Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 282: Tuning Hammer Rises

Chapter 282: Tuning Hammer Rises

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Everyone understood why such a heavy killing intent suddenly appeared; they didn’t care about the details though.

After all, in such a big auction, there were always some measures in case things escalated.

An old man with white beard from the Sunlight Sect asked, “May I ask which lady it is in the Sky No.1 Room, Wan of the Cloud or Xiu of the Heaven?”

And then he smiled and said, “I am Sun Changlong. I have no offensive intentions, I just want to visit you, my lady. Heh, heh. We, the Sunlight Sect, has been a friend to you for thousands of years. We are old friends.”

In the Sky No. 1 Room, the young man in white clothes closed his eyes; he was calm and peaceful. It seemed like he didn’t hear the old man, or perhaps he just didn’t care.

The girl in white saw the young man’s face, and then she answered, “I am Wan of the Cloud. It is simply an auction here. Please don’t bring up other issues.”

Sun Changlong took a breath out and said, “Thank you, my lady.”

On the other side, people from the Starlight Sect also felt relieved.

[So it is Wan of the Cloud?

That is great!

If it is not Xiu of the Heaven, it means we are fine.]

As it was said, Wan of the Cloud was gentle. She wouldn’t kill people if it wasn’t necessary.

Since it was her in this auction, things would be easier to let go.

If Xiu of the Heaven was here, things would be much more difficult to end.

At this moment, a hammer hit on the desk.

- Bang! -

The sound had shocked everybody.

Since killing intent had filled the whole place, Guan Wanshan, the big master who stood on the main stage, was scared. At the moment, his pace was fale; clearly, he knew what was happening, and that was why he felt terrified.

However, now that everything had turned to normal, with the Tuning Hammer in hand, everything else didn’t matter.

In his mind, there was only one thing that mattered: the auction. No other things mattered to him.

Everything was for this auction!

He just wanted this auction to become a legend!

He wanted it to be a legend that would never die!

Nothing else mattered.

He wouldn’t think about anything else, not even if he would die after the auction!

Aside from the people from all those sects and cultivators who were living in seclusion, there was another group of people. They were people who represented the government, people from the Kingdom of Chen. No other country attended this auction; after all, the Kingdom of Chen was fighting against several countries in this world. If Ling-Bao Hall allowed other countries to attend this auction, it would be treason.

Some of them were from the royal family, while the others were from some officials’ family. However, none of them held true power in the kingdom.

If this group of people showed up in other circumstances, they would be the most important figures. However, in this place, they were near to nothing; they were all just seated in the corner.

Even some seats in a corner were actually good to them.

There were three princes among them, and the others were from some officials’ family, including Zuo Wuji and Lan Langlang.

The royal family didn’t attend the auction in the name of the royal family, and because of that, the three princes had tried so hard to get in here.

They clearly knew what sort of auction it would be, so none them expected that they could get something good. However, if they could meet and make friends with some great cultivators, that would be a huge accomplishment.

They were confident that as princes, as long as they showed good intents, people would be eager to follow them.

Different men had different plans.

Around the three princes, there were several young men who were sons of some important officials. Beside them were Zuo Wuji and Lan Langlang who sat together and were now staring at Guan Wanshan. Both of them was concentrated on the auction.

Zuo Wuji looked calm and casual, while Lan Langlang seemed nervous.

Lan Langlang’s head was all healed; although his hair hadn’t fully grown, it was now dark and healthy, far better than what it used to be in the past. He acted with the pride of being a man in a decent family, and he seemed to be a different person now.

On the other side, Bing Xinyue and Wenren Chuchu sat in silence.

They were both expecting something from the auction.

However, Wenren Chuchu wasn’t acting high profile like she had done last time. They just sat there in silence, waiting and thinking.

Contrary to Bing Xinyue, Wenren Chuchu, Zuo Wuji, Lan Langlang and the three princes showed fear and nervousness on their faces.

They didn’t know what they should do.

When they entered this place, they realized that the martial world wasn’t like what they expected at all.

In their mind, the martial world should be “the world of martial art cultivators”.

[Those cultivators are low-educated. They know so little and don’t even know how to write. They separate into several gangs and build up some forces. They fight around and kill for some tiny profits…]

[Most of them only fight well, but are not that intelligent.]

[They are easy to recruit.]

[As the old saying states, whoever is good at martial arts can work for the royal family. If you give them a little bit of hope and let them see the chance to be rewarded, they will run over to you and will serve you with their lives like bees flying around honey…]

Those were what the princes used to hear about.

That was like common sense to them!

As such, they might show respect to people of the martial world, but deep inside their hearts, they were disdainful.

In fact, what they learnt was right when it referred to some of the cultivators. Many of them were just like that; they worked for the rich and those who had political powers.

They might fight for different things: money, beauty, power, emotion, threat and respect!

However, those were only cultivators in low positions in the martial world.

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