Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 4 - Let me lend you some money

Chapter - 4 Let me lend you some money

Zuo Wu-Ji’s eyes brightened immediately, but then he soon became dispirited, “It won’t be that easy… I didn’t know that it was so precious. Such a little thing could actually be worth 500 kilograms of gold… How pathetic that I was incited by you pricks to steal and sell it for only 50 kilogram of silver. Such a huge loss…”

And while grinding his teeth again, he said, “You pricks have made me the No.1 black sheep in the world… I should never have mentioned it and swallowed it with my teeth and blood [1]… Now there is another jade ruyi present, but what can I do to get it?”

Ye Xiao lowered the voice and said, “Heh heh heh… It is just about money, isn’t it… That’s not a problem. I just want to ask you, do you want that jade ruyi?”

“Of course! What a stupid question. Why wouldn’t I want it! When I get it, I will finally get rid of the title ‘the No.1 black sheep in the Kingdom of Chen’… Only God knows how desperately I want to do so…” Zuo Wu-Ji nodded, grinding his teeth, “But I ran out of money when that shit happened. My allowance has been reduced from 15 kilograms of silver per month, to just a quarter kilogram… What the hell can I do with a quarter kilogram of silver?!”

“You want to get rid of the No.1 black sheep title… It is actually quite easy, only… You are about to be the unprecedented No.1 black sheep in the universe…” Ye Xiao thought.

“Hah Hah!” He laughed loud and struck his chest, speaking nobly, “If you really want it, I could lend you some money…”

“Really?” Zuo Wu-Ji was surprised, so was Lan Lang-Lang.

Did the sun rise from the west?! Since when did Ye Xiao become so generous?

“Absolutely!” Ye Xiao nodded with a serious look.

“What on earth are you planning?” Zuo Wu-Ji looked at him suspiciously, and did some calculations in his mind, “This prick, he really wouldn’t be planning some business with me, would he? Could there be the possibility that he really is in love with me?”

“You bastard!” Ye Xiao shouted with dignity and honor. Acting as if his kindness was wasted, he said with bitter hatred, “Zuo Wu-Ji! What the hell did you just say? I want to help you because I treat you like my brother. I am also taking a big risk doing so. Who knows when a bastard like you could give me my money back? And you… you dare to suspect me. Fine! I’ll let you rot!”

“Forget it! I can save the money for gals, can’t I… Lan Lang-Lang! Let’s go!” With anger, Ye Xiao stood up willing to leave, “We no longer have a friend like this bastard that never appreciates our kindness!”

Lan Lang-Lang was always good at kicking up a row. He wouldn’t let this chance go, so he stood up with a woosh, while shouting cheerfully, “Absolutely! We are never going to talk to this prick as he doesn’t want to be our friend!”

“No… Please don’t… brother Ye, brother Lan, stay! Ah please my dear brothers…” As fast as he could, Zuo Wu-Ji rushed forward and held Ye Xiao’s waist tightly and apologized with a flattering tone, “Ohhh, I only said one tiny wrong word… Oh please, we are brothers right? We are brothers forever. You wouldn’t really be mad at me, would you?… Ahhh come on just stay! Steward! Bring us some tea! The classy one! The best! The imperial tea the king awarded my grandpa with! Quick quick…”

Then he respectfully seated Ye Xiao on the masters’ chair of the house, while bowing with a servile smile, “Hey hey… brother Ye, hah hah, master Ye, brother, my dearest brother… Would you seriously lend me some money?”

Ye Xiao was sitting with one ankle on his other knee, “I was going to…”

“Oh you can’t change your mind bro…” Zuo Wu-Ji nearly kneeled down.

He wouldn’t give up the hard-found chance to rectify his mistake. God knows what kind of rough life he had been living for the past months… and he couldn’t even escape because his tormentors were his own family.

“Humph, fair enough.” Ye Xiao blew the leaves floating on the tea, with a poker face, “Since I have already said it so soon, why don’t you write me a receipt and give me whatever something as a guaranty. With that I will just give you 750 kilograms of gold… Let’s make it clear, that you should return the money someday. Don’t even try bargaining!”

“Absolutely!” Zuo Wu- Ji said with a happy face, then he realized a problem and asked with a disconsolate look, “But what should I give you for guaranty?”

“Do you understand human language? Anything could do, just give me something. We are brothers. I don’t really want anything expensive from you, do I?”

Zuo Wu-Ji suddenly felt relieved, “It is a good way indeed… Let me see. What should I steal this time?”

He was rolling his eyes. Obviously he had decided to be the family thief one more time.

“Oh, my!” Ye Xiao instructed him feeling disappointed, “Can you just be quick and pick any one of these collections in this house. It doesn’t have to be costly. Anything will do…”

After Ye Xiao’s stark instruction, Zuo Wu-Ji finally came to an understanding all of a sudden, “Well… then is it ok to be a guaranty?”

“Forget about the guaranty thing. That was what I meant. Come on, we are brothers!” Ye Xiao was showing generousness and said with consideration.

Zuo Wu-Ji was too happy to even close his mouth. He finally could get rid of the burden in his heart. He laughed heartily, “Well then! Although every piece of this collection here was collected by my grandfather, and he loves them all… it wouldn’t matter if one or two went missing … Bro, tell me which one you like. I’ll directly give it to you! We won’t take that back! I surely will pay back the money and you can keep whatever you choose!”

Zuo Wu-Ji was truly very generous.

Ye Xiao rightfully answered with a questioning brow, “What do you mean? What do you think I am? I am only trying to help you. Do you think that I am hankering after your collection… You could give it to me as a gift after you get the money, as that shows your thankfulness. The gift itself may be small, but the goodwill is transferred. However, for now if I accept it, it will be seen as you bribing me!”

“Bribing?” Zuo Wu-Ji thought with his mouth twitched, “How could he talk like he was an honorable officer.”

“I am done with your dilatoriness. This one. I like the feeling of flying.” What he was unconcernedly pointing at was exactly the Pure Heavenly Crystal.

“That… That is too cheap, isn’t it?” Zuo Wu-Ji was suddenly moved and thought, “It looks like Ye Xiao is really trying to help me. There are so many treasures in the house and he actually has picked one of the cheapest. What a good man. Why didn’t I realize it…”

“All right, all right. You know my heart. That is enough.” Ye Xiao said profoundly, “What are we? Brothers should help each other… By the way, you should keep it as a secret, in case someone else knows that I have lend you lots of money… and they all come to me. It will be troublesome for me if I have to decide whether I should lend money to this one or that one.”

“You can count on me. I will keep my mouth completely shut!” Zuo Wu-Ji promised, “I am not that kind of person, am I…”

“Why don’t you… just take it now?” Zuo Wu-Ji was afraid Ye Xiao would change his mind, so he tried to force his hand.

“Moron!” Ye Xiao reproached him with a low voice, “Can you not think for yourself? Now if I take it right under these people’s eyes in your house, how can we keep it a secret?”

“Right, right.” Zuo Wu-Ji then whispered to Ye Xiao, “How about I bring it out to you when the day turns dark?”

“Great idea!” Ye Xiao answered full of praise, “At that time I will go to the corner of the alley south of here and I’ll be waiting for you with the money.”

Zuo Wu-Ji smiled when he heard this, “I should thank you for this bro… As long as it saves my reputation in the family, I will at once get the money from the business and pay you back. Set your heart at ease. I am a man of my word!”

“All right dude. Could I give you my money if it were not for my trust in you?” Ye Xiao and Zuo Wu-Ji were holding each other’s shoulder as if they were the closest of brothers.

Beside them with his jaws on the floor, Lan Lang-Lang was stupefied with the new developments.

After all details were finalized, Zuo Wu-Ji respectfully saw Ye Xiao and Lan Lang-Lang off with endless gratitude while they left with smugness.

“When the day turns dark, just remember it bro.” Zuo Wu-Ji shouted. Ye Xiao and Lan Lang-Lang heard the shout from Zuo Wu-Ji even though they had travelled quite far.


“Hey listen, are you really going to give him the money?” Lan watched Ye Xiao suspiciously, “Come on… you are not a kind-hearted guy, are you? Are you going to walk away and betray that guy…”

“What are you talking about? You are such a flunky, while I have a tolerant heart! Do you think that I am someone like you who always breaks his word?!” Ye Xiao looked at Lan with disdain, “Go home and prepare a note for 500 kilogram of gold for me. I need it!”

It seemed that he didn’t have enough money to lend to Zuo Wu-Ji…

“Oh do you need it? Sure I will. Wait… What? What did you just say? You told me to prepare a note for 500 kilogram of gold, so that you can lend it to Zuo? Why should I? Give me a reason first!” Lan exploded with fury when he had realized what Ye Xiao had exactly said.

“For me to give the money to him, so that he can do some good deals. Why should I?!” He thought.

“A reason? You can’t even understand that! If you don’t prepare the note for me, what do I lend to Zuo Wu-Ji? Isn’t it obvious? You’re being too talkative!”

Ye Xiao rolled up his eyes, unconcernedly and slowly said with a threatening tone, “Lan Lang-Lang, if you don’t bring me the note, causing me to break my word, that’s ok. I will just tell your grandfather, your father, your mother and your aunt that you fought with Zuo Wu-Ji for a gal’s favor in the brothel and ran around naked… If that is not enough for you, I can even paint some graffiti about you on every wall on the street! I shall make sure that you become famous. The whole city, no, even the whole world will know about you! I will let your reputation rise to the same level as Zuo Wu-Ji!

“What? You!” Lan Lang-Lang was so angry that he nearly passed out. His eyes even turned normal due to his anger. He shouted as if bleeding, “How vicious are you? That is just taking my darkest experiences…”

“Urrr… Stop it! How dare your refer to your infantile life as an experience? This deal eventually won’t even cost you anything. Let me ask you again, will you do it or not?”

“I WILL DO IT! What other choice do I have?” Lan was nearly crying, “I will bring it to you…”



[1] Swallow ... with one’s teeth and blood: A metaphor, means someone have gotten through something bad but can not say a word about it.

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