Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 278: Wind and Cloud Arrived; Door Opened!

Chapter 278: Wind and Cloud Arrived; Door Opened!

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Raising his head, Liu Changjun finally answered, but with extremely simple words, “So what?”

Wan Zhenghao was stunned when he heard that. When he realized what really happened, he nearly died in anger; he pointed at Liu Changjun and furiously said, “You… You are such a… You are such a dumb fool… What should I say to make you understand the situation? You actually… So what? So what you say? Not important this, not important that. Then what do you think really matters?”

He was fuming in anger as he said, “Are the two great sects something we can recklessly mess with? Don’t you think they are important?”

“No, they are not. So what?” Liu Changjun impatiently looked at Wan Zhenghao.“What are you afraid of?”

“What am I afraid of?!” Wan Zhenghao eventually burst in anger. “If we mess with the two great sects, what would you and me face in the future? Do you know that? It is tens of thousands miles of fire, and tens of thousands miles of fogs. Death will come along with lives. Blades will fall on us at any second! Understand? Don’t you think it is important?”

Liu Changjun finally lost his patience as he said, “You are talking nothing but bullsh*t! What else would be the result anyway? Do you really think that something everybody knows is important?”

Wan Zhenghao’s wide opened eyes were like the eyes of whales; he incredulously looked at Liu Changjun and couldn’t say a word. He held his breath in his throat, and only after a while did he finally let it out. In a fit of anger, he said, “Is it important? Why not? Can you defeat them? Can we? It is more than important! It is extra important!”

“No, we can’t.” Liu Changjun finally made sense this time.

Wan Zhenghao finally took a breath of relief. [This bastard finally makes sense now. So you show weakness sometimes, eh? It won’t be so difficult to explain things to him afterward. My long talk finally worked.] He wiped the sweat on him and said, “Since you yourself know that we cannot defeat…”

However, before he finished talking, Liu Changjun casually interrupted, “We cannot, so what?”

“So we will die! People die! Lots of them!” Wan Zhenghao couldn’t stand it anymore; he finally snapped as he pointed at Liu Changjun’s nose and shouted.

Liu Changjun calmly looked up and stared at the fat finger that was pointed at him; only coldness could be seen in his eyes.

He just stared without saying a word.

Wan Zhenghao felt like there was a poisonous snake crawling on his back; he was extremely terrified.

He hurriedly drew back his finger and sulkily spoke, “There will be lots of people losing their lives for real! Do you understand?”

He sounded much softer this time. The vigorous figure he showed was gone, and he looked unconfident.

Liu Changjun stared at the fat finger of Wan Zhenghao and blandly spoke, “Of course, so what?”

Wan Zhenghao was astonished.

He had no words to say this time.

[What the fxxk? ‘Not important’ and ‘so what’? Is he trying to let me die in anger?

It is impossible to talk sensitively to this dumb sh*t. There is no way to talk it through. What can I say now?]

[Are all killers the same like you?] Wan Zhenghao cursed, “[I am actually speaking with something that is only a corpse with breath…]

“You cannot fear death!” Liu Changjun looked at Wan Zhenghao disdainfully. He casually stood up and said, “And there is one more thing I need to tell you!”

“What?” Wan Zhenghao was furious.

“Don’t ever point at me with your pig’s finger again. It makes me sick. Do you know that?” Liu Changjun casually left. While walking, he warned, “If you do it again, I will cut it down for you without hesitation. Do you know that?”

He disappeared in the door, but his voice still echoed out. “Fat pig Wan! Do you understand?”

Wan Zhenghao watched him left with his eyes and mouth wide opened. He was so angry that he couldn’t say a word.

Only after a while did he regain his composure.

- Bang! -

- Crack! -

Boss Wan threw the chair where Liu Changjun sat onto the floor, smashing it in the process. He loudly cursed, “What a… What a zombie face! God damn it! Why don’t you just die…”

Then, in a murmur, he continued his curses, “You don’t f*cking fear death. Fine. But you are making others die with you… F*ck! What are you! What kind of theory is that! What is in your mind… Bastard, bastard, bastard! And you called me fat pig Wan… Wan your ass! I am not fat! I have lost a lot of weight…”

Suddenly, a figure showed up. It was Liu Changjun who came back and stared at Wan Zhenghao with cold eyes. “If we truly need to fight against the two sects and you become a traitor, I will kill you first. You won’t have any chance of survival! Do you understand?!”

- Shoot! - Liu Changjun disappeared once again.

“Traitor… Traitor?” In a fit of anger, Wan Zhenghao picked up a chair and threw it over. “Traitor your bloody ancestors!”

He was gasping.

Actually, Liu Changjun had truly disappeared this time.

Boss Wan was so angry that the fat on his body was shaking. His heart was beating fast, causing him to feel a bit dizzy. At this moment, he realized that because Liu Changjun left, he had no one to talk to. Even though Liu Changjun never gave him any useful advices, he was always listening to him. However, he was truly gone now.

Wan Zhenghao was getting emotional. With a heart full of anger, he fiercely spoke, “Bloody hell! You as an assassin do not fear them, why should I as such a rich man? I am the god of wealth. Wealth can drive spirits or gods. Whoever dares to mess with me, I will smash him to death with my money. I will just take the thousands of years during which I have been a god of wealth as nothing matters. I never want troubles, but if they come to me, I will never show weakness… Fxxk!”

He cursed and then shouted, “Opened it when the time is right! I would like to see whether the sky will fall down on me or not! F*ck it!”

Apparently, the boss was truly pissed!

Five rooms away, Liu Changjun was sitting with his legs crossed. His ice cold face showed a smile that he hadn’t shown for a long time.

However, deep in his eyes, there was a sense of worry…

Apparently, this cold-blooded killer was not so cold after all; he was a human being too!

The sun shined upon the land, bringing about a golden brilliance.

The door of the Ling-Bao Hall had finally begun to open…

People from the two great sects surely wanted to get in first.

At this moment, someone shouted, “Wait!”

The crowd was shocked. Looking back, they saw two lines of people walking over to them in silence.

On the left was a group of people wearing white clothes, white shoes, white hats, white belt and a set of white sword and shield; all they wore was white.

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