Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 40 - The Regeneration Ink Lotus And The Cosmic Hades

Chapter 40 – The Regeneration Ink Lotus And The Cosmic Hades

The crowd burst into an uproar!

“Where did this lunatic come from? Does he actually know anything about an auction? He must be some super rich madman.”

“Well if this lunatic wants something, none of us can outbid him. He is as rich as Croesus [1]! What can we do?”

“Can we stop him from spending his own money?”

Usually, when the noble clans faced such a situation, they might’ve considered using some violent tactics. But now that they were at such an important event, they hesitated. They didn’t dare to do anything to make Ye Xiao stop bidding.

The man from the Long Clan shot an angry glance at the balcony, before he sat back on his chair.

Guan Wan-Shan smiled bitterly, as he had no idea what this Master Feng was planning. He then spoke loudly, “For the Sky Crystal Sand, 500 thousand silver bars. Calling once... Calling twice… Final call. No one? Deal!”

- Bam! –

The gavel went down.

Ye Xiao had won the auction for the Sky Crystal Sand.

Everyone was observing the man sitting at balcony No.17.

The crowd quickly started to gossip, “He really is a bombshell. You’ll never know when he’ll explode.”

“It really doesn’t matter what I bid for it, as long as he’s interested in it, he’ll just double my price. He truly doesn’t care how much he’ll end up paying. This is such a disgrace...”

“Even if I kill him after the auction, it won’t save my reputation…”

“He really gives me a headache…”

“Where the hell did this moron come from? Is he some kind of a freak?”

Everyone felt displeased by the actions of this man.

“The next item is the most legendary medicine, which is well known as the rarest in the world, the Regeneration Ink Lotus! It can heal severe diseases and legend says that it can even bring back people from the brink of death! It is truly a rare and almighty medicine!” Guan Wan-Shan introduced the item.

“This plant of the Regeneration Ink Lotus is three thousand years old. The branches and leaves have already turned partially opalescent… 50 thousand silver bars will be the starting price for this treasure. Each subsequent bid will require a minimum increase of 5 thousand silver bars.” Guan Wan-Shan just finished his words, when the crowd had already burst into another uproar.

A plant of the Regeneration Ink Lotus with opalescent leaves could even heal the damaged soul of a world-class cultivator!

If it turned completely opalescent, it would become a Regeneration Jade Lotus! One single leave of the Regeneration Jade Lotus could heal a deadly wound of a top-class cultivator of the Grade of Tianyuan in a mere second!

There was nothing that came close in this mortal world to the healing power of this lotus!

Guan Wan-Shan looked at balcony No.17, where Ye Xiao sat, and murmured in his head, “My lord… My dear lord… Please don’t bid anymore. It must be very awkward if the auction is ruined by your hands.”

However, things went contrary to his wishes.

Master Feng was the first to bid, “250 thousand!”

Guan Wan-Shan felt a sudden headache. He started to wonder, “Are you crazy?”

The other attendants of this auction were also stunned, as expected. They figured that this guy would perhaps intent to collect every item in this world-class auction.

Master Feng’s bid was followed by a deadly silence.

Guan Wan-Shan accepted that Ye Xiao was beyond his comprehension and thought, “You got me…”

However, suddenly a voice from balcony No.7 sounded out, “500 thousand!”

It was the voice of a girl.

Extreme shock spread throughout the auction hall, leaving people unable to even guess the gender of the person behind this voice. Only one thought was found inside the heads of the attendants: lunatics always show up in groups! And now this girl actually doubled Ye Xiao’s price!

People were gloating and thinking, “Finally you’ve found yourself a rich opponent.”

Ye Xiao was surprised, but he quickly followed, “One million!”

“One million and five hundred thousand!” The girl showed no hesitation whatsoever.

“Two million!” Ye Xiao frowned. In fact he was really keen on getting this item. He just wanted to plant it in his spiritual space. So he was rather frustrated by the determination of this girl. He had even completely lost his previously obtained delight.

The girl didn’t give up. She instantly followed, “Two and a half million!”

- … -

One would be able to hear a drop of sweat fall on the floor, as the salesroom was filled in utter silence!

This was madness!

They raised an item’s price from 50 thousand silver bars to 2.5 million! They were absolutely insane!

Ye Xiao was stunned by finding that a girl could actually be this crazy.

The voice of the girl sounded from balcony No.7 again, “My dear friend from the No.17 balcony… please accept my apologies… I’m not intentionally opposing you. My father has been seriously ill for many years and we couldn’t find any cures, until now… Today I have to take this Regeneration Ink Lotus even if it will cost all my savings… I am not against you.”

The girl spoke softly. It made people feel sympathetic towards her. Most people in the crowd were thinking, “Apparently you’re not the one to be blamed.”

Ye Xiao collected his thoughts and stayed quiet for a while.

Two and a half million was truly too much to spend for Ye Xiao at this moment in time. After all, he still needed the money for other items, so he eventually decided to stop bidding.

When everyone was expecting him to raise the price to five million, this arrogant man actually stopped… This was completely out of their expectation.

When the gavel hit the table, people realised that the man in the No.17 balcony had truly given up…

“Thank you! Thank you all!” The girl’s voice was full of gratefulness, but still carried a hint of sadness, “If my father can revive from the disease, it is because of all your blessings.”

Many people felt satisfied and spoke aloud, “My pleasure.”

The girl in white, who had fought against Ye Xiao earlier, was sitting in the No.1 balcony at the moment. She suddenly felt that she might make an enemy, “It turns out there is a girl who can actually be my opponent.”

She couldn’t help but look at the No.7 balcony.

Here was a girl in cyan clothing sitting. A layer of silk covered half of her face. However, the gentleness she had shown everyone couldn’t be observed in her eyes. They were sharp and cold.

“Master’s wound… Now, there is hope.” The girl in cyan was thinking. She couldn’t help glancing at the No.17 balcony, “Who is this guy? He nearly stopped me… I only have notes for 3 million silver bars in total with me today. I was trying to get a supreme dan bead after the Regeneration Ink Lotus. Now that plan is impossible…”

“That bastard has destroyed my plan!” The girl in cyan gnashed her teeth and thought bitterly.

After the scene of ‘a girl trying to save her dying father’ was over, the auction continued.

There were six medicines being auctioned on the stage, one by one. Ye Xiao took all of them by doubling the starting price with his first bid!

No one wanted to mess with him, as they thought him to be an extremely rich lunatic.

They didn’t wish to be disgraced, like the guy from the Mu Clan, in front of the public.

As Master Feng had won most of the items, Guan Wan-Shan’s face had turned pale!

In fact, the items that were bought by Feng Zhi-Ling, were all done so in very low prices, except for the Crystal Lotus!

Ye Xiao had doubled the starting price for every item, and nobody dared to bid after him, as they didn’t want to be disgraced. It seemed fair…

However, when people thought deeper about it, they realised the problem. It looked like Ye Xiao had spent a lot for all these items, but in fact he had got very good deals, because no one dared to compete with him.

He was so tricky!

People felt angry when they figured the situation out.

Finally, one of the leading items of this auction got to the stage. It instantly drew everyone’s eyes.

Two young lads carried a box onto the stage. Suddenly a stream of cold qi coiled around the stage. People could clearly feel that it was getting colder and colder. They couldn’t help shivering with half-closed eyes.

“The next item is a stone which has come from the far reaches of the universe. Its basis is the mysterious mythical metal – the Cosmic Hades!” Guan Wan-Shan said.

Everyone wore an expression which said ‘I see’ when they heard about ‘the Cosmic Hades’.

No wonder it had drawn everyone’s eyes.

Some people smiled purposefully, “It’s still on sale…”

“This piece of Cosmic Hades has been producing extremely cold qi since it first landed in the world three thousand years ago. No matter what it was, everything within a radius of ten meters around it would be frozen!”

Feeling the coldness of the stone, Ye Xiao suddenly shook. He was slack-jawed.

At that moment, the spiritual space inside his body had started to shake; this was something that had never happened before…

[1] Rich as Croesus - Croesus was an ancient Greek king whose wealth was legendary.

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