Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 566 - The One Who's Never Known Fear, State of the Demilitarization Belt

Chapter 566 - The One Who's Never Known Fear, State of the Demilitarization Belt


'What is she up to?'

Several moments passed as Izroth and Meng Jiang continued their conversation while on their way to the Demilitarization Belt.

On the surface, there was nothing Izroth could fault about Meng Jiang. Just as she said, Meng Jiang exposed her own secrets to Izroth. This even included the knowledge that top guilds dreamt of acquiring—how to obtain and ride a mount!

Of course, Meng Jiang also revealed how she used Acogu'An's Complete Analysis skill to see through Izroth's abilities. However, despite her apparent openness, there was something unusual about Meng Jiang that Izroth found peculiar.

As if reading Izroth's mind, Meng Jiang spoke out and said, "Do you find me disturbing, Mr. First Place? If so, you would not be the first to feel this way."

"Disturbing? No. If I had to choose a word, I would say rash." Izroth commented.

"Rash?" Meng Jiang giggled and replied, "Yes, I suppose it would seem that way to you."

After a brief pause, she then continued, "You are not entirely incorrect. I heard that it is often considered taboo to speak of one's real life in-game. However, I will make an exception. You see, I was born with a certain condition that does not allow me to experience what others call fear." Meng Jiang explained with a smile.

'Born without fear? There exists such a thing in this world?'

If she spoke the truth, Izroth finally understood why Meng Jiang appeared so unsettling than others he had met in this world. No wonder she did not have a visible reaction to the pressure he often emitted to test her during their journey! But, Izroth was genuinely shocked.

In the Seven Realms, there lived a race despised by the heavens who was born into the world without fear and never came to know of it. However, it was a trait unique to their race. Besides that particular race, everyone in the Seven Realms had fears, and the laws of the world made sure of it.

Even someone like Izroth, who reached the pinnacle of the cultivation world, was not without fears.

Fears were an essential part of one's growth, especially to a cultivator. In the end, it was about overcoming those fears, turning them into a strength, and transcending to a state where your fears no longer ruled over you, but you ruled over your fears. This was a crucial step to enter a certain cultivation realm in the Seven Realms. Therefore, for him to meet a human who's never known fear was surprisingly new for Izroth.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="/book/realm-of-myths-and-legends_12377393706355105/the-one-who&apos;s-never-known-fear-state-of-the-demilitarization-belt_50549457418249117">/book/realm-of-myths-and-legends_12377393706355105/the-one-who&apos;s-never-known-fear-state-of-the-demilitarization-belt_50549457418249117</a> for visiting.

This is not to say that Izroth never met any humans without fear; however, the ones he did meet had all trained to suppress or overcome their fears. None of them had simply been born that way.

If Meng Jiang was truly born without fear, then...

"You are an unfortunate soul, guild leader Meng Jiang, to have been born with such a great curse," Izroth said as he released a small sigh.

Meng Jiang's eyes widened after hearing Izroth's words as she looked at him with an expression of disbelief.

"Hm?" Izroth shifted his gaze to Meng Jiang.

Meng Jiang snapped out of it. Soon, a dazzling smile returned to her lips. The aura around her had become more cheerful.

"It's just that you are the first person to call it a curse. Many seem to think of it as a gift." Meng Jiang grinned.

She then proceeded, "A normal person touches fire once and feels that it's hot. After that, they know not to touch the fire again, or it will burn them. I, on the other hand, would not fear the fire nor the pain that accompanies it—no matter how many times I reach out. The common sense that comes naturally to others is something I've had to spend years training myself to learn."

"Ah, I have not told this to many people. Be sure to keep it a secret for me, okay?" Meng Jiang playfully winked at Izroth.

Izroth was still uncertain whether or not Meng Jiang could be trusted. At the very least, her words and actions came off as genuine. Nevertheless, a person who has never experienced fear was dangerous in more ways than one.

As for if Meng Jiang was trustworthy—only time would tell.

"It would seem that now we both have secrets to keep," Izroth responded calmly.


Approximately one hour later...

'So, this is one of the main battlefields of the war—the Demilitarization Belt.'

Using Sky Steps, Izroth stood in the air outside the heavily jungled area of Rosentarus.

There he saw a wide stretch of land that cut in between Rosentarus and Tempest's borders in the distance. Its length spanned further than Izroth could see, and from above, the land resembled a belt.

Izroth used his Energy Vision Sense at its maximum range to get a decent understanding of things; however, there were several areas blocked out by powerful magic.

'My Energy Vision Sense is unable to see through certain places. They must be the vital points of both sides. It appears everything is just as chaotic as she described.'

Izroth promptly deactivated his Energy Vision Sense and descended from the sky.

After arriving at the Demilitarization Belt's outer edge, Izroth and Meng Jiang went their separate ways.

Along their journey, the two discussed various topics, including the first batch of materials that would be purchased from Sacred Beasts by the Mystical Realm Palace.

However, before Meng Jiang took her leave, she requested that Izroth temporarily hold off his attack against the Headhunter Syndicate.

She explained that if he launched his assault now, then the Headhunter Syndicate would be on full alert. This would make it increasingly difficult for Sacred Beasts to do their part correctly. Therefore, Izroth decided to stay his hand—at least, for the next two days.

'I agreed to wait a couple of days before I make my move, but that does not mean I will sit back and do nothing.'

The Demilitarization Belt was on a different scale compared to the Unsanctioned Zone.

Although it was located at the Rosentarus and Tempest border, almost every kingdom had a General ranked individual present. These Generals commanded a Legion, and each of them had several strong Commanders under their wings.

According to Meng Jiang, the allied Generals consisted of individuals from Amaharpe, Proximus, Rosentarus, and Pzenium.

When it came to the enemy side with existences equivalent to that of a General, they were from Tempest, Malentansium, and Pzenium.

How was it that Pzenium could be on both sides at once? Apparently, the kingdom's Grand Sovereign, the highest-ranking person in Pzenium, fell ill shortly after a gathering with the kingdom's Great Dukes.

No one outside Pzenium knew the whole story; however, the Grand Sovereign had slipped into a deep slumber.

With no leader to choose an official side for the war, in just a handful of days, the kingdom of Pzenium underwent tremendous internal strife led by the various Great Dukes in their grab for power.

In the end, those from the Pzenium kingdom acted as mercenaries for hire—wielding their blades in the name of the highest bidder.

Of course, this was all secondhand information Izroth obtained from Meng Jiang, who, in turn, acquired it from some of her guild members in the War Intelligence Group. But, the evidence was consistent and too elaborate to be a lie.

A few moments later, after giving it some thought, Izroth determined his next step.

'Since I'm already here, I might as well collect some contribution points.'

The Demilitarization Belt was at the center of the action. In other words, it was bound to have a large variety of numerous war objectives available!

However, Izroth possessed two massive advantages over other players in the Demilitarization Belt. The first was that his movements were not restricted due to his status as a General Support Unit member. The second—he was a Captain!

The majority of players were still struggling to climb out of the Soldier rank to become a Squad Leader. This meant that the war objectives they could accept were limited.

Izroth, on the other hand, practically had a monopoly on every war objective that required the Lieutenant or Captain rank to accept—he planned to take full advantage of this!

'Who knows? I may even bump into some players from the Headhunter Syndicate along the way. Accidentally, of course.'

With that thought, Izroth journeyed into the Demilitarization Belt, unaware at the time that his presence there would soon give birth to an epithet that struck fear into its enemies at the Demilitarization Belt.

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