that the man’s thin lips were pursed tightly. His handsome face was cold and distant. There was no trace of an expression on his face.

Chi Shuyan: …

What had gotten into this man? Was he in a bad mood today?

Chi Shuyan couldn’t help but probe, “What’s wrong with you? What’s wrong today?”

The man spat out expressionlessly, “Nothing.”

Chi Shuyan: …

Chi Shuyan looked at the man’s unsightly face and thought of the news of Qin Qing’s affair. Could it be that this man’s face was so unsightly because of Brother Feng? After all, he had an extraordinarily good relationship with Brother Feng.

The more Chi Shuyan thought about it, the more she felt that was the case. She subconsciously wanted to comfort him, but the man suddenly stepped on the brake. Chi Shuyan swayed and looked out the window. When she saw the familiar building outside, she realized that they had already arrived at the Qi residence.

Chi Shuyan followed the man out of the car.

This time, Qi Zhenbai didn’t park the car in the garage, but at the entrance. When the two got out of the car, Mother Qi and Second Aunt Qi were there to warmly welcome them in.

Chi Shuyan called out obediently, “Mom, Second Aunt!”

Mother Qi and Second Aunt looked at Chi Shuyan warmly. Mother Qi really liked this daughter-in-law. Second Aunt Qi also had a good impression of Chi Shuyan, but mostly liked her because her only son liked her.

Every day, he would mention how good Shuyan was to him. Second Aunt Qi was naturally very grateful, not to mention that Zhenbai’s wife was indeed a capable person.

Mother Qi said enthusiastically to Zhenbai, “Okay, Grandpa is inside. It’s been a long time. Hurry and bring your wife to see your grandfather!”

Qi Zhenbai hummed faintly, and Mother Qi whispered again, “Your Fourth Uncle and his family aren’t here today.”

Qi Zhenbai nodded at Mother Qi and strode in.

Chi Shuyan didn’t think much of it and followed him in.

Mother Qi, on the other hand, felt that Zhenbai was a little strange tonight. Usually, no matter what he did, his eyes would subconsciously follow Shuyan closely. Now, however, there was a distance between them. Could it be that the two children were having a tiff?

But looking at Zhenbai’s wife’s expression, it didn’t seem to be the case!

Mother Qi was puzzled.

She was worried and even went forward to put an arm around Shuyan as she asked the question. When Shuyan smiled to indicate that the two hadn’t quarreled and that Zhenbai was upset about something else, Mother Qi heaved a sigh of relief. “That’s good! That’s good! Grandpa has been thinking about you guys lately. Child, hurry and go in!”

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