Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 545 A Race Against Time! The Crumbling Dreamworld Part 1/3

Chapter 545 A Race Against Time! The Crumbling Dreamworld Part 1/3

"I must admit, even I cannot break free of this place without lifting a finger or two. I underestimated that woman. Then again, I would expect no less from a member of that race. To think I would run into a rare half-human half-spirit hybrid in this unimportant sector of all places." Sonamus said as he stood to his feet.

He then continued, "Even more surprising is that she has the spirit race's trademark Dream Domain. While it is not comparable to the Pinnacle Four Origin Domains, some say that the depth of its power is equal to or greater to that of the Main Upper Eight Domains."

"But, from my understanding, the number of half-human half-spirit hybrids in this world can be counted using one's fingers alone. As for the number of them that can utilize the spirit race's Dream Domain—that woman may be the only one in the Mortal Realm. It's a pity that I will have to kill her with my own hands. After all, the precious blood of a living spirit, even if it's only a half-blood like that woman, is quite difficult to come by." Sonamus grinned.

"Is every member of your race so long-winded? Or, is it just that you all enjoy hearing yourselves speak." Izroth commented.

'That explains why she seemed so different compared to others when I used my Energy Vision Sense. I would have never guessed that she was hiding such a secret.'

In truth, Izroth was surprised to discover that Aurie was a half-spirit. He had read many books in RML, and while there was plenty of information surrounding spirits, there was never any record or account of a human-spirit hybrid.

Not to mention, this was also Izroth's first time hearing that the spirit race possessed their own unique domain. However, it was not too shocking. After all, if the true dragon race could control two Sources, a feat saw as inconceivable by other races, then the spirit race having a domain unique to them was not too far fetched.

"This arrogance... I see. You must be that human insect that fled with his tail tucked in between his legs. You should not have returned to this place. If not for that woman's untimely interference, I would have already sent you off to the Netherworld. Never before have I met a fool so eager to depart this world." Sonamus said as he set his sights on Izroth.

"Insults to mask your own incompetence. I don't remember requiring your permission to come and go as I please. If you wish to claim my life, you are more than welcome to try your hand at it. But, this time, it won't end with a simple arrow in your back." Izroth declared.

"Pride is a dangerous thing, human. You dream of reaping the life of this lord—a hopeless endeavor." Sonamus smirked.

"Vile creature. Do you think we will permit you to leave this place with your life intact? This is not the outside world. In the dreamworld, you are but a single man. Nysteffor, Rain—see to it that you give our 'king' a fitting send-off!" Fraun commanded as he waved his hand forward.

Nysteffor and Rain were not loyal to the king nor to the kingdom, but to their Lord first and foremost! The same went for the other knights who were members of Fraun's personal guards.

Woosh! Woosh!

The two knights brandished their spears and charged ahead without faltering. In a flash, they closed the distance between themselves and Sonamus, ready to run the king through with their spears!

Sonamus unhurriedly grabbed the sword rested on the side of his throne. At the top center of its hilt was a blue crystal at least ten times the size of the one used by the First Knight Prime.

"Echo." The instant that word left Sonamus' mouth, an ear-piercing soundwave was emitted from the sword in his hands.

The soundwave was powerful enough to stop Nysteffor and Rain right in their tracks.


The tile in the throne room was torn from the ground, and several pillars started to form cracks on its surface.

The two knights stood their ground firmly against Sonamus' assault; however, they were slowly being pushed back by the force generated by the soundwave.

Izroth silently observed Sonamus as he started to experience slight dizziness. Although he was more than fifteen meters away, Izroth could still feel the effects of the soundwave. It made one feel disoriented as if they were suddenly inflicted with a case of vertigo. As a result, some knights had trouble maintaining their balance as they endured the world spinning around them.

A few seconds later, the ear-piercing sound ceased as Sonamus removed the sword from its sheath. The blade was the highest quality of steel, and the purity was so great that its silver sheen was a step well above anything given to knights.

Sonamus threw the empty sheath to the floor and said, "There are fourteen of you. Not particularly good odds. Of course, I mean for all of you."

The doors positioned at the back of the throne room opened as a large group of palace guards poured into the room.

At the same time, within the wave of knights, a mysterious robed individual could be seen stealthily moving throughout the crowd.

Meanwhile, leading the palace guards was a man who appeared to be in his mid-forties. He donned fully plated black armor with a red cape on his back embroidered with the insignia of ten black swords placed in a circle. In his hands was a greatsword the shade of midnight with red symbols carved into it. The blade of the greatsword alone was slightly taller than the man who stood roughly 190cm tall.

This man was the strongest knight in the kingdom and one of its two Grand Protectors, as well as a genuine Aura user—the Knight of the Black Dawn, Bahamut.

When he stepped into the room, Bahamut released an overwhelming presence that caused Fraun's knights, excluding Nysteffor and Rain, to take a step back instinctively.

"Grand Protector Bahamut..." Nysteffor muttered as he tightened the grip on his spear.

"We cannot allow him to harm our Lord." Rain asserted as he shifted his focus off Sonamus and to Bahamut.

"Insolent bunch. You want to take advantage of the chaos to usurp the throne while I am protecting this kingdom? Come, I want to witness for myself the skills that give you brats the confidence to make trouble before me." Bahamut stated.

Fraun inwardly furrowed his brows at the turn of events. He knew that it would not be easy, but this definitely further complicated things.

"The palace guards are numerous, but their strength is incomparable to my personal knights. The only real trouble is Bahamut and the blue wolf. I don't know Bahamut's real strength, but according to my knights, he has no equal in this world. I'm not sure how long Nysteffor and Rain can hold him back." Fraun explained to Izroth.

He then continued, "That's why I will assist them. The rest of my knights will focus on population control of the palace guards. As for that blue wolf—I'm afraid we'll have to count on you to finish the job. Think you can do it?"

Izroth drew his sword from the leather belt at his side; however, it was a different blade from the one he previously wielded. It was similar to First Knight Prime's weapon, but its blade was of a higher quality. In addition, it was equipped with an Aura Cell five times bigger than the one Prime utilized.

"Shall we find out?" Izroth walked towards the throne.

Not too long after, Fraun and his personal knights engaged in a fierce battle to keep the enemy forces occupied.

"Oh? Do you plan to face me alone, human insect? I admit that this dreamworld has restricted my powers in many ways, but it has not diminished a point where you are worthy to face me of your own accord. Every second that goes by, I regain my strength a-"

Woosh! Ding!

Izroth executed Three Steps of Death as Sonamus managed to block his blow at the last moment!

"You really do... Talk too much." Izroth said with a cold gaze.

The amused expression on Sonamus' face vanished and was replaced by one of emotionless indifference—as if he were looking down at an ant whose sole purpose was to be crushed beneath his feet.

"You humans seem to have forgotten the meaning of fear. Allow me to refresh your memory." Out of nowhere, a blue aura erupted from Sonamus' sword.


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