Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 45 - Master Bai And The House of the Chaotic Storm

Chapter 45 - Master Bai And The House of the Chaotic Storm…

This price of one million and 250 thousand had surely made many bidders back off, but it had also revealed the truly wealthy ones.

Mu Zi-He’s face looked like dark water. “One million and 300 thousand!” he shouted.

He could barely hold back the rage in his heart.

“Just now, when I bid for the Crystal Lotus, it was snatched away at the last moment. And now when I bid for the supreme dan bead, somebody wants to snatch it again? Do I look that easy to bully?”

Even a clay figurine could only take so much, let alone an elder of the Mu Clan, one of the eight noble clans!

The girl in white, Xiu Er, didn’t even bat an eye as she blandly replied, “One million and 350 thousand.”

Mu Zi-He looked at her with a sullen look. His eyes were filled with a scary warning as he said, “One million and 400 thousand!”

Xiu Er was not moved in the least as she calmly said, “ One and a half million!”

The auction grounds were filled with commotion.

It had reached one and a half million already!

The number had already exceeded the final price of the first three supreme dan beads.

Even Ye Xiao who was sitting in the upper floor felt shocked when he heard the price.

He had never imagined that this girl in white was actually that wealthy…

It seemed like the Mu Clan was about to kick against another iron board.

Ye Xiao looked around him.

Faced with such a bold, disrespectful challenge, Mu Zi-He couldn’t hold back his fury. He stood up and yelled out loudly, “This woman! This challenge...! Are you purposely trying to make the Mu Clan lose face?”

He had just been thoroughly humiliated by Feng Zhi-Ling not long ago. And then his identity as the owner of the supreme dan beads was exposed and Mu Zi-He had to forcibly quash his burning desire for revenge. Just as his stomach felt like it was filled to the brim with rage, he was slapped in the face by another unreasonably high price!

All the anger that he had been barely managing to hold back, exploded towards Xiu Er.

“The Mu Clan? To struggle like this...!” Xiu Er looked at him indifferently and said softly, “This is an auction; we bid for what we want. We’re competing in a fair way. Whoever bids the highest price, gets the item. I didn’t think this had anything to do with losing face…”

As she said this, all of the people present thought that the girl was going to back off.

However as Xiu Er continued speaking, her tone suddenly changed. Coldly, she continued, “But, if this member of the Mu Clan believes that I am purposely humiliating you… Then let’s just say that that was my intention.”

The underlying meaning of her words, was that the prestige of the Mu Clan was worth nothing to her.

Her words made a huge impact on the audience, as people were immediately shocked!

That was really… unfathomable.

This girl in white, just who was she?

Was she just bragging, or was she purposely trying to mystify herself? Or perhaps… Did she really come from a powerful background?

From above, Ye Xiao saw his opportunity and appealed, “Please allow me to advise the lady to be cautious. The Mu Clan is one of the eight noble clans. Before a lady does anything rash, it’d be prudent to think it over. Sometimes, it isn’t unacceptable to take a step back, since it’s the Mu Clan after all…”

What he just said seemed well-intentioned.

Moreover, it seemed that he was raising the prestige of the Mu Clan.

Although Mu Zi-He was angry with him, but at this moment, he gratefully nodded to show that he accepted the kindness.

The girl in white, Xiu Er, replied softly, “Don’t worry, brother Feng. I know what I’m doing.”

Ye Xiao worriedly continued, “But… Lady, do you really think so little of the Mu Clan? This is… The Mu Clan is truly powerful. I am afraid that you can’t afford to mess around with them…”

As he finished speaking, everyone turned their suspicious gazes towards him.

This bastard... Wasn’t it a little too obvious that he was provoking dissension?

As expected, Xiu Er smiled slightly, “Don’t worry, brother Feng. In front of me, the prestige of the Mu Clan really isn’t worth even a single penny.”

Ye Xiao rubbed his nose, sat back down and didn’t say anything more.

“That will do… If even such words can’t induce a fight and create mutual hatred, I’ll knock my head against the wall! If these fellows from the Mu Clan don’t crash and burn, it’ll really be a waste of my careful effort in stirring up this conflict…”

“Fxxking assholes. Since you, the Mu Clan, is this unreasonable and purposely messed with me, then of course, I shall create some troubles for you.”

As expected, what the girl in white said was like adding fuel to the fire. Things had already degenerated beyond repair.

“Hmm.” The girl in white thought, “This guy is obviously against the Mu Clan and wants me to pull the trigger. Anyway… Since you’re the owner of the supreme dan beads, I’ll show you some respect and go along with your schemes.”

“Besides… this Mu Zi-He dared to rebuke me in front of the public. I really should teach him a lesson.” — It had to be said, that the hearts of girls were truly difficult to decipher.

After hearing her words, Mu Zi-He was quivering in anger. His wrath had already reached its peak as he yelled, “Bitch! How dare you look down upon the Mu Clan! I swear I will…”

Guan Wan-Shan naturally knew about the status of the girl, so he couldn’t just sit back and watch anymore. Interrupting Mu Zi-He, he spoke hurriedly “Brother Mu…”

Mu Zi-He was boiling with anger and snarled, “Guan Wan-Shan, you’re just a servant in a salesroom. What makes you think you can call me brother! You’re unqualified to open your mouth at the moment!”

He was obviously lost in the flames of his anger and started to bite people like a mad dog.

He had already been pissed off multiple times during his stay in the capital. The Mu Clan had gone for revenge at the beginning, but had failed and had even lost eight of their expert cultivators. While they had been preparing for their next attempt to settle the revenge, the auction had begun. So they had struggled to restrain their anger, but their stomachs were filled with dissatisfaction which had not yet abated.

He had been in a bad mood even before the start of the auction.

And when he came to the auction with his son, his son had even embarrassingly stumbled in front of the audience, losing face in front of everyone. Then the owner of the supreme dan beads had humiliated them and snatched all of the sold medicines. Moreover, they had been oppressed by the three major sects all along… He hadn’t even dared to consider bidding for the first three dan beads…

And now, he was being scorned by a little girl. Mu Zi-He completely exploded with anger!

He was in hysterics, stomping the ground with fury!

Guan Wan-Shan’s face turned purple when he heard Mu Zi-He’s words. He had originally wanted to be kind in advising the Mu Clan against their actions. However, he had never thought that his attempt at kindness would result in him being bitten by a mad dog. It was like he had suffered a huge warm fart right in the face!

He instantly felt his head heat up, as he didn’t know how to reply to this insult.

So he stayed silent and thought, “Mu Zi-He, you will definitely regret this. You’ve got absolutely no idea, just who the girl you are messing with truly is and who is backing her!”

As expected, Mu Zi-He’s bodnegetivey trembled as he shot a wide-eyed glare at the girl in white, full of killing intent. “Bitch. Who are you? Give me your name! Tell me who is your backer. Do you dare?”

“Again with the ‘bitch’.” The girl felt a sense of bewilderment spread through her, as her temper flared up straight away.

“What is wrong with you?”

“I didn’t see you make any threats when those guys competed for the beads earlier.”

“If you want the supreme dan bead, does that mean nobody else can take it? If you bid, then no one is allowed to bid after you? Why did you suddenly become so angry and even started cursing at me?”

“Does this guy think that I am this easy to bully, just because I’m a girl?”

Even though she was well-cultured, she couldn’t hold back the flames of anger burning in her heart.

“Mu Zi-He, those words, are you speaking for the Mu Clan?” Xiu Er spoke with a grim tone.

People who knew about her status couldn’t help sigh silently.

“How could the Mu Clan send such a fool here?”

Mu Zi-He laughed and said, “Are you scared, bitch?! With things as they’re now, what use is there to be scared?”

Another ‘bitch’. Her expression was as cold as ice, Xiu Er drily said, “Fair enough! Since that is the case, even if you, the Mu Clan, wishes to retreat, I won’t let you. I will see you in the martial world. But right now the auction for the supreme dan bead is still ongoing. Whoever bids the highest price gets the item. If you don’t have the money, piss off! I don’t have time to quarrel with the poor!”

Following that, she glared with her almond shaped eyes and enunciated clearly, “I am from the House of the Chaotic Storm, backed by Master Bai! I am Xiu Of The Heavens! Mu Clan, I await your challenge!”

[Editor’s Note: Xiu of the Heavens, 天上之秀, literally refers to someone worthy of being born in the Heavens.]

To have been disgraced in such a way, Mu Zi-He had felt his temper rise to maximum. Just as he was about to curse back at the girl, he suddenly heard what she said.

When he had finally processed her words, his jaw dropped. He was totally stunned!

While his face remained purple, all the anger within him had instantly vanished!

The entire auction hall shot him gloating looks, as they took great pleasure in his distress.

In their eyes, he was a massive fool! -- “Now, you finally realise who you have just offended, right?”

At this moment, Mu Zi-He could only think of one thing, which was... ‘I am fxxked’!

“Who… did I just piss off?”

“What… did I just do?”

Mu Zi-He’s mind was buzzing with confusion!

He felt a bit dizzy as he stood there blankly, unsure of how to proceed.

‘The House of the Chaotic Storm’!

‘Backed by Master Bai’!

‘Xiu Of The Heavens’!

These few words were like a string of bombshells, continuously blowing up in Mu Zi-He’s mind.

At a complete loss, he looked around the room blankly with helpless eyes, hoping he could get some help from the people around him. However, everyone, who made eye-contact with him, would immediately turn their eyes away. No one wanted to have anything to do with him!

They were avoiding him like he was a poisonous snake!

The House of the Chaotic Storm. Across the entire Han-Yang continent, it was the legendary power! Backed by the legendary man! They were gods, who stood high above this simple world, looking down upon all beings.

It received complete respect from all countries.

The seas bowed deeply, showing utter reverence.

In front of them, empires were but mere child's play.

This, is the House of the Chaotic Storm.

There was another saying: Even if an ultimate expert would stand up and conquer all lands, demanding everything under the sky to kowtow in front of him. Even he wouldn’t be a match from this world’s true number one.

The person the proverb described was Master Bai!

And the House of the Chaotic Storm, was backed by no other than Master Bai!

No one knew who Master Bai really was. Neither did anyone know where the House of the Chaotic Storm was really located. These names were full of indescribable mystery, but at the same time, they brought extreme fear to everyone under this sky!

Master Bai!

The mysterious man who existed in Heaven, but came down to Earth.

In the myths, at his side, there always stood two people!

On the left stood Wan Of The Clouds; On the right stood Xiu Of The Heavens. With a wave of his hand, he could summon winds and clouds. By extending his arms, he could even grasp the universe!

And right now, the girl that Mu Zi-He had offended, was actually one of the two legendary girls, Xiu Of The Heavens!

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