Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 1523 - Exact by Force

Chapter 1523: Exact by Force

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‘Why is this old f*cker so lucky? He is a powerful cultivator, and that kid is just a level-four Faery Origin Stage cultivator. How does he know about the old bastard’s physical condition?!’

‘The old man got a bottle of extremely valuable dan beads by putting on some simple disguise!’

‘This is so unfair!’

‘Those are some extraordinary dan beads… I want some…’

Song was so annoyed.

In fact, what made him jealous was not only the supreme dan beads, but also… the trust, and the relationship.

Song wanted to say something to show Ye Xiao how he was willing to join the Monarch’s Hall. He couldn’t let Master Guan got all the benefits alone. However, before he said anything, Master Guan said, “Prime Leader, we have defeated the Gray Parasol Sword Sect, and we are taking their territory… Don’t you want to go and see how it goes? With you with our people, they will be more spirited!”

Ye Xiao smiled and said, “I don’t think we need that. Each of the leaders of the Monarch’s Hall must be able to perfectly get things done. If I have to join every small mission like this, the Monarch’s Hall will never be great.”

“I trust Meng Youjiang. He will draw a perfect end to the battle.” Ye Xiao blandly smiled and said, “If I go with them, Meng Youjiang will have to pay attention to me. I am the Prime Leader, but I am not going to control everything. I want everyone to do what they think is best…”

“That is a good composition.”

“I am at the top of the power system, so what I need to do is to give everybody the stage they need. That is enough.” Ye Xiao said, “I won’t stick my hand into everything, because it tires me, and exhausts everybody! We don’t need that!”

After that, Ye Xiao politely ended the conversation. He said, “Master Song, I will hold a feast to celebrate the victory tonight. Please come. You, Master Guan, and I, we can have some good drinks. This is an official invitation.”

Master Song looked weird, and coldly said, “Aren’t you afraid that I will just drink, eat, and take as much as I want, but refuse to help you?”

Ye Xiao laughed and waved his hand, leaving without saying a word.

He said nothing, not a single word. However, he had shown his attitude.

‘I would love to have you on my side, but I don’t have to get you on-board.’

‘If you want to come, you will be most welcomed. If you don’t, it won’t hurt us.’

‘I have my own plan for the future. We won’t stop because of somebody’s absence.’

Ye Xiao left. Bu Xiangfeng showed up quietly and followed Ye Xiao. In the end, they both disappeared in the Hall of Life and Death.

The Dark Evil Spirit and Bai Long were like two door-gods, guarding the entrance of the Hall of Life and Death.

It was all silent.

Song stayed silent for a while. Master Guan looked proud.

Ye Xiao left his laugh to answer the question. It showed his confidence, which shocked Master Song, and made Master Guan proud!

“Thank you.” Master Song sighed. He seemed frustrated and regretful.

Ye Xiao cared about Master Guan’s health, because of what?

He was a grateful man!

He had power, wisdom, a strong sense of responsibility, passion, caring, and ambition…

He was just like all the conquerors in the history of the Human Realm Upon Heavens!

“Just take the bottle out and show me what they look like!” Song fiercely said to Master Guan, but in a low voice.”

“Why should I? Do you always ask for other’s help so impolitely?” Master Guan turned around and said, “That belongs to me!”

“You!” Song was so angry!

“Humph!” Master Guan humphed and then slowly took out the jade bottle. He picked one dan bead out and handed it to Song. “Here. You got lucky today!”

Song hurriedly took it and angrily said, “Come on, be careful! You know how valuable it is!”

He took the dan bead and carefully put it into his pocket. He humphed and said, “You are not as stupid as I thought. If you dare to keep them to yourself, I will make sure you suffer.”

Master Guan rolled up his eyes and said, “Come on. Stop acting like an idiot. We all know what this is about! He gave me the dan beads in front of you because he wanted me to give you one.”

“Otherwise, he wouldn’t give the dan beads to me when you are around. Don’t you think? Why did he have to show the dan beads before your eyes? Besides, two of these dan beads make a perfect combination. Why would he give me two? You are an idiot, not me!”

Song’s face turned red, and he said, “Humph. I didn’t ask him to do this.”

“Well, it is your decision to make!” Master Guan smiled and said, “You want to turn him down? Fine. You know what? You are not going to have the second dan bead if you don’t ask for it! You are such a moron. Don’t tell others that I know you because it disgraces me!”

Song was so angry that he almost beat Master Guan up.

After a long time.

“Guan, why did he do this? What do you think?”

“Really? You don’t see it? You are more and more an idiot as you grow older!”

“Fine! You are the best! Come on… Just tell me something.”

“Okay. Let’s talk about it when available!”

“I am available now. Come on, tell me something.”

“You idiot! I mean when I am available.”

“You f*cker!”


“It is rendering timely help to give us these dan beads…”

Master Song sighed.

Master Guan stayed silent for a while and said, “Yes, it is.”

“First of these dan beads provides five hundred years. In fact, five hundred years doesn’t really mean anything for people like us.”

“That is right.”

“However, because of all the years we have been through, there are damages inside us, which can not be repaired. Nobody and nothing can resist it.”

“That’s right!”

“Especially the inner organs, they are getting older and older, and there is nothing we can do to stop it.”

“That’s true.”

“After all we have been through in the martial world, we still look tough, but in fact, we are wounded inside. One breakdown could kill us at any second.”

“That is right.”

“With this dan bead, we can cure all the interior wounds! We won’t need to worry about being hurt inside the body. We will be at the prime of our lives! We will be in the best condition.”

“That is right.”

“That is not all. The most magnificent thing about this dan bead is that it heals the emotional wounds. That is the most unbelievable and magnificent part about it, which made it irreplaceable.”

Master Song had been speaking excitedly, and Master Guan just sighed. He slowly said, “We both have lived so many years… You know that the most unbearable wounds are always emotional wounds… We have seen too much death after all.”

“No matter how powerful a man is, as he grows older and older, he will have his family, his children someday… Not all his children are materials for cultivation, and not everyone can walk far enough in the path of cultivation…”

“Those who don’t belong to the world of martial art always lived for only decades, no longer than two hundred years… They always die young…”

“In fact, even those talented ones, who are good at cultivation, may get killed while traveling the martial world…”

“I have lived so many years… Every two years, there was chaos… The world is changing…”

“My heart is broken…”

“Our power will support us and keep us alive for a long time. However, some of us will die someday… We have hidden wounds in our bodies. We have enemies who may kill us with a sneaky attack… There are all kinds of reasons to die. You know it.”

Song raised his head and said in a sorrowful voice, “That’s true… We… We have lived more and had enough time. We don’t really want to live any longer… After watching so many people die, we don’t want to see it anymore.”

Master Guan said in a low voice, “That’s right!

“Well, this dan bead will ease the pain brought by the emotional wounds!”

“It will help you let go of the past that has been torturing you inside your heart. You will be refreshed and full with power again!”

“That is why this dan bead is so valuable! This is priceless!”

The two old men stayed silent, both lost in thoughts.

“Old Guan, every one of these three dan beads is extremely precious. I think you should just eat one at a time. If you eat them both, it will be such a waste.” Song looked at Master Guan and said.

Master Guan stayed silent for a while and then said in a low voice, “I know. I will wait.”

‘He will wait!’

Master Song was shocked. He couldn’t believe it.

“If the Old Third doesn’t agree to join us… well, I will still give him this dan bead.” Master Guan raised up his head and said, “However, it will be much better if he agrees to help. I don’t want to wait too long.”

Song was shocked for a while, and then he made a long sigh.

“I should go and do what I should do now. I have taken the dan bead, and I owe him too much. It is always difficult to return a favor that is too big. I guess I will just do my best for him.” Song turned around and walked away.

As he walked a few steps away, he paused and looked back. He wanted to say something but didn’t. In the end, he just left silently.

The shadow of his back seemed to be lonely and bleak.

Master Guan looked at the back of Song. He wanted to say something as well, but he didn’t say anything either. Even though there was so much he wanted to say, he could only make a sigh instead.

The Old Third used to be the head of one clan of the seven clans. He was about the same age as the two old men. The Old Third had never decided to support the descendant of the great Ye Clan…

Song knew that Master Guan had totally stood on Ye Xiao’s side now.

No matter what it was about, Master Guan would only think of it for the best of the Monarch’s Hall… All he wanted was to get more benefits for the Monarch’s Hall and Ye Xiao.

If the Old Third agreed to follow the great ancestor’s instruction, Master Guan would give the Old Third the great dan bead in the name of Ye Xiao.

If the Old Third didn’t support Ye Xiao, Master Guan would still give him the dan bead, but in his own name.

The result wouldn’t be changed, but the meaning of that dan bead was totally different!

Master Song was standing at the gate of the Monarch’s Hall. He was looking at the great Fortress of Trees that showed up within one night like a miracle. He was lost.

It seemed he could see the young man in white clothes commanding his army to conquer the world!

‘The City of Chaos will be in true chaos.’

‘The Limitless Ocean will be in true chaos because of the City of Chaos!’

‘The Human Realm Upon Heavens…’

Master Song shook his head and left. On the way back, he kept thinking of the words.

Ye Clan’s Blood; Red Sky!

‘When he goes out of the City of Chaos… It is very possible that he will stain the sky with the blood in the battlefields…’

He spoke to himself in his head.

The City of Chaos was still in chaos. Powerful forces in the city kept fighting for territories.

Almost nobody noticed that there was a new force that was growing stronger and stronger.

That was the Monarch’s Hall!

Within one night, the Gray Parasol Sword Sect was wiped out. The territory of the Gray Parasol Sword Sect was taken over by the Monarch’s Hall in full!

The Gray Parasol Sword Sect was not very powerful, so they had only occupied about eight big houses. The good thing was that the eight houses were somehow connecting each other. It was easy to make the eight houses into a whole piece of land.

However, the bad thing was that this place was far from the Monarch’s Hall.

Considering the scale of the Monarch’s Hall, it will be too luxurious to take this place as a sub-branch of the Monarch’s Hall. However, they couldn’t just ignore the place. They had just taken it over, and it was a waste to give it up. If they let it go, other forces will snatch it immediately!

It was a problem, but they solved it.

Perhaps, Ye Xiao was too incredibly lucky, or it was the good luck of the main character in a story. Two sects were occupied; the place between the Monarch’s Hall and the Gray Parasol Sword Sect. People in these two sects had seen the power of the Monarch’s Hall, and they knew they would be in the middle of the headquarters and the sub-branch of the Monarch’s Hall.

If the Monarch’s Hall started a fight against them, they would definitely lose the battle!

No matter what, they didn’t want war… Surrounded by the Monarch’s Hall, the two sects were both terrified! It was such a torture!

The headquarters and the sub-branch of the Monarch’s Hall…

They felt like having needles pointing at their back all the time!

When Ye Xiao offered them money and resources for the territories, the two sects were unexpectedly cooperative…

“Do you really want to buy our land? Great!”

“You want all? Great!”

“Ten thousand purple spirit coins? Great!”

“Should we leave tomorrow morning? Yes? Great!”

Meng Youjiang was sent to the two sects to negotiate, and he was ready to start a fight.

However, things went unexpectedly smoothly…

‘How come the forces in the City of Chaos are so cooperative now?’

Meng Youjiang wondered.

“Idiot! You are such an idiot!” Meng Youjiang’s wife, Rong Ke’er, was mad at her husband. “Why are you so stupid? Even those ignorant guys out there can understand why! Why can’t you be just a little smarter? You know what? The Dark Wind Mountain must be really lucky to stay safe under your lead!”

Meng Youjiang was confused, and he said, “What? What are you talking about? Why is it related to the Dark Wind Mountain? What do you mean?”

“What? Did you just ask me what it meant? Oh my heavens! You are such an idiot!” Rong Ke’er held her forehead and felt frustrated. “Let me ask you one thing! Do you think the Monarch’s Hall needs you to negotiate for a deal? You, a rough man? You don’t take responsibility for negotiation, do you? You are the head of the Department of Battle, aren’t you? Am I right?”

“Yes, you are right, but… What is the matter?” Meng Youjiang was still lost.

“You are unbelievably stupid!” Rong Ke’er angrily shouted and said, “The Prime Leader sends you to negotiate because he wants the two sects to know that we are here with our weapons in hand! Do you understand? When they see you, the head of the Department of Battle, come to negotiate, they know what this is about!”

“Your presence is telling them that we will kill them if they don’t agree with us! They have to agree, or they will die in the fight! Do you understand?”

“They knew how cruel the situation was for them, didn’t they? You come to negotiate means we are putting the sword on their throats. If they go and leave the place for us, we will spare their lives and give them money! That is an offer they cannot resist!”

“They realized that we were able to kill them all, and if they agreed to sell their territory to us, they wouldn’t die, and they could get a lot of money for it… That was more than they could expect! Why would they hesitate? Why are you so confused?”

Rong Ke’er rolled up her eyes and felt really mad about it.

“Well… I just… You know… Ten thousand purple spirit coins seem to be quite a little… This is a big piece of land after all…” Meng Youjiang rubbed his head.

“A little? Come on! I am done with explaining more about it! How can you ask such a stupid question? That was such a waste of time to talk to you. Look! Truth to be told, the Prime Leader must be too rich. I think that is the only reason why he would give them ten thousand purple spirit coins! Think about it! Even if we offer the two sects one white spirit coin, they would still agree! They would still feel happy and grateful! Do you understand? You idiot!” Rong Ke’er angrily turned around and said, “You are such a pig-head!”

Meng Youjiang’s face turned red, and he tried to be serious. “Hey! Language! At least show me some respect in front of my subordinates… Please…”

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