Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 42 - The Girl In White And The Girl In Cyan

Chapter 42 – The Girl In White And The Girl In Cyan

The dan-maker, Shi Yue, came back to his senses, “That’s true! Otherwise he won’t spend lavishly like this. Anyway, the supreme dan beads are the main items in this auction. If he can’t even get a single bead, then, even though he’s obtained so many precious items, he’ll still have lost at this auction. With the total amount he has spent so far for the previous items, if he was to bid for the supreme dan beads, there won’t be anybody that can compete. It could’ve been quite easy for him to win the supreme dan beads, but he has spent a huge amount of money without reservation… It is truly unreasonable for him to do so.”

Xiao Mo-Yan frowned and spoke with a lower voice, “It is unreasonable indeed… In fact, could he be the guy who supplied the supreme dan beads? If so, it is reasonable, right?”

Shi Yue’s eyes immediately lit up. He looked at Xiao Mo-Yan and couldn’t speak a word.

They both turned silent at once.

After a while Xiao Mo-Yan surprisingly stood up and walked out of the balcony, and then he spoke to the balcony No.17, “My friend in No.17, may I have your name please? Would you mind if I invite you to come and join me please?”

If he was just a normal person, he’d obviously get no answers in such circumstance.

However, he was the hierarch of the Ling-Yun Sect – one of the top-3 sects in the Land of Han-Yang!

His words were obviously important.

The whole room suddenly turned silent.

Some people turned their heads and looked at Xiao Mo-Yan.

They were all curious, as to why Hierarch Xiao would show such kindness to this rich newcomer.

Ye Xiao smiled and replied peacefully, “Hierarch Xiao, you and me, we are both guests. I don’t think it’s appropriate to usurp the host’s role.”

Xiao Mo-Yan laughed and said, “Right. It was my impudence. You are an outstanding man. Please come to my Ling-Yun Sect sometime. You’re always welcome.”

Ye Xiao smiled, “For your cordiality, I will come and visit you someday for sure.”

Everyone was shocked.

“Did Xiao Mo-Yan just invite that mysterious guy?”

“Why did he do so?”

“Outstanding? I see nothing outstanding about that rich newcomer to be honest.”

“I say he is just a mean rich newcomer! That’s all.”

Anyway, there were also some people from the other sects who were lost in thought.

At the moment, everyone had a strange feeling. They suddenly realized that everything in this auction had been related to this guy since the auction started!

He hadn’t even shown his face, but had already become the focus of this auction!

Now, even the hierarch of a top-3 martial sect had given him an invitation in front of the public.

They wondered if he really was only a rich newcomer?

In the balcony No.7, the girl in cyan suddenly stood up and gracefully walked towards the door of balcony No.17. She slightly bowed and said, “Thank you for being lenient just now. It is your liberality that has allowed me to get the medicine for my father. May I ask your name please? I won’t forget your great kindness.”

Ye Xiao stayed silent for a while and then replied, “I am Feng. I was trying to get that item you won. I just don’t have enough money. I was not giving way to you. So it deserves no mentioning. Go back to your balcony, please.”

“Nonetheless, you’ve done me a great favor. I won’t forget your help.” The girl in cyan took out a jade pendant and suddenly threw it out. – Shoot! – It flew into the balcony. She smiled and said, “If brother Feng comes to the Kingdom of Lan-Feng someday, the whole kingdom will welcome you sincerely!”

Ye Xiao noticed a cyan light flashing in front of his eyes and then suddenly a warm jade pendant fell in his hands.

The girl in cyan seemed to be the only person that Ye Xiao couldn’t completely see through.

He couldn’t have known that this girl was from the Kingdom of Lan-Feng.

He rubbed the pendant and then casually put it into his pocket.

The girl in cyan waited for a moment and then smiled, “I am off then.” And then she went back to her balcony.

On the other side, the girl in white spoke softly, “That girl is truly unusual!”

The two fellows in black that stood behind said nothing, but showing doubtful looks and thinking, “Why?”

“She acted like she was such an innocent and nice person. She had just built up a nice image of herself in a perfect way, right after she had acted like a baleful bidder. She acts like she was weak. That is truly estimable and also horrible. Especially when she started to realize the importance of that guy, she took her action right away. Do you know how hard it is to do such a thing for a girl in front of the public? Besides, as she dared to make such an invitation, she must be someone important in the Kingdom of Lan-Feng. It is even more frightening, as she is an important person in a big kingdom.”

The girl in white was vigilant suddenly, “In all these years, I’ve never met anyone who’s as cunning and vigorous as that girl. She is even good enough to be my opponent.”

One fellow then asked doubtfully, “How come I couldn’t see how good she was. I think she was kind of disgraceful to do such a thing. She had just been bidding fiercely against that guy, and then she suddenly realized that he was some important man, so she went to talk to him with flattery. I feel disdain towards her. How could such a foolish girl be your opponent my lady?”

“The ‘disdain’ of yours exactly shows the devilishness of her!”

The girl in white humped and said, “Besides… what was to be disgraced with that? She was masked with silk. Look at her perfect body. She must be a beauty.”

“Well, she will regret if she finds out that the man is of no use at all.” The man in black sneered.

“Accept it when I call you a moron. If he is useless, the girl only loses a jade pendant. It is nothing but a keepsake. But if this Feng is really some extraordinary man, then what she just gave him will become a bridge connecting them together! Maybe it will bring her some surprising profits someday! If you still can’t understand it, after I’ve told you this much… so be it.” The girl in white looked disappointed.

She thought, “Master educates these guys. Some of them may be good fighters, but few of them are clear-sighted…”

The girl in white suddenly spoke loudly, “The lady in cyan, please, may I ask your name?”

The girl in cyan was turning to her balcony when she heard it. She answered, “How do you do, sister. Wen-Ren is my family name, but I don’t think you’re familiar with it. You are so beautiful my sister. You must have a beautiful name.”

The girl in white smiled, “Sister Wen-Ren, you can call me sister Xiu-Er.”

“Sister Xiu-Er, let's find another place to drink some tea together later.” The girl in cyan smiled sweetly and bowed humbly, and then she entered her own balcony.

Xiu-Er smiled gently and her eyes lit up, “Wen-Ren… It’s the name of the royal family in the Kingdom of Lan-Feng…”

A meaningful smile appeared on her face.

When the girl in cyan was back to her balcony, the middle-aged woman asked nervously, “My lady, why did you give them your name? Wasn’t it too obvious?”

The girl smiled softly and answered, “I just came back to this world… I guess I need to show myself a bit to the world… The situation is not good for our kingdom at present times…”

“But I’m afraid… that the Kingdom of Chen will come and harm you.” The middle-aged woman spoke.

“If so…” The girl in cyan smiled softly and said, “Let them try, I’ll have my sword in my hand when they come… My sword has slaughtered over three million people…”

The salesroom finally turned silent again.

People started to turn their attentions from the mysterious Feng Zhi-Ling to the auction itself.

The last item of the auction was finally coming!

The two men of the Mu Clan were showing dark faces.

As the guy they hated and had planned to kill had actually aroused so much attention, they thought that it wouldn’t be easy to kill him now. They felt upset.

On the stage, Guan Wan-Shan finally recovered from his gloomy mood.

In fact he should be the one who had the most to complain.

This Feng Zhi-Ling had been asking to keep himself low. Now he had suddenly popped out in front of the public and drawn everyone’s attention! Guan Wan-Shan had been planning to keep the resource of the supreme dan beads to himself. But now, it was mostly assured that he had failed…

“If you want to flaunt yourself, then why did you act so mysteriously? I have been covering you for such a long time and now you just showed the entirety of your ass…” He thought.

He only managed to regain control over his emotions, when the supreme dan beads were brought onto stage and he saw how the crowd was full of tenseness and eagerness.

“The next item is the last item in today’s auction!” Guan Wan-Shan laughed. His goatee was almost tilted up, “I think you all know that it is exactly the legendary supreme dan beads with dan clouds, that you have never seen before!”

He laughed and continued, “To be honest, it is the first time for me to see such a great treasure, even though I have lived for such a long time.”

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