Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 72 Obtaining The Moonstone Gem

"It just doesn't make any sense. It's too soon for a territory to be available, especially this early into the game. Something doesn't add up." One of the captains who went by the name of Abstract gave their opinion on the matter.

From the voice alone, one would have a difficult time telling if Abstract was a male or female. Their figure and face were also well hidden due to the assassin style cloak Abstract was wearing.

The guild leader, vice-guild leader, and the other six captains all agreed on that point. It was baffling to them that a territory would reveal itself this soon to be claimed. According to their knowledge and research, it should not be for at least another six to eight weeks until the first small territory would be up for grabs.

However, a part of them did not want to completely dismiss the possibility. After all, if it was true and they ignored it, all the players present would feel endless regret if another guild managed to claim it before them.

There were many benefits to owning a territory, that as a top guild, Blue Oasis would be more than capable of taking full advantage of those benefits. A steady and stable source of income from the taxes, being able to set up a base of operations, and most importantly they would be the first guild to do so!

Most players did not remember the name of the person who did something second or third, but rather those who took action first. If Blue Oasis could indeed claim the first piece of territory then it would put their reputation in RML a step above that of the other top guilds.

"I am sure I speak for everyone present when I say that we all have some doubts about this." The one who spoke this time was the guild leader who was known by the name Asgard.

He was a handsome man who appeared to be in his early to mid-twenties with short black hair, dark green eyes, and he gave off the aura of someone that people naturally wanted to show their respect to.

"Therefore, I wish to assign this task to Niflheim. After all, Vanter is under his command and he was the one that came across this information. If he finds undisputable proof that what Vanter says is true then... We'll mobilize every single member of Blue Oasis that we have to claim that territory. I assume no one objects to these arrangements?"

Everyone remained silent to show their approval. This matter was too delicate to discuss over long range channels and therefore had to be discussed in person. Normally, the gathering of all seven captains was an incredibly rare event.

If the matter wasn't so important, then no one would have come to this meeting. No one wanted to waste time chatting when they could be leveling up. If Niflheim did not have the trust and respect of his guild leader and fellow captains, then it would have also not been possible.

Niflheim stood to his feet, "I'll start immediately. Leader, vice-leader, everyone." Niflheim gave a respectful nod to his fellow guild members before turning his head to Vanter and signaling with his eyes that it was time to leave. All of the other captains also stood to their feet getting ready to leave.

"Ah, wait for a second Niflheim." The guild leader approached Niflheim just as he neared the door.

"You have another task for me?" Niflheim stopped to face the guild leader.

The guild leader shook his head, "That's not it. I'm sure you've heard the rumors too, right? That player you met back in Opal Town hasn't made any big displays lately. Could it be your intuition was wrong this time?"

Niflheim was silent for a moment, however, he soon responded with a small grin on his face. "Leader, I'm never wrong when it comes to trusting my guts. If you were there in person you would understand better. That guy... He's one of those hidden dragon types without question."


Izroth palm shot out in multiple directions, striking all eight of the Inglipsm Crystal Walkers he was currently in a fight against. Using the skill Myriad Elusive Palms, Izroth struck the area just on the back of the monster's heads.

Izroth already cleared out fifteen out of twenty of the groups and was at the moment, facing off against his sixteenth group. Although each monster only gave 800 EXP, after defeating an entire group of Inglipsm Crystal Walkers, Izroth earned 6,400 EXP.

Thanks to the effects of his Equalizer skill, that amount was doubled to 12,800 EXP. So far, he managed to obtain a grand total of over 190,000 EXP and level up 3 times in the process!

However, Izroth's temporary passive skill Equalizer finally ran out after he defeated the fifteenth group of monsters. Also, once he reached level 20 the amount of EXP required to level up made a huge jump.

While he was below level 20, even if he gained a level the EXP required to progress to the next level only went up by a couple thousand. But, once Izroth reached level 20 the EXP value went up by at least 30,000 EXP per level. That was a large difference in the way the EXP was scaling!

Having fought against over one hundred of these creatures, Izroth had already uncovered the best possible method of dealing with them and became aware of their vital points and attack patterns.

If the creatures were too close to the Moonstone Gem located at the center of the room, they would constantly regenerate HP. Izroth also had to lure some of the groups further away from the Moonstone Gem while avoiding other monsters, therefore, it took him a while to properly clear out fifteen groups.

However, after getting the hang of it and with the number of total monsters decreasing, it was becoming much easier to maneuver around the room freely.

«Critical Hit»




'At this rate, the Heavenly Golden Body physique will reach the next stage after I clear out this batch of monsters. Even though its taken a bit longer than excepted, it should not be much longer now.'

The Inglipsm Crystal Walkers were incredibly fast and agile. The power behind their attacks was not the scariest part, but rather the poison they released. Having to face eight of these creatures at the same time would be a nightmare for any party, especially if the party was unprepared.

Even Izroth was hit by their poison a few times in the first few fights. This was because the creatures had different ways to release the poison from their bodies. Though after going through all of the different variations and tricky ways that the Inglipsm Crystal Walkers could release their poison, Izroth had not been hit by it since then.

Although the Inglipsm Crystal Walkers HP was not as much as the Yellow-Razored Kryrco Sharks or even a level 15 Mountain Golem, its scales seemed to provide a decent amount of defense. Izroth knew this because he was doing less damage overall to these creatures than the Yellow-Razored Kryrco Shark earlier. His guess is that they most likely have a physical resistance passive skill.

After whittling away the Inglipsm Crystal Walkers HP, it dropped low enough for Izroth to make his next move. He slashed outward with his Blade of Lightning as it unleashed an oppressive aura.

He used the skill First Baneful Sword: Destruction and sliced one of the Inglipsm Crystal Walkers on the lower part its back near its tail.

«Critical Hit»


〈Battle Alert: The cooldown time for your skill «First Baneful Sword: Destruction» has been reset.〉

Just as Izroth finished executing his attack against the Inglipsm Crystal Walker, one of the other creatures bolted towards him with its sharp claws swiping at his head. Many of the other monsters also launched out at Izroth during his attack, but he had already grown accustomed to their attack patterns.

Izroth had his eyes closed as he leaned slightly to the left, evading the first incoming attack. He wanted to rely on his other senses as he felt himself breaking through to the next stage of his Heavenly Golden Body physique.

When the First Baneful Sword: Destruction cooldown time reset, Izroth instantly swung his blade to meet yet another one of the Inglipsm Crystal Walkers and eliminated it in the process.


The creature cried out before falling over motionless. Izroth would repeat this process until all eight of the monsters were successfully eliminated.


When his Blade of Lightning sliced through the last remaining Inglipsm Crystal Walker from that group, Izroth received a system alert. It was the alert he had been waiting for since he began his fight against the creatures.

〈System Alert: Congratulations, the skill «Heavenly Golden Body» has increased by +1 level.〉

Skill Name: Heavenly Golden Body

Skill Creator: Izroth

Skill Level: 2/10

Skill Rank: S

Passive: The more the user of this skill battles the stronger their body becomes, permanently raising all of their stats. Enhances all user senses by 110%.

Current Stat Buff:

HP: 500

ATK: 50

DEF: 50

AGI: 50

Description: A skill created by Izroth, the more the user battles the stronger they become over time.

Special Effect: This skill cannot be leveled up using skill points, the user must experience many battles to further advance.

Izroth could feel a refreshing feeling flowing throughout his entire body as he broke through to the next stage of the Heavenly Golden Body physique.

'Even though it only increased my senses by 10%, the effects should be greater since I've consumed the Five Cycles Pill. The stat increase is somewhere around what I predicted it would be.'

Overall, Izroth was satisfied with the end results. Although there was much more to the Heavenly Golden Body physique, he was currently at the early stage of it. The more he advanced, the more his Heavenly Golden Body physique would show its true power.

Izroth scanned the room for the four remaining groups of Inglipsm Crystal Walkers. Even if his Equalizer skill already ended, he would not give up such a nice source of EXP. He charged over towards the remaining groups of monsters and finished clearing out the rest of them.

In the end, he obtained 25,600 EXP from the last four groups. As for coins, each creature only gave Izroth 20 bronze coins. Therefore, he earned a total of 32 silver coins. Unfortunately, the monsters did not drop any additional items or equipment that he could use or sell.

Izroth then looked over in the direction of the Moonstone Gem. He walked over to it and reached out his hand to grab it. As soon as he touched the gem, it vanished from within the large crystal and appeared inside of his inventory.

〈System Alert: You have received x1 «Moonstone Gem». The item has been added to your inventory.〉

Name: Moonstone Gem(Dungeon Item)

Rank: None

Usage: This Moonstone Gem releases a strong aura which causes white crystals to form around it in great quantities. When used together with its counterparts the Sapphire Gem and Aquamarine Gem, it allows its possessor to pass through one of the deepest levels of the Underwater World.

Special Note: By itself, this gem does not have any value or use. If this gem leaves the Sea Palace Graveyard, it will be destroyed.

'With this, I have two out of three of the gems required to venture into the deeper levels of the Sea Palace Graveyard. Now, all that I'm missing is the Aquamarine Gem.'

Not too far ahead of Izroth located on the opposite side of the room, was an underwater geyser similar to the one he used to arrive inside of this cavern. He'd already examined the surrounding area and realized that when he grabbed onto the Moonstone Gem, the geyser activated and started erupting upward at certain intervals.

Izroth moved over towards the geyser stepped onto it. A few seconds later it pushed him upward through a long tunnel.

It did not take long for him to reach the exit. He was shot out of the geyser and landed safely on his feet. He did not receive a new region alert from the system, therefore, he must still be within Nerita's Cavern.

'Why does this place feel so restricting?'

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