Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 293: You Have Your Insistence; I Have My Responsibility!

Chapter 293: You Have Your Insistence; I Have My Responsibility!

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Ye Xiao looked at Master Bai and said word by word, “As for your current condition, you didn’t have it when you were born, yet it is still the divine punishment. It is the reverse impact from your own qi and blood. It is a certain outcome of what you have done against the heaven’s will. You are a powerful cultivator indeed, yet you are still not in the highest league. You cannot resist the power from the heavens.”

“Though your power still protects you for sure. You actually survived from all those reverse impacts. The divine punishment has actually just made you unhealthy… That is all. Your problem can still be solved by the Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan.”

“As long as you wait for the dan beads to be finished, all your illness will be removed.”

“At least… it surely won’t be a problem for you to walk again.”

Ye Xiao smiled. “That is what supports me to come here today. If I don’t have this, how could I dare to show up in such a dangerous place like this. With my current cultivation capability, how would I come to this Sky No. 1 Room where the great House of the Chaotic Storm stays?”

Master Bai blandly smiled. “However, even though you are confident about it and you think you have such a bargaining chip in hand, if I say no, you are still nothing. I am the one who holds the decision.”

“Sure. I just want to cooperate with you, nothing more.” Ye Xiao casually smiled, “Anyways, facing such a helpless situation, this is the biggest effort I can make already.”

“If Master Bai agrees to the cooperation, it would be a delightful thing for both sides. If you don’t, I will embrace the worst consequence that we have discussed earlier. It makes no difference no matter how I leave here.”

Master’s eyes turned sharp as he blandly said, “How can there be no difference? You have another personal identity, and it won’t be a problem for you to stay alive. You only need to just abandon something you have right now. That is all. You ace card is always the supermen dan, not the Ling-Bao Hall.”

Ye Xiao casually smiled. “If I want to do that, I wouldn’t be here today.”

“No matter what my other identity is, I am still the monarch of the Ling-Bao Hall. If I don’t even try to save my men, how can I escape the guilt that deeply stuck in my heart even though I will live on? With such a feeling hidden inside my heart, the rest of my life will only be meaningless.”

He loudly laughed. “Master Bai, you are a leader yourself. You must understand what I mean.”

Master Bai’s eyes showed a sense of bliss as he nodded. “I surely do. I didn’t expect that you are such an ambitious man.”

Ye Xiao smiled. “It is just something in my mind that I insist. That is a tough thought that stays in my mind. If, Master Bai… If someday you are in danger, but you can save yourself by sacrificing Lady Wan-Er, what would you choose?”

The girl in white clothes, Wan-Er, raised her head and looked at Master Bai in silence.

In her eyes were trust and softness.

“No matter what choice Master would make, I will take it as a blessing.”

Master Bai showed a smile that was like spring. He smiled and said, “Reluctance!”

It was just a word that was casually spoken out, yet it was so meaningful.

He didn’t want to answer it.

If he answered it, it meant that they were getting very close to the agreement of cooperation.

It meant he lost a point in the competition against Feng Monarch.

That was making a choice that Feng Monarch wanted him to make.

Master Bai didn’t want to do that.

However, facing the soft and trusting eyes of Wan-Er, he only felt warmth. He knew that even if he didn’t answer it, Wan-Er wouldn’t blame him and would still be trust him to the fullest.

Because he knew it too clearly, he chose to give the answer.

“A kingdom, a world, so what. What on earth could ever possibly be more valuable than my Wan-Er?”

Master Bai smiled and looked at Ye Xiao.

“That is what I wanted to say,” Ye Xiao said. “You have your insistence, and I have my responsibility. That is all.”

Master Bai smiled.

It was a smile that drew the agreement of the cooperation of both sides!

Wan-Er heard that her master was going to accept that agreement, so she stopped being worried. She looked so happy and delighted as she said in a low voice, “I wonder what happened to the son of that great man at last. Was he cured?”

Master Bai smiled softly and said, “Of course he was. However, it wasted so many materials. If that great man didn’t have endless support, it would be impossible to make those dan beads… As for that young master, he has become one of the most powerful man in his generation. His achievements were no less than his father…”

Wan-Er heard so. Her eyes became brighter.

[If a divine punishment on a person who was even weaker than normal people could be cured, doesn’t it mean that the disease on Master Bai should be much easier to cure?

That means, maybe after not long, master will recover to his perfect condition?!]

“However… As far as I am concerned, it is not the material that makes it difficult. It is… the way it is produced.” Master Bai said, “Only those at the supreme level can be called the Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan. If not, it would become a useless dan.”

“The Heaven Seizing Dan must be real. However, there has only been one man who has successfully made those dan beads. That was the great man in that story. Am I right?” Master Bai sounded like he was sighing.

Wan-Er’s eyes suddenly turned dim, yet it became bright right away. It seemed she had big confidence on Feng Zhiling.

In fact, she was just so looking forward to the Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan. She wanted it to be made right away; she didn’t want to lose hope!

Every time when she saw the crippled body of her master, she felt upset.

Such a capable man, one who could vanish the stars by waving his hand and shake the mountains by moving his arm, was now trapped on a small wheelchair. He was helpless, and he couldn’t even move freely like ordinary people.

The helplessness of a hero, and the hopelessness of a warrior truly made her feel uncomfortable.

Master Bai got used to it already; he never thought much about it. However, as for the people around him, Wan-Er and Xiu-Er, who had been with him for all the years, they felt sad about it every time.

Now there was hope for that.

[But the Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan…

Were the words Feng Zhiling said true?

It must be true!]

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