Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 973: ???'s Void Heart

Chapter 973: ???'s Void Heart

After Sorkoza spoke, Izroth walked around the treasure room and inspected the items closely.

With his Appraisal and Deep Insight skills, Izroth could see through many of the items in the treasure room and uncover any hidden secrets.

By the time he examined every item in the treasure room, Izroth swiftly narrowed down his selection to three items.

On the surface, these items were not that much different from the other treasures present. But they all had one thing in common—Izroth was unable to see through them with his skills.

This meant that all three items were of the highest quality among those in the treasure rooms.

Between the three items, there was one in particular that caught Izroth's attention the most.

Izroth approached one of the item platforms that contained what appeared to be a black pearl.

This black pearl was encompassed in an unusual aura, which made it so that when one looked directly at it, one would see a series of strange phenomena that should not exist in the Mortal Realm. However, the most bizarre part was that Izroth could sense that this black pearl was not playing tricks on his mind. Rather, these phenomena were genuine.

'This pearl... There's no mistaking it. But this shouldn't be possible. How can there be traces of the Law of Void in this item?'

The reason the black pearl caught Izroth's eye had to do with the faint traces of the Law of Void he felt coming from the item. However, it did not make any sense.

According to the Wiseman of Everpeak, Kryxelsia, the Law of Void could only be contained by items that were of the divine rank. But, Izroth was certain that the item before him, despite its mysterious nature, had not reached the divine rank. So, how was it possible that it contained traces of the Law of Void?

'An item below the divine rank that can contain the Law of Void should not exist in the Mortal Realm. If that's the case, there has to be another explanation.'

Izroth hit a roadblock with his Boundless Emperor Void Perfection skill. Since the skill required the Law of Void to progress, Izroth was stuck in a difficult place. This was due to the fact that the Law of Void, while technically existing everywhere, was one of the most challenging laws to find in nature.

In RML, there was a place known as "The Void". There was not much known about this place besides the fact that it was seemingly endless and not bound by the laws of the world.

However, even if it could not be bound by the laws of the world, it could still be influenced by them. That's why even though it existed separately from the other laws of the world, it still remained possible for individuals to tap into its power.

For example, while it was on a much smaller scale, Zi Yi's class, Void Seeker, utilized the Law of Void in its class skills.

Izroth's skill, however, did not simply borrow power from The Void. Instead, it consumed The Void itself and ruled over it with absolute authority.

Being able to manipulate and flawlessly control the endless and vast power of The Void at will—this is how the heavenly law got its name, Boundless Emperor Void Perfection.

Izroth swiftly gathered his thoughts and reached a decision.

'There is a high chance that this item may not contain the genuine Law of Void, but there is still the possibility that a connection exists between the two. If I am able to find that connection, perhaps it can aid in my search for discovering a stable source of the Law of Void.'

"It looks like you've made up your mind," Sorkoza stated as he walked over next to Izroth.

Izroth did not make an effort to hide his interest in the black pearl, so it did not escape Sorkoza's gaze.

Izroth gave a small nod and said, "Where did you find this item?"

"I found it a long time ago during an expedition I took to the Dark Plains," Sorkoza responded nonchalantly.

'Oh? The Dark Plains?'

To the north lay the Endless Mountain Range, the south a vast sea, the east the Wild Lands, and to the west—the Dark Plains. This was common knowledge to the residents of the Mortal Realm.

But, although he knew of its existence, Izroth had never been to the Dark Plains or any of the other places that lay beyond the boundary of the kingdoms.

'As I recall, the Dark Plains is a place filled with evil creatures and unfit to sustain normal life. There is also the other thing, but... It could just be the results of an old folklore that was misinterpreted.'

The Dark Plains was not only known as a brutal place to journey through. It was also believed to house a certain legendary "key".

Even though it was called a key, in actuality, it was said to be a gate or portal. Regardless of its true form, its purpose did not change as it led those who found it to a place known as the Underworld.

"I have tried for years to unlock its secrets; however, it eludes me. Human, I am saying this for your own good, you should pick another item. If you choose to ignore my warning, then, in the future, do not say that I scammed you because you decided to pick this thing. I will say this now, once we trade, the exchange will be final." Sorkoza cautioned sternly.

If even he could not solve the mysteries of this black pearl, what chance did some young human have?

While it was true that this human was not the same as those inexperienced brats he often crossed paths with in the past, it was still beyond his current means to unlock this item's secrets.

"It's fine. I've already decided on this item. As for what happens in the future—there is no need to be concerned. Since it was my choice, naturally, I will live with it." Izroth confirmed.

He then continued, "Besides, if even I cannot unlock its mysteries, I fear that no one else in this world may be capable of doing so."

'Well, I suppose those two would have a good chance as well.'

"Hmph, what arrogance. So be it. Sometimes, it is beneficial to experience the harshness life renders. Since you wish to tread upon that path, I will not stop you." Sorkoza said as he made a simple gesture with his hand.

The moment he performed this action, the case around the black pearl lowered as the magic formation that protected it deactivated.

When the magic formation deactivated, a boundless aura filled the treasure room and caused one to feel as though they were floating in space.

"What is this strange feeling? It's like I'm being pulled toward an unstoppable force." Ranazera thought to herself with furrowed brows as she tried her best to maintain her balance.

Izroth waved his hand over the black pearl and placed it into his inventory. Simultaneously, he received an alert from the system.

〈System Alert: You have received x1 «???'s Void Heart»!〉


After Izroth received the treasure, he handed over the Sphere of Morning Totality to Sorkoza.

For most trades, the other party would be hesitant to exchange an item before getting something in return. However, Izroth knew that the Duke was confident in his ability to ensure that nothing unforeseen transpired.

Not to mention, they were currently deep within the Duke's palace—a place protected by numerous magic formations. Why would he fear receiving the short end of the stick in such a favorable exchange?

Once Izroth concluded his trade with Duke Sorkoza, the Duke led them back to the entrance of the main palace.

When they arrived, Valga emerged from the ground and greeted the Duke.

"Have you finished making the necessary preparations?" Sorkoza questioned.

"Yes, Lord Sorkoza. Everything is in place. We may depart at any time." Valga answered respectfully.

Sorkoza looked over at Izroth and said, "Valga will escort you and the sixth princess safely to the border of my territory. Once you arrive, our deal will have officially come to an end. In the future, I hope that you do not cause any trouble at the borders of my territory."

"Rest assured, I never willingly invite trouble upon myself," Izroth said in a carefree manner.

'It's just that trouble somehow always seems to find me.'


Approximately 15 minutes later...

Izroth and Ranazera had already taken their leave from the Duke's palace.

So that they did not have to walk through the city, the Duke used his Void Curtains and provided them with a path directly outside the city.

"Hey, why didn't the Duke just use that teleportation ability to take us to the outer edge of his territory?" Ranazera inquired.

Of course, this question was not directed at Izroth. Rather, it was asked to the one acting as their escort, the Vretis skounae, Valga.

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