Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 60 Apothecary III

"The pill can increase the five senses to such a degree?! This pill is capable of boosting the overall strength of any group if distributed in a large quantity."

"A Charity Leaf could be used in such a manner? Interesting, truly interesting!"

"What's more baffling is how the Yellow Roots and Oak Treant Powder were used in the same pill recipe. Back when I was young and curious, I once tried to find a way to use the two because of the traits they possess compliment each other, but I was unsuccessful. It's similar to trying to combine fire and water."

"Exactly! Those two ingredients if used together could theoretically increase the quality of a pill tremendously. However, that's only in theory so to see it actually done is..."

The few third rank apothecaries were discussing the Five Cycles Pill after listening to Izroth give some details about the creation process. The 1st and 2nd rank apothecaries that had gathered earlier were all dismissed by Physing.

None of them were upset anymore, only regretful that they could not use the opportunity to learn more about that grade-three pill. It was not every day that a grade-three pill appeared within the Apothecary building.

Izroth did not mind sharing the ingredients with the apothecaries. Even if they possessed the exact ingredients, the Five Cycles Pill required a very tricky and specific technique in order to be successfully made.

While the Five Cycles Pill was only considered as a Spirit rank pill that was infinitely close to becoming an Earth rank pill in his previous world, one should not underestimate the difficulty of crafting such a pill.

Izroth withheld certain details to prevent the recipe from being useful to anyone but him as this was something that could potentially be a source of income in the future.

After listening to the apothecaries discussion for around five minutes and answering some questions about the pill, he spoke to Physing, "I hate to interrupt your discussion, but as for the results of the aptitude test..."

Physing gave a loud and joyful laugh before he could finish his sentence. "Young man, such an aptitude test is beneath you. You are already qualified to be a third rank apothecary from the «Five Cycles Pill» alone."

The other third rank apothecaries nodded their head in agreement. Originally they had a difficult time accepting that this was Izroth's first time crafting pills, but the after explaining the process and ingredients — his knowledge was more advanced than theirs.

While this was Izroth's first time creating pills within RML, he was quite the master apothecary back in the Seven Realms.

"The head is currently away tending to matters at the palace. While he was is away, I am the one in charge of accepting new members. Normally only the head is able to promote someone to a third rank «Apothecary»," Physing was explaining the situation to Izroth.

"However, there is another way. If a person creates a grade-three pill and has the approval of at least five third rank apothecaries, then that person may be granted the third rank of an «Apothecary»." Physing looked around the room at the four other 3rd rank apothecaries.

"Let's put it to a vote, shall we. All opposed?" Not a single «Apothecary» raised their hand. After seeing that no one was raising their hand, Physing then asked, "All in favor?" He was the first to raise his hand and the four other apothecaries lifted their hands in the air.

"Then it's decided! Congratulations young man, you are now official a 3rd rank «Apothecary»! May I ask what your name is?" The other four apothecaries also congratulated Izroth.

Izroth gave a slight nod showing his thanks, "Izroth."

"A wonderful name! Come Izroth, I shall personally hand you your official «Apothecary III» badge!" Physing began to walk towards the same door he entered from with the group of apothecaries. The other apothecaries still had many questions, but if it were up to them Izroth would here all day.


On the third floor of the «Apothecary» building inside a room located nearly at the center of the third floor, was Izroth and Physing.

There was a wooden desk that appeared to be made from a very sturdy material. Besides that, everything else in the room was simplistic and not at all luxurious. Yet, there was still a calming feeling about being inside this place.

At the center of the room was a dark blue cauldron with magical symbols carved into it that was much more complex than that of the «Bronze Cauldron». It was releasing a cold and chilly aura that Izroth felt from the moment he entered into the room on the third floor.

When Izroth examined the cauldron it made him think about where he would find a cauldron for his own uses. The only people that were able to obtain a magical item at this time were those top guilds and there was no way they would be willing to sell it.

Even if by some stroke of luck a random player found a cauldron and wanted to sell it, Izroth was not worried about the price but rather the time. He would have to wait at the auction house to bid on it as soon as it came up. However, he did not possess that amount of leisure time.

Large guilds are capable of sending people to monitor the auction house in rotations. This allowed them to react fast when an item they wanted showed up for sale.

'A guild... Maybe I should start thinking about-' As Izroth thinking to himself, his thoughts were disrupted by a system alert.

〈System Alert: Would you like have «Apothecary» as your profession? Warning: Once you choose a profession it cannot be undone. You may only have one profession.〉

Physing held a badge within his hand that was identical to the one placed upon his chest. "With this badge, you will officially become a 3rd rank «Apothecary». This profession has many obstacles that you must overcome that will not be easy. However, I believe with your talent you will make it very far on this path." Physing was offering the «Apothecary Badge» to Izroth.

Izroth did not hesitate to accept the badge from Physing and becoming an official «Apothecary».

〈System Alert: Congratulations Player Izroth, you are now an «Apothecary»〉

〈System Alert: You have received the item «Apothecary Badge»〉

Name: Apothecary Badge(Soulbound)

Rank: III

Durability: ∞(Indestructible)

Usage: A badge that provides the proper proof of identity and rank of the person holding it.

Special Note: This item cannot be replicated, traded, or sold.

Izroth placed the «Apothecary Badge» into his inventory. Just as he was about to ask where he could find a cauldron, Physing removed a small cube from his desk that resembled the «Auction Cube» provided at the «Amaharpe Auction House».

However, this cube was a little less than half the size of the «Auction Cube». 'It seems these little cubes are comparable to the higher grade spacial storage rings from the Seven Realms.'.

"Normally new apothecaries would have to find their own cauldron or use one of the rooms within the «Apothecary» building when a free room becomes available." Physing stared at Izroth as if he were assessing him.

"I'm sure the head would agree with me on this matter, therefore, I shall take full responsibility for my actions. Izroth, I want for you to have this cauldron." Physing lightly tapped on the small cube and soon after a cauldron appeared in front of his desk.

It was larger than the «Bronze Cauldron» Izroth used to take the aptitude test with but, smaller than the cauldron that Physing had placed at the center of their room. It was pitch black in color with deep magical carvings spread all over its exterior layer and emitted a naturally fierce aura.

"The cauldron is known as the «Dark Abyssal Cauldron» and is something I have been fortunate enough to come across during my many years as an «Apothecary». The head and I are already too old to use this cauldron and therefore we agreed to grant this item to someone talented and worthy enough to possess it."

Physing was full of regret for not having come across the cauldron at a younger age. Due to the special characteristics of this cauldron, even if he or the head used the «Dark Abyssal Cauldron» it would never reach its full potential.

"At the moment it only has a D-ranked fire core and so if you wish to increase the power of its flames you will have to find a higher level fire core on your own" Physing explained.

As Izroth examined the cauldron, he was pleasantly surprised by how this cauldron worked.

Name: Dark Abyssal Cauldron(Unbound)

Rank: D+

Durability: ∞(Indestructible)

Usage: An ancient pitch black cauldron made from an unknown indestructible material. It can be used by apothecaries to create pills that are grade-three or lower. The more an «Apothecary» pushes the limits of this cauldron, the stronger it will grow.

Special Note: This item cannot be replicated, traded, or sold once it is 'Soulbound'.

This was a growth type item that advanced with the player. Growth type items were incredibly challenging to obtain, so much so that even beta testers did not come across any during their playthrough. Or at least if they did, it was not information they were necessarily willing to release.

Izroth touched the «Dark Abyssal Cauldron» with the palm of his hand. It was cold to the touch and when he looked down inside the cauldron, it was as he was staring into an endless dark abyss.

〈System Alert: This item is currently 'Unbound', would you like to become 'Soulbound' with the «Dark Abyssal Cauldron»?〉

Izroth, of course, accepted the soulbinding. Besides the «Vozrak's Gift» which was technically a quest item, this was the very first magical item Izroth claimed as his own.

〈System Alert: You are now 'Soulbound' with the item «Dark Abyssal Cauldron»〉

〈System Alert: The item «Dark Abyssal Cauldron» has been added to your inventory〉

The «Dark Abyssal Cauldron» vanished when Izroth completed the soulbinding process and put itself into his inventory.

"I thank you for your generosity." Izroth knew how to appreciate a person's kindness. Physing did not have to give this magical item to him but still chose to do so even with knowing its worth.

Physing shook his head, "You can thank me by showing me how far you can go with that item. If it remains a mediocre cauldron then I will never be able to forgive myself." Physing was sure that with Izroth's natural talent there was no way that the «Dark Abyssal Cauldron» would end up as a mediocre item.

Izroth nodded, "Do not worry, this cauldron shall become far from mediocre." Izroth was confident in his abilities as an «Apothecary». He would be sure to take full advantage of this amazing cauldron.

After chatting for a few minutes, it was finally time for Izroth to leave the «Apothecary» building and start to focus on leveling up again. Before leaving, Izroth asked if he could purchase some of the ingredients here, however, Physing informed him that they only sold binding agents.

The ingredients provided to the «Apothecary» division in «Amaharpe» could not be freely sold. Izroth was a bit disappointed by that fact, but he still purchased some «Basic Binding Agent». The price was 10 bronze coins per 10 units and so Izroth spent a total of 1 silver coin to purchase 100 units so that he would not have to constantly return here.

He was seen out of the building personally by Physing and gave his thanks once more before heading to the «Amaharpe Auction House».

Izroth decided to drop by there and put a single «Five Cycles Pill» up for sale before leaving «Amaharpe». This time he set the time limit for the auction to 10 hours since he was in no rush.

He also took a few minutes to search through the materials section on the «Auction Screen». He was specifically looking for the four other ingredients used to create the «Five Cycles Pill».

'These ingredients are all amazingly cheap...' three out of four the ingredients were listed at 10-20 bronze per unit. There was only one item missing and that was the «Isolated Water Droplet». Izroth had no clue as to where it was located, but he knew someone who may know something.

'For now, I'll just get the ingredients that are available.' Izroth went on to purchase 50 of each ingredient spending a total of 22 silver and 50 bronze coins. It was a well-placed investment for the expected return from the «Five Cycles Pill».

Izroth decided to take the chance to also look for a fire core. However, there were currently none up for sale inside of the auction house. 'It seems I'll have to find my own fire core.'

Izroth finished up things at the «Amaharpe Auction House» and left towards the gates of «Amaharpe», it was time for him to start leveling up once more.

'I have to find a way to use the «Equalizer» passive to the fullest extent.'

With that in mind, Izroth opened up the «Exploration Logs» on his character interface. After fusing completely with the memories of the original owner of this body, he now held the knowledge of many things that were unknown to him beforehand.

'Just as I expected, one is not too far away from here and has already been discovered, most likely by one of the large guilds... This is the perfect way to put the «Equalizer» skill to good use, right inside of a dungeon.'

Izroth memorized the coordinates and started his journey towards the dungeon.

'I wonder if it's located under water... The «Dungeon: Sea Palace Graveyard».'.

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