Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 295: Disburdened!

Chapter 295: Disburdened!

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“But this cooperation between us, is only about… me supporting Ling-Bao Hall on the crisis of facing the two great sects. That is all,” Master Bai blandly said. “Other things will not be included. When you get through all this, I should have paid enough.”

Ye Xiao decisively said, “Sure. That is what I ask. I am not as evil as that to threaten others by things they need. We all have our own purposes. In this world, you want to make the chaotic storm and collapse the kingdoms, while I want the world to be in peace and people live in a peaceful time. If we have to be against each other, let’s just do our best.”

Master Bai blandly smiled; he didn’t talk anymore.

“When that day comes, you and me will fight in the battle. We all fight for our own beliefs. Life or death, it is the gods decision to make.” Ye Xiao looked at Master Bai and spoke word by word, “In fact, in this world, there is no hatred. There are only different purposes and different positions! That is all.”

Master Bai thought about these words for a long time. After a while, he finally spoke again, “Good!”

When Ye Xiao vigorously walked out from the Sky No. 1 Room, the entire crowd focused on him.

As of this moment, Feng Monarch was full of joy; he was even smiling. The nonchalant appearance he had seemed like nothing happened. He acted like he had just visited one of his friends, drank some tea, and talked something ordinary.

He just casually walked out. As simple as that.

No one saw anything strange on him.

That was the strangest thing though!

The room of the House of the Chaotic Storm was no easy place to casually get in and get out.

People were all trying to figure out what Feng Monarch had talked to Wan of the Clouds in the room. He had been in there for such a long time, yet everything was quiet. Nothing actually happened.

People only knew that Wan of the Clouds was inside that room, and she was the only big figure. It was more than big enough though. They didn’t know that the real owner of the House of the Chaotic Storm, Master Bai—the man who controls the fater of the world— was also in there!

Only Ye Xiao knew what it meant to get in and get out from that room.

He had handled too much suppression from it!

Every second during the talk was risking his life, although it seemed to be a peaceful conversation!

It looked like a casual and peaceful meeting, and both sides seemed to be very happy. However, Ye Xiao knew that this was the most dangerous moment of both his lives; it was such a frightening moment. Although he had already left, yet he could still feel the fear!

In that room, Ye Xiao surprisedly discovered something during that conversation—something far beyond his imagination.

He discovered that even when he was in his perfect condition as the Xiao Monarch, he still couldn’t withstand a single blow from Master Bai!

Master Bai, the man who sat on the wheelchair...

The man who couldn’t even kill a chicken!

He was a man who looked so gentle and decent, so handsome that almost all men would see him as an enemy and all women would see him as a dream lover…

He was actually so frightful as an enemy!

However, Ye Xiao felt a bit excited after tasting the fear!

He felt lucky to have such a powerful opponent!

Otherwise, he would have to live a boring life.

With such a high-class and powerful opponent, he surely would have a colorful and dramatic experience in the Land of Han-Yang in the days to come!

Ye Xiao walked down the stairs with a calm smile on his face.

When Wan Zhenghao gave him an inquiring look, he gave Wan Zhenghao a “relaxed” gaze.

“Oh my freaking gosh…” Wan Zhenghao’s fat body finally sat on the chair. The steel-like wooden chair that was made by the firmest wood in the world couldn’t hold the sudden strike from his weight as it nearly broke apart. Luckily, it made it. However, if Wan Zhenghao did it again, the chair would certainly break. After a second, the pressure from Wan Zhenghao was decreased. Wan Zhenghao knew that everything was settled, and they would be fine; he was eventually at ease. He relaxed himself, so that the pressure from him was decreased. The chair was lucky not to become a broken one.

On the other side, Liu Changjun’s eyes lit up when he saw Ye Xiao casually walking by.

[There it is.

So it is.

No matter how dangerous it is, he will solve the problem so casually. It takes him only minutes. All dangers are gone after his casualness.

He doesn’t need to tell anybody about what has happened at all. He doesn’t need to tell people what he has suffered. He just comfort his men, ‘it is solved’!

I am so lucky to follow such a leader!

If only one day I can become so…]

Liu Changjun just stood there in silence like a spear!

The respect in his eyes were obvious.

He knew how big the pressure was to face the House of the Chaotic Storm!

Feng Monarch had been through it, done it, held it, and returned successfully!

He was the only one who was able to do it ever!

It was this man in Liu Changjun’s sight!

Ye Xiao casually passed by Lan Langlang and Zuo Wuji.

A crown prince and three princes were also there. What a coincidence.

In people’s eyes, what Feng Zhiling was doing was quite impenetrable!

Among all the people there, even the princes of the Kingdom of Chen were only in the lowest positions. They were less important than most of others in this event!

Looking at the monarch of the Ling-Bao Hall casually passing by, people didn’t know whom this world shocking man was really walking to. The princes felt panic for no reason. They were so flurried.

Ye Xiao walked over directly to Lan Langlang.

It had been a while; his old friend had become a bit like a tough man now. The crossed eyes of his seemed a little bit better now.

Lan Langlang was full of confusion when he saw Ye Xiao coming over.

He didn’t understand why this Monarch of the Ling-Bao Hall would come to him so suddenly. He didn’t know this man, and they never had any interactions before.

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