Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 1664 - Cunning Scheme? Useless!

Chapter 1664: Cunning Scheme? Useless!

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Everybody was looking at a slim man who looked like a gloomy guy. The slim man got his face twisted when Ye Xiao urged him. He said, “Since things had come to this, we will submit.”

After that, he took his space ring off and threw it on the floor in front of Ye Xiao. He also took off his belt, which turned out to be a soft sword, and threw it on the floor. Lastly, he took off a space bracelet on his ankle.

He made a turn to show there was nothing left on him.

Ye Xiao humphed and angrily said, “How dare you! Why did you just throw them on the floor? Are you trying to irritate me? I didn’t ask you to drop them to the floor, did I? Do you want me to bend over and pick them up?”

Ye Xiao slapped the slim man on the face and continued, “You f*cking stand in front of me. Do you want me to pick up your things, so I’d bow to you? Would I bow to you for some cheap filthy things? Nice try!”

After the hard slap, the slim man’s face swelled up. He spat out some blood with several teeth in it. He didn’t dare look Ye Xiao in the eyes; he just kept his head low and said, “Sorry… It was my fault…”

After that, he got down to pick up the ring, the bracelet, and the soft sword.

When he was about to touch the items on the floor, his face still looked tamed, but suddenly, a flow of smoke rose up from his back.

The white smoke was rising up to Ye Xiao’s face.

The smoke didn’t look heavy. The wind didn’t blow it away. It was such a surprise to Ye Xiao. The smoke was about to touch Ye Xiao, and the others stared at him and loathed him.

That was such an abrupt attack! Ye Xiao was surprised. Nobody could have seen it coming.

The white smoke looked normal. It smelled like nothing. However, it was a famous poison in the Limitless Ocean, which was called the Red Bone Smoke.

It was cruel and complicated to make the Red Bone Smoke. First, a level-nine Faery Origin Stage cultivator should eat thirty-six different poisons. Once he was about to die after the poisons burst inside his body, the man should be killed by a palm hit. The dead man’s bones would become red after being affected by those poisons. After that, the redbones should be burned into ashes. The smoke from that fire was the Red Bone Smoke.

The special smoke had two special uses. When a man breathed the smoke in, even a Saint Origin Stage cultivator wouldn’t be able to resist its effect. The man would lose his power and die after a couple of hours.

Even if that man’s reflexes were fast and he was able to avoid breathing the smoke into his body, the smoke would affect his skin. His skin would then decay, and the effect would spread to every part of his body. There was no cure to save a poisoned man.

The slim man, who was called Big Brother Sun, was famous for his poisonous attack. He had killed so many people before he successfully made the Red Bone Smoke.

At this moment, with a well thought out plan, he abruptly made the poison attack in such a short distance…

How could Ye Xiao escape this strike?

As Big Brother Sun released the smoke, he immediately moved backward. The Red Bone Smoke was domineering… He didn’t have the cure, so he must make sure he wouldn’t be affected. As he was sure he was safe, he started to laugh. He raised up his head to check his glorious victory.

However, a man flashed over, and the next moment, a white palm attack hit him right on the forehead.

Big Brother Sun didn’t even see clearly who it was, and he was hit away in a haze… Before he touched the floor, another palm attack hit him… He was spinning in the air like a spinning-top…

One after another palm hit…

The others were all shocked…

The white smoke didn’t hit the target… It kept flying ahead to the forest… After moving for almost a thousand feet, somebody exclaimed after being hit by that smoke…

It was somebody hiding in the forest… How unfortunate… He got hit by the smoke…

People around that dying man in the forest started to shout and cry for help…

After a while, these men all became purulence…

People on the other side saw it clearly. Big Brother Sun had made a perfect sneak attack. The white smoke rushed out abruptly. It was definitely going to hit Ye Xiao. However, when the smoke was about to touch Ye Xiao’s face, Ye Xiao disappeared. When he appeared again, he was already in front of Big Brother Sun, and he slapped Sun on the forehead with a clear sound…

After that, Big Brother Sun became a spinning-top spinning in the air… Ye Xiao had given him enough energy to keep spinning and flying!

While beating Sun, Ye Xiao said loudly, “Bastard! You shouldn’t have ruined this! I treated you as a man, yet you crawled your own dog path away… Bastard… You threw the items on the floor, trying to attack me if I get down to pick them up… F*ck… I knew it, so you made that smoke attack… You assh*le…”

He kept cursing Big Brother Sun, and Big Brother Sun’s body became a wrecked bag.

With the last palm hit, Ye Xiao broke Big Brother Sun’s body into several pieces… His head was rolling out like a ball after flying out a hundred feet…

Nobody dared to make a sound.

One man felt his legs weak, and his face turned yellow. His pants were wet, and it didn’t smell good.

‘Why does a young lord like that have more experience than us?’

“Anybody else? Does anyone want to play tricks? I don’t mind. I don’t!” Ye Xiao fiercely shouted.

“No… No… Please… My lord… Have mercy.”

“Well, that is the right choice. What are you waiting for? Gather everybody and give me everything valuable you have! Take me to your treasury! Bastards! You definitely have a treasury! Bandits! The ones who will dare say one more disrespectful word will die like that one!”

Ye Xiao shouted at them while he searched the men one by one. After that, he went to the places of these gangs one by one.

“You! Yes, you! Take me to the next gang!”

“Hurry up!”

“Take me to the next!”

“Are there no more gangs around? Are you sure?”

“Bullsh*t! This is a huge area! Are you telling me that these are all the gangs? How dare you try to rob me with such a few people? This is ridiculous! You f*cking wasted my time!”

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