Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 31 - Eight Heads Off!

Chapter 31 – Eight Heads Off!

At this point of time, all of them, no matter which side they stood for, the General’s House or the Mu clan, were completely stunned!

When the steward waved his hand and said ‘stop them’, there were many people who had answered with a simple ‘yes’.

The voices were varied. However, there were more than the expected 36 voices which had sounded out.

When the 36 blood guards were preparing to take actions, seven figures popped up from different corners in the yard without any warning. The blood guards could not even react to their sudden appearance.

Sword lights flashed like lightning.

All the participants from both sides were stunned. The steward was the most shocked amongst them all.

The rage which had shown on his face had turned into extreme astonishment! His lower jaw had dropped to the floor. His mouth was hanging wide enough to swallow an entire rabbit!

Where did the seven men, who had suddenly shown up, come from?

They were definitely not the guards of the General’s House; neither were they the guards from the Palace of Hua-Yang!

However, they rushed out fearlessly right after the steward had shouted out the order!

Who were they?

The events that took place in the following moments had left everyone extremely astonished. There would be nothing more shocking than what they were witnessing!

They saw the sword lights flashing in the air as the seven masked men rushed toward the eight Mu clan assassins!

Swords rose up and then they slashed down in the blink of an eye!

- Chop chop chop …-

Seven heads were sent spinning in the air, decapitated!

The men from the Mu clan had come with fierceness and confidence, but in just a flash, seven of them had already died! And they had all died within a span of a few seconds!

Facing the seven masked men of unknown backgrounds, the so-called expert cultivators of the Mu clan had been unable to even raise their swords in defence.

The seven men who just died had flown over smartly, but ended up being chopped into halves. The entire ambush had taken less than a second to pan out!

Everyone had become petrified!

The 36 blood guards looked at the blood spraying in the air, completely clueless. They had no idea what was going on as they simply stood there like idiots. Even the most experienced of the lot, the steward, remained rooted to the spot.

Suddenly, he realized something, and this ‘something’ was not the joy obtained from the deaths of their enemies. He thought, “Damn it! We were framed!”

These men who came from nowhere had killed seven of the Mu clan men with a single strike and they truly had no good intentions.

What would have been seen by everyone would be that, after the steward had given the order, the seven masked men came out and killed the Mu clan men.

That meant that the seven men from the Mu clan were killed because of his order!

The Mu clan and the Ye clan would become foes after this, even if the suspicion for Mu Cheng-Bai’s death was to be lifted away from Ye Xiao!

As for now, nobody could do anything to stop the two clans from being foes!

The steward was absolutely livid.

When he looked at the blood guards, he found that they were actually looking at him with eyes filled with worship and shock!

“Super!” Someone shouted.

The steward nearly spit out blood… he thought, “‘Super’ your ass! Are things not bad enough for your? Can’t you use your brains? We were framed!”

In front of him, stood the leader of the seven dead guys. He was the only one left alive in his team. He was stunned and felt fear creep into his mind.

He was completely panicking, “What the hell! Is this really just a general’s house? Is it really a general’s house of the mortal world? Are you fxxking kidding me? My men wouldn’t just be killed so easily even if we were fighting the Royal Palace guards! Well even if they were killed, they would never get killed in an instant! They could have at least given a decent fight, right? They actually got chopped up like they were vegetables! They were killed so easily! This is impossible…”

It was a fabulous instant extermination!

“The house of Ye! I will remember this!” The man immediately flew back to escape after recovering from his initial shock.

Since the masked men could kill all his underlings so easily, he definitely would be unable to beat any of them!

He was afraid that, if he had decided to leave any later, he would lose his own life too.

So the only thing he wanted to do now was to get out of here as soon as possible; he wanted nothing more than keep his life!

One could only do something when one stayed alive; that’s what he believed!

He had already flown back several meters and had almost made his getaway, but at this moment, a sharp sword light suddenly flashed again. The shiny blade of the sword had pierced his back and had come out of his chest, skewering him. It was covered in blood.

A look of despair showed up in his eyes and he looked back.

Another masked man was standing behind him. Nobody could comprehend how he had reached there so quickly. His eyes were cold and he slowly drew his sword back. He then spoke peacefully, “You have already come all this way. Why leave so soon?”

The leader of the dead guys stared at him and blood flowed out of his mouth. His body feebly fell down on the roof.

The masked man swung his sword again, even before the escaping man had touched the floor and - chop -, the head was chopped off!

The masked man then raised his foot and kicked the dead body down to the ground and said chillingly, “One hit; two parts!”

The next moment, all of the eight masked men had jumped on the boundary wall.

The steward seemed to emerge from his reverie and ran forward shouting, “Who are you? Why do you frame us?!”

The eight masked men replied with silence and flew out of sight immediately.

They didn’t even want to speak to the steward.

Watching the eight of them disappear into the night, looking at the eight dead bodies and smelling the blood in the air, the steward was totally stunned speechless.

They really were framed this time, and no escape was in sight.

They wouldn’t even have a chance to explain.

The 36 blood guards showed up from the darkness and gathered around the steward. They were delighted.

“Hey boss, I admire you sincerely! So cool! So overwhelming! Eight bastard’s heads got chopped off just because of one simple order…”

“Yo boss! That was awesome…”

“Hey boss…”

“Shut the fxxk up! All of you!” The steward drew a long face and tried hard not to freak out, “We just got framed! You foolish lubbers! In your brains there is nothing but muscles, you morons… What was so delightful? Gosh…”

He stamped and went to find Ye Xiao.

The steward awkwardly realized that in this place, the only person he could actually talk to was the foppish young master of his, who actually was the one who had caused all this mess!

When he reached Ye Xiao’s room, he found it to be unoccupied.

He had noticed quite a while ago that the snoring had stopped, which had made him believe that the young master was just sleeping soundly. Had Ye Xiao already left by then?

The steward didn’t believe it to be true, so he looked all over the house to find him. However, even after searching every corner of the house, he didn’t find any trace of Ye Xiao.

There wasn’t any sign of a struggle , so the steward knew that Ye Xiao, at least, was not kidnapped.

But where could he have gone?

The steward was left wondering,”How a foppish young lord could leave without leaving a trace?”

Then he realized he had no time to think of such tough questions, so he just sighed.

“Oh my dear lord. Why are you still fooling around at this troubled time? Don’t you know people are all aiming for your life? Why are you still…”

It was so ridiculous!

Now the General’s House was in a big mess and they had been framed, and big trouble would head in their direction. Why did he still go out?

Was it not perilous enough for him?!

Well the steward was wrong about Ye Xiao!

In fact, Ye Xiao had been in the house all along and had watched everything that had happened in this weird fight.

When those men from the Mu clan arrived, Ye Xiao was preparing to take actions.

He did know that he might expose himself if he struck out, but he also knew that everyone in this house would die if he didn’t.

Oh of course, except this unfathomable steward.

However, when the masked guys showed up and killed seven of the Mu clan warriors in one strike, Ye Xiao stopped and stayed silent. His eyes lit up!

Why are they doing this?

Ye Xiao knew the answer clearly and he didn’t need to ask about it. It was quite obvious to him!

Ye Xiao only had one question – who were these men?

When he was thinking about it, he had already moved out of his room through the window. He sneaked to the yard and waited, hidden in a shadow.

He thought that those masked men would definitely go back to their base, so he decided to wait here, so as to follow them secretly when they left!

He was curious,“I wonder who else would want to mess with me in the capital!”

Ye Xiao was right. The eight masked men left quickly after they successfully framed the Ye clan, and then - swish! swish! swish!…- they flew over Ye Xiao’s head.

Ye Xiao held his breath and waited for some time to pass. He knew that it would be unwise to follow them right away.

He had noticed that there were still a lot of people who were hiding around the house. If he showed up rashly, he would definitely expose himself!

And he was right. After the eight masked men disappeared, dozens of figures flew out from around the house and left towards their own destinations. These guys were obviously people from other forces who had come to check the situation here.

“Some people just came to me directly while more people were just watching us fighting against each other.” Ye Xiao sighed.

After a while, from a dark corner inside the house, a figure rushed out and flew up. Puff! The figure disappeared from eyesight in just a blink.

Ye Xiao had noticed this figure as he had a pair of keen eyes. Then he decided to take action.He had decided to follow this person from the shadows, and while following him, Ye Xiao’s appearance had changed drastically.

Ye Xiao now had a much larger frame and was a head shorter than normal.

That’s right! He had decided that the appearance of Feng Zhi-Ling, who he had played when was selling the supreme dan beads to the salesroom, would serve him wonderfully on this occasion.

He flew in the night sky like a ghost. His speed seemed to be faster than a typhoon, but his posture wasn’t affected by the howling wind at all.

It was another one of his exclusive skills.

The Lunisolar Shadow!

Coming like a stream while leaving like the wind. Sneaking to the horizon and every tail is vain. [1]


[1] A poem-like line: 来如流水去如风,隐入天地无影踪。It means Ye Xiao moved so fast that he could not be traced if he did’t want to.

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