Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 289: Crippled Because of Divine Punishment

Chapter 289: Crippled Because of Divine Punishment

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“We don’t deny that there is true love among people. We just don’t like games of powers at all.”

“Since ancient times, one mortal man after another played such a game to gain their great accomplishment. Why can’t we collapse them?”

“Since the world would never escape the tragic war, does the one who makes it happen matters?”

Wan-Er spoke coldly.

Ye Xiao threw his hands up and helplessly spoke, “Indeed, it doesn’t matter.”

Wan-Er continued, “Then why would you say all those useless words? Is it your big mouth that gives you the confidence?”

Ye Xiao said, “It is a good perspective. For the world and the people, there is no difference who makes the tragedy happen. However, for the ones who make it happen, there must be shame and guilt in their hearts!”

“There is love in the world; there is rule under the firmament!”

Ye Xiao spoke slowly, “Love in the world and rule under the firmament! The heaven has been watching the world since the beginning of time! He who obeys the rule lives, while he who violates it dies! People who violates the will of heavens and tries to use it for his own interest will definitely get the divine punishment!”

The divine punishment!

Wan-Er just humphed. She didn’t say anything.

Ye Xiao said, “I have read many history books about the Land of Han-Yang. Since the first kingdom was built and the first king became king, it has been ninety-nine thousand years now!”

“During such a long time, there has been hundreds of dynasties in the history of this land, and over ten thousand kingdoms collapsed!”

“All those kings, hundreds of years or even just dozens of years after they became kings, their clan would be wiped out. Their bloodlines would be broken! Not a single younger generation was left! There were no exceptions!”

“Whether he was great or not, every king dreamed about having his kingdom live forever. However, a few years later, their kingdoms would always fall into war.”

“The citizens suffered from the wars, but the citizens always survived. There will always be younger generations of the normal clans. They are the truly long lived ones. Those kings who desperately wanted to have their kingdoms live forever will lose their clan after hundreds of years or even just dozens of years!”

“How ironic! Normal clans will survive, but the royal clans will always die out.”

“Don’t you see that the names that died in the history are always the names of those kings?“

Ye Xiao said with a deep voice, “That is the rule of the heavens. It is the divine punishment to those who break the peace and happiness of the world! That is the punishment! That is the reverse impact!”

“Lives of billions people are not something that can be easily wasted!”

“A man should work hard himself in cultivation to get his honorable position. As for the man who sacrificed his people’s lives to get on his own throne, if such a man didn’t suffer the divine reverse impact, there must be no justice in the world!”

“Lady Wan-Er, you just said that people have nowhere to complain, so they could only accept it and bear it, waiting for a peaceful new kingdom to come. I want to tell you, lady, that even though the people do not have a place to seek for justice, they don’t have to! The gods will hold justice for them. Good or bad, the gods will decide! The murderer will eventually get the divine punishment sooner or later!”

Wan-Er wanted to speak something but didn’t speak.

Things were recorded clearly in history books.

Even though some kings were so powerful that they could kill those who wrote the history books, they failed to cover the truth. Thus, it wasn’t something that one person could simply deny!

Most importantly, Ye Xiao was right about it.

Those kings who used to rule the world had descendants that became tools to help some officials snatch a higher position. One after another, their lives became sacrifice to others’ promotion!

Once a king was crowned, he would never think that not after long, the sons or grandsons he loved and placed great hopes on would be murdered, and their heads would even be hang on the wall to warn their people, or be hang on somebody’s belt as evidence of their victory.

“A king losing his bloodline is perhaps the result of divine punishment. However, we, the House of the Chaotic Storm, have never thought about taking any throne. What we do is just to push it faster when a kingdom is falling so that the new one will rise sooner. Base on that, we are doing something greatly beneficial to the world! There were so many great wars ended so soon because of our efforts. There is always peace after war. The people will have a peaceful and happy life for hundreds of years. The hundreds of years of peace is our merits and virtues!”

Wan-Er’s gaze turned sharp as she toughly spoke, “So, what you just said is wrong. It is just your own thoughts. It is unilateral! The heavenly principles never work on us.”

Ye Xiao casually spoke, “If so, why is our famous Master Bai crippled now?”

His eyes stared at Master Bai’s legs sharply.

His response was like a lightning piercing the dark clouds in the sky.

It was sharp and pungent!

It was unassailable!

Wan-Er didn’t know what to say. The way she looked became cold, and the look in her eyes seemed as if she would kill at any moment.

Ye Xiao just ignored her; he spoke slowly, “Like I said, I have read many books about the House of the Chaotic Storm. I know everything that is recorded about you… There is some records about the mysterious and dominant Master Bai of the House of the Chaotic Storm.”

“There are not many records, but in those books, these words showed up quite usually.”

Ye Xiao stopped for a while and continued, “The war suddenly happened in some dynasty. The battle covered thousands of miles, and a mysterious martial force took a great influence in the war. That was the House of the Chaotic Storm… The man named Master Bai from this house was like a powerful god, wise like the ocean. He gave orders thousands of miles away, yet he still held the battle under his control. The word was in his hand… But he was crippled…”

He was talking so slowly. When he said the part “he was crippled”, he spoke it even slower.

He was saying it one word after another as if the voice was from the slit between his teeth. Every word was like a thousands kilograms hammer hitting down from the sky.

It hit on the heart of whoever was listening to him.

Wan-Er’s face turned pale. She bit her own lip. The way she looked at Ye Xiao became so sharp and full of killing intent. She didn’t even try to cover it.

“There is one thing quite interesting about those records though—every description about Master Bai’s disability was different,” Ye Xiao blandly spoke.

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