Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 532 Trouble At The Blue Heart Inn

Chapter 532 Trouble At The Blue Heart Inn


After discussing some crucial details with Nixere, Izroth agreed to accompany her to the palace ceremony later that night.

The two determined where they would meet up in a few hours. This way, they could make proper preparations before the time of the ceremony.

Nixere's presence could not have come at a better time for Izroth. He had been pondering on how to enter the palace so that he could uncover the identity of Queen Nixpera, King Sonamus, and Mistress Asi. Or, at the very least, two of them.

Izroth understood that as long as he discovered four out of the five roles, then the last one would give itself away. He had already found out that Aurie was the Hunter Venare; therefore, that left three more to identify.

In addition, Izroth planned to take advantage of Hunter Venare's future capture later tonight after the ceremony had ended. He acquired the exact location of the hidden passageway Hunter Venare used to access the palace's back garden from Aurie herself.

If Izroth followed them the men who captured Hunter Venare, he would be led straight to Nobleman Fraun. After that, it was just a matter of allowing his Eyes of Knowledge to take care of the rest.

This is why Izroth only needed to learn the real names of at least two of the three people with roles focused within the palace.

'The end of the ceremony and Venare being taken captive by Fraun's men are not too far off from one another. As soon as the ceremony is over, I have to make my way there with haste. Otherwise, I will miss out on the second major turning point of the tale.'

Right now, Izroth was on his way back to the Blue Heart Inn as he passed by the last exit checkpoint. He had to return the wooden plaque he obtained upon his entry. Besides that, he was allowed to keep the other items he purchased within the town behind the palace walls.

Izroth carried two separate sacks in his hands. One was filled with various foods that contained several freshly baked loaves of bread, roasted meat, fruits, and vegetables. The second sack was noticeably larger and housed multiple containers of clean water, a thin bucket made out of a metallic alloy, a set of small clothes, and shoes to match.

However, everything inside the two bags was not something Izroth purchased for himself. This may have only been a dreamworld, but if Izroth chose to help someone, either it was the real world, Seven Realms, or RML, he would not do so half-heartedly.

When Izroth entered the Blue Heart Inn, the chatters of those at the tables died down. Some of their faces had mocking smirks, and others did not even attempt to hide their disdain towards Izroth. Also, there a different bartender tending to the bar than the one from earlier.

As Izroth walked past some tables, he could hear the faint sound of chuckling and whispers.

It did not take long for Izroth to realize that something was amiss. As if confirming his gut feeling, when he arrived at the front door of his room, Izroth noticed it had been left cracked open. The door's handle looked as if a blunt weapon of sorts had hammered it off.

Izroth had no doubts that he made sure the door was closed after he left the room, and the clues showed clear signs of forced entry.

Izroth's gaze turned cold as he opened the door to the room only to find that there was no one there. Selene, who he had told to wait for his return, was nowhere to be found!


Meanwhile, in the bar section of the Blue Heart Inn...

"Hahaha!" The sound of laughter could be heard coming from one of the tables closest to the bar.

"The thing almost ripped my arm off!" One of the men at the table roared with an eyepatch.

"You're talkin' out ya rear. If a beast like that attacked, you would've run away cryin' for ya mama. Hahaha!" the man who sat across from him with a silver tooth responded.

"It's true, I tell you! The wife back home would've been disappointed if I returned with only one arm." The man with the eyepatch declared.

"Aye, disappointed? Wouldn't be the first time, huh?" The one with the silver toothed commented.

After that last comment, the bar erupted into laughter as even those at the surrounding table laughed merrily.

"Hah, you say that but my wife-"

Woosh! Crash!

"?!" Suddenly, the man with the eyepatch was lifted off his feet, and the chair beneath him was kicked away. The already rotting chair crashed into the bar and shattered into numerous pieces.

"What do you think you're doing?! You crazy-!" The man with the eyepatch shouted furiously as he struggled to break free from the grip of his captor. However, he immediately ceased his struggles when he felt a piece of cold steel pressed up against his neck.

"Where is she?" A cold voice sounded.

"Do you think you can do whatever you please here? Release him!" The silver toothed man ordered as he sprung to his feet with his weapon drawn. Those at the table followed his lead and also readied themselves for combat.

The rest of the people in the bar kept their hands close to their waist just in case things spiraled out of control. However, for the time being, they looked on in amusement at the show that was about to start.

"I will ask one last time. Where is the child that accompanied me to this inn?" The one who questioned the eyepatch man and held a sword to his neck was Izroth. He had not chosen these men at random.

Before, when Venare had first entered the Blue Heart Inn, Izroth witnessed the bartender at that time send a discreet signal to a group of men. Of course, after finding out at Venare was a noble, he called them off. However, their "secretive" actions did not hide from Izroth's eyes. Without a doubt, these men were somehow related to that bartender that was nowhere to be found.

That bartender was the only one with a hostile enough intent to act against Izroth. He had been humiliated by Venare and forced to make concessions in front of so many people. This gave the bartender a motive. However, with his connection to a noble and the bartender's blatant fear of Venare, Izroth believed that no one would dare bother Selene after the scene that occurred. But, more important than anything, what gave them the courage to put their hands on someone under his protection?!

"You won't get out of here alive if you kill me! Do you have the guts?!" The eyepatch man jeered as he ignored Izroth's inquiry. However, he could not hide the fear in his eyes as he spoke. It was clear that he was trying to intimidate Izroth into releasing him.


Without hesitation, in one smooth motion, Izroth slid his sword across the eyepatched man's neck and tossed his body aside.


"If you refuse to answer, then I have no use for you," Izroth stated calmly.

The man's body hit the floor without resistance as he lay limp and motion on the bar floor. He had died!

"In the end, I only need one of you alive to get the answer I desire." Izroth swept his gaze across the group of men with their weapons drawn.

The silver toothed men, and those around him all had expressions of shock written on their faces. This guy—was he insane? Didn't he realize where he was? He had the nerve to kill their comrade in front of them!

"Kill him! Don't let him leave here alive!" The silver toothed man yelled in a fit of rage.

One of the men kicked the table towards Izroth, using it to cover his movements. At the table about to hit Izroth, the man drove the mace in his hand through it.


The table was smashed apart by the mace; however, as the table split into pieces, Izroth had vanished from the man's view!

"Behind you!" The silver toothed man warned. But it was too late!

'Four Steps of Death.'

The man wielding the mace suddenly felt that the right side of his body had become much lighter. When he looked to his side, his eyes widened from shock. His right arm—it was gone!

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