Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 67 Calder, The Seahorse Knigh

The area within the rainbow-colored reef was very spacious once inside, despite their average sized outward appearance. Different color lights matching that of a rainbow were continually flowing within the walls like a pulsating heartbeat. It was as if the rainbow-colored coral itself was alive.

When Izroth entered into the opening that was above him, he spotted three tiny fish just up ahead. They were no bigger than the palm of his hand. The three tiny fish were floating not too far from the top of the tunnel-like construct and were swimming in a continuous circle, it was almost mesmerizing.

Izroth furrowed his brows as he continued to swim upward in the direction of the three tiny fish. There was definitely something strange about this place. When he reached the top of the tunnel-like construct, the fish did not bother attacking him and just continued to swim in a circle.

Name: Rainbow Coral Fish(Normal)

Level: 1

HP: 50/50

ATK: 10

DEF: 0

AGI: 5

Even though these fish appeared to be harmless at first glance, it was better to be certain of it. Izroth cut through one of the Rainbow Coral Fish and it instantly died. He did not receive any EXP or items from it, most likely due to the large level gap between him and the sea creature.

The other two fish, even after seeing their companion be sliced in half, did not stop swimming in a circle.

Izroth eliminated the other two Rainbow Coral Fish and advanced onward.

A few moments later, Izroth's head left the surface of the water and he was in a normal air filled atmosphere. However, he was still inside of the rainbow-colored coral. He knew this because the effects of the Merfolk Scale were still present.

Izroth leaped out of the water and landed safely onto the area just before a huge circular platform.

He gazed up at the ceiling and found that he was actually inside of a giant bubble. However, there were numerous holes within the bubble, but it did not show any signs of popping. It was also strange how the water was unable to flow freely into this area. It was most likely due to magic.

Standing at the far end of the huge circular platform was a man with well-defined muscles standing at least 2.5 meters tall. He had long blonde hair with streaks of gray running through it that stopped halfway down his back. Shiny rainbow-colored scales were covering his arms and legs.

Sat upon his the man's back was a golden trident. It gave off an aura that was many times stronger than the tridents the Sea Palace Guards used. A silver chain was attached to the bottom of the golden trident and was curled around the entire right arm of the man.

Izroth observed the man on the other side of the platform who resembled the statue of the man on top of the seahorse-like creature he viewed atop the arc-shaped coral.

Name: Calder, The Seahorse Knight(Boss)

Level: 22

HP: 32,000 (100%)

Izroth jumped up onto the platform and as soon as he did, Calder struck the area beneath himself with the bottom end of his golden trident.

"Surface dweller, this is the domain of Kashysh. After countless years of fighting an endless battle, I would have let you return to your surface world unharmed, however, I smell the blood of my brethren on your hands. For that, do not think of leaving this place with your life."

The gigantic bubble began to shake violently and water began to slowly pour out of the various openings that lead into the bubble. Though, the amount was almost negligible compared to the size of the bubble. At the rate it was entering into the gigantic bubble, it would take hours to even fill it up halfway with water.

Izroth already had his Blade of Lightning unsheathed and was prepared for the battle ahead of him. Even if Calder was willing to let him go if he hadn't killed his brethren, he would not let a boss monster slip away from his grasp.

The silver chain wrapped around Calder's arm unraveled as he grabbed ahold of the golden trident placed upon his back. He then stretched right arm back in a throwing position as a light yellow colored energy coated the golden trident.

This was one attack Izroth would not try to test how much damage it dealt. He could not afford to be careless, especially with so many unknown variables present. He immediately started to dash in a diagonal angle, closing the distance between himself and Calder without running in a straight line towards him.


After a full second passed, Calder hurled the golden trident at Izroth. It seemed as if the weapon was tearing through the air itself inside of the gigantic bubble as the light yellow energy was rotating around it.


The golden trident resembled a bolt of lightning striking down from the sky above. However, it barely made any sound, only a very light woosh noise that most players would be unable to detect. But, thanks to Izroth's heightened senses, he picked up the quiet sound as soon as the golden trident left the hand of Calder.

Izroth used that small window of opportunity to abruptly kick off his right foot and change his direction as he was dashing.


The golden trident crashed into the platform where Izroth was just standing at not even half a second ago and created a small crater around the size of a bowl. While it may not seem that impressive or powerful to most, Izroth knew that the attack Calder just used was incredibly powerful.

There was no way a boss monster would have such mediocre attack when the level of the Yellow-Razored Kryrco Shark he fought just moments ago had at least 500 attack.

Lingering at the center of the small crater was a light yellow energy.

'It was a good decision not to try and parry that attack. The level of energy concentrated into it was not a small amount.'

The attack was so compressed together that if the bottom side of this platform was within sight, there would be a giant hole the size of at least a quarter of this large circular platform.

Calder yanked on the chain that he was now holding in his left hand and the golden trident soared into the air heading in his general direction.

However, Calder did not take the golden trident into his hand to toss again but instead, he grabbed a different part of his chain with his right hand and swung the golden trident around rapidly in circles using the chain.

While Calder was swinging around the golden trident, it created a gust of strong wind.


The golden trident pierced down from above, intending to run right through Izroth's head cleanly.

Izroth, however, had other plans as he once again used his keen hearing to determine where the golden trident would strike from and evaded the weapon as it came crashing down at him.

Izroth sped in the direction of Calder and succeeded in closing the distance in between them.

Calder pulled on the chain contacted to his golden trident and as it was returning to him, a sphere of pressurized water appeared in the palm of his hand. He slapped out at Izroth who was now within his melee attack range.

Izroth shifted his body to the side, evading the pressurized water sphere. However, he noticed something strange about that water sphere. But before he could even think about it, he heard a muffled popping sound.


Izroth instinctively moved his Blade of Lightning to the side of his body that was closest to the pressurized water sphere. Not too long after that action, that popping sound turned into an explosion.


The pressurized water sphere exploded just as it passed by Izroth's body. Luckily his reaction time was incredible and he actually managed to block part of the damage.



Even with successfully parrying the blow and the 15% damage reduction provided by the passive skill Blessing of Helilatiaa, Izroth still took nearly 400 damage from one strike. A single attack had taken nearly 30% of his HP away.


The skills that Calder possessed were not displayed as his level was not below 20. However, so far Izroth had discovered three different skills and one of them was surely a passive type.

Izroth remained calm even after losing nearly 30% of his HP and quickly struck out with his right leg like a strike wanting to sink its deadly fangs into its prey. Using the skill Serpent's Bite, Izroth kicked Calder on their right thigh and paralyzed him due to its effect, though the damage the skill dealt itself was not high by any means.


Although his attack barely scratched Calder, using Serpent's Bite accomplished Izroth's main goal of temporarily keeping it in place. The golden trident seemed as if it possessed a will of its own and even though Calder was paralyzed, it still moved toward him.

Izroth used this chance to dish out some major damage of his own. He went straight for the gills located near the lower area of Calder's ribcage with his Blade of Lightning and two shadows that looked like copies of it traveled right behind it.

«Critical Hit»


«Critical Hit»


«Critical Hit»


Each of Izroth's Phantom Strike slashes struck with amazing precision scoring a critical hit with all three strikes. He did not stop his assault there as he continued hacking away at Calder.


Back in the main palace located in Amaharpe, there were six people gathered together in a room usually used for a war council sitting down at a round table. However, the situation this time was so dangerous that the six people here would rather deal with war rather than this potential disaster.

If Izroth was there at the moment, he would immediately recognize two out of six of the individuals. One of them was Terminus while the other person was surprisingly the old man Gear that Izroth had met back in Opal Town who gifted him the skill Flickering Steps.

Amongst the remaining four people were two women and two men.

The whole room was filled with a gloomy atmosphere. There was not a single person within the room without a darkened expression on their face. It was so quiet that one would be able to hear a pin drop.

The one who broke this silence and spoke first was Gear trying to lighten the mood. "What's with all the long faces? We haven't seen in each in years, shouldn't this call for a grand celebration? Hahaha." Gear removed a flask from his jacket pocket and held it up as if he were toasting to everyone in the room before taking a drink.

Terminus shook his head, "The situation this time is too serious to celebrate. Even with the Anivarity's Bell, there's still not a 100% chance of success." Given their current circumstances, it was hard for Terminus to stay optimistic.

One of the women present spoke in a helpless voice, "Isn't that friend of yours a powerful Seer for the goddess Helilatiaa? Can't she ask her for help directly?"

Terminus let out a long sigh, "Impossible. A divine being will not intervene until the seal breaks completely." Though by the time that happened countless lives who have already been lost.

The man who was sitting at the head of the table in the most luxurious chair looked as if he were in deep thought with his eyes closed. A few seconds later he opened them and a look of hope flashed in his eyes. "That's it...!" He abruptly stood up from his chair which surprised everyone.

"Everyone, that portal is opening up soon." The man had nearly forgotten due to the current events, but it was exactly what they needed right now. "However, we are unable to enter due to the power restrictions placed upon that realm. But... We can still send people inside in our place."

Gear, Terminus, and the other three individuals all looked at the man speaking in disbelief. Of course... Why didn't they think of that sooner?! If the people they sent successfully reached the end of that place then along with the power of the Anivarity's Bell, their chances of success would increase by leaps and bounds!

"Yes... Yes of course! But, who do we send?" Terminus was the first to express his approval.

"This..." the man who presented the idea stopped to think for a moment before finally coming to a decision. "Why don't we all choose at least one person to go in our place? Someone with a suitable amount of talent that will raise the overall chance of success."

"You mean-"

"Yes, it is the only way." The man spoke in a firm tone. There was only silence afterward as if everyone was in deep thought.

However, there was one person who was calmly drinking from out of his flask as if he had already decided. That person was Gear.


Izroth had no clue about what was currently taking place in Amaharpe inside the palace. Right now, his attention was focused completely on dealing with Calder.

'I suppose now is as good a time as any to try "that" move.'

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