Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 609 - Awaiting Your Response!

Chapter 609 - Awaiting Your Response!

'It's finally over.'

Solomon spent nearly two hours straight questioning a less than enthusiastic Satoras, and although he managed to get a good deal of information...

'I figured he would take some precautions. Should I have been more thorough? No, I don't think it would have made a difference for someone like him.'

There were questions Solomon asked Satoras that involved some deep secrets of the Nether Realm; however, his response was that he did not know.

Even if Satoras was out of the loop for centuries, these were deeply rooted secrets that someone at the peak of the legendary realm from the Netherworld should know the answers to.

As it turned out, after Satoras regained his freedom, the first thing he did was seal various parts of his memories. The condition to break these seals was that he recovers his strength of a peak legendary realm figure. Although he despised the Netherworld Monarch, Satoras was still someone from the Nether Realm. There were lines he was willing to cross and others that he was not. Betraying his realm by revealing its deepest secrets to a group of outsiders was one of those lines the Death Emperor would not cross.

'Regardless of the circ.u.mstances, we were able to uncover a lot about the Nether Realm. However, our information surrounding the Netherworld Monarch is still practically nonexistent. Just where did they come from?'

Back in the Netherly Swathe, the Death Emperor mentioned that even he was unaware of the Netherworld Monarch's origins. According to him, they just "appeared" in the Nether Realm one day.

'Our paths are bound to cross eventually. Until then, I will have to focus on further increasing my strength.'

From what he heard so far of this Netherworld Monarch, they were on a completely different level from others in the legendary realm. Out of curiosity, Izroth asked Satoras how someone like the Envoy of the Netherworld would fare against the Netherworld Monarch. His answer was one word—Laughable.

'I told him not to cause any trouble and attract too much attention, but I don't know if it's even possible for someone like him. Well, it's fine. For now, it's important that he returns to his previous strength so that he can be of more use to me in the future. Now that I have some time, I can finally sort through this mess.'

〈System Alert: The God of Craft is awaiting your response!〉

〈System Alert: Congratulations, you have completed the War Objective «Siding With The Enemy»!〉

〈System Alert: Your Contribution Points have increased by 300! [Total: 3,090.32]〉

〈System Alert: You have received x1 «Treasure Shard»!〉

〈System Alert: The God of Craft is awaiting your response!〉

〈System Alert: You have discovered a secret link between the Nether Realm and Shadahi Realm! [Reward: +400 Contribution Points, x1 Treasure Shard]〉

〈System Alert: Your Contribution Points have increased by 400! [Total: 3,490.32]〉

〈System Alert: You have received x1 «Treasure Shard»!〉

〈System Alert: Your action has been recorded as a great contribution to the war effort! [Reward: +1,000 Contribution Points]〉

〈System Alert: Your Contribution Points have increased by 1,000! [Total: 4,490.32]〉

〈System Alert: The God of Craft is awaiting your response!〉

〈System Alert...


Over a short span of time, Izroth earned a massive 1,700 contribution points!

'This method of obtaining contribution points is too good to pass up.'

Not too long ago, Izroth spent three days grinding contribution points through various war objectives. Since he was a Captain, he could accept the more challenging war objectives; however, in the end, he only managed to acc.u.mulate roughly 300 contribution points!

'I wonder... Oh? I didn't think I would see their name on here so soon.'

『Top 100 Event Leaderboard:

1st: Izroth - 4,490.32 contribution points

2nd: ??? - 2,225.18 contribution points

3rd: Ewan - 1,000 contribution points』

In third place on the event leaderboard was the guild leader of Cross Haven, Ewan!

While it did not surprise Izroth that Ewan reached the top 100, he did not anticipate him doing so this quickly. However, Izroth was more curious about the mystery person in second place.

Earning 1,000 contribution points this early was already considered an impressive feat. As for Izroth, he understood that his circ.u.mstances were unique.

But, for someone to earn twice the amount as Ewan, one of the top players in RML this fast, two things, in particular, came to Izroth's mind.

'Is it them, or...?'

If the majority of players took a guess as to who was in second place, their answers would probably all be the same—a member of Heaven's Law. This would have also been Izroth's thought process if he had not run into that person at the Sky Palace, the only other player who participated in the second team's selection and claimed second place, Law.

Though Law was likely an alias and not that person's actual player name, nevertheless, if there was one person he believed capable of gaining over 2,000 contribution points that rapidly, it would have to be them.

'They are also hiding their identity this time. As I thought, they have no connection to the top guilds. Still, a person this skilled should be well known, yet... Forget it. Everyone has their reasons, I suppose. When the time comes, naturally, I will receive the answers I seek.'

After gathering his thoughts, Izroth turned his attention to one of the items he acquired from the war objective, as well as for uncovering the secret link between the Nether Realm and Shadahi Realm.

Izroth removed a small sapphire shard from his inventory and examined it closely. From its appearance alone, there was nothing special about it; however, the value of these tiny shards should not be underestimated.

Name: Treasure Shard(Soulbound)

Usage: Collect [2/3] «Treasure Shard» and they will automatically combine to create a special prize!

Special Note: This item is soulbound to its original owner and cannot be traded or sold. This item is automatically destroyed if dropped from the user's inventory.

'I still need to collect one more treasure shard for them to combine. The reward may be vague, but considering the difficulty of obtaining the treasure shards, the prize should be of some value.'

Izroth returned the treasure shard to his inventory. Since it was soulbound, it would remain useless until he collected three. He did not know the specific process to obtaining treasure shards, but if he continued on as he has been, Izroth felt that it was only a matter of time before he gained a third treasure shard.

'Now, I guess I have been it off long enough. Though for a divine being, they sure are impatient.'

〈System Alert: The God of Craft is awaiting your response!〉

Ever since he discovered that hidden truth in the Netherly Swathe, Izroth had been receiving an alert from the system about the God of Craft awaiting his response.

Izroth could not ignore the blessing entirely. After all, he witnessed firsthand how powerful a divine blessing could be during his journey to the Tomb of the Netherworld's Envoy. While most players would happily jump at the opportunity of receiving a divine being's blessing, Izroth was different.

There was no information surrounding what would happen if he accepted the God of Craft's blessing. Would he have to serve their every need? Would there be restrictions? Would he still have his own freedom? There were too many unanswered questions. But, one thing was for certain, and it was that power almost always came with a cost attached.

〈System Alert: The God of Craft senses your doubt!〉

〈System Alert: You feel a mysterious force enter your conscious.〉

"Hey, haven't you been taught that it's impolite to ignore people? Honestly, do you know how much I spent establishing this communication link?" A voice grumbled as it sounded in Izroth's mind.


Izroth's gaze turned cold. He did not appreciate having his mind entered without permission—even if they were a divine being.

"Wah~ Scary, scary. That gaze is scary, man. Just relax and think of this as a mental call that I paid a premium price for. I may be able to sense your thoughts, but I can't directly read your mind if that's what you're worried about." The voice explained.

Izroth relaxed a bit after hearing that, however...

"I don't enjoy having people inside my head, especially those who enter without asking first," Izroth said in a distant tone.

"It couldn't be helped. There are more restrictions than you can possibly imagine when it comes to contact between- Ah, we don't have time for this. I'm sure you have already guessed my identity, but I will still introduce myself. I am called Mazi, but most know me as the God of Craft. I've been wanting to speak with you for quite some time, Izroth." The voice of Mazi stated.

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