Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 525 Dream Domain: All Fiction, One Thousand Tales of Tragedy! Tale of The Snow That Falls In Summer

Chapter 525 Dream Domain: All Fiction, One Thousand Tales of Tragedy! Tale of The Snow That Falls In Summer

When Maeva witnessed the pair of glowing blue eyes, she immediately went on guard and instinctively reached at her side to draw her blade.

"?!" However, Maeva grabbed nothing but air. She remembered that her equipment and weapon had been removed!

Maeva slowly motioned her hand to its original position as her eyes darted around the room in search of something to defend herself with. But, as her gaze swept past the mirror on the table at her side, Maeva suddenly paused. She moved her eyes back to the mirror and stared at it with an expression of disbelief. This person—it was not her!

Maeva's light blonde hair had turned as white as snow. Its length fell well past her shoulders and down to her lower back. Her dazzling silver eyes had become a well-pronounced baby blue, her skin was now a few shades paler, and there was a cold yet beautiful and delicate look to Maeva's face.

Her appearance was normal just seconds ago. Why and how did it suddenly change into this unknown person?

"Is this... Queen Nixpera?" Maeva said to herself as she recalled the system alert. While she had an endless amount of questions about what was transpiring, Maeva collected herself and started to connect the pieces.

〈System Alert: You have gained the temporary passive skill «Tale Immersion». The skill information will now be displayed.〉

Skill Name: Tale Immersion

Skill Level: None

Skill Rank: Unique*

Role: Queen Nixpera(Maeva)

Passive: If your true identity is discovered or revealed, you will suffer harsh penalties, followed by death. You must complete the tasks given to your role. Failure to complete tasks may result in harsh penalties, including but not limited to death.

Current Task(s):

-(1)Greet King Sonamus upon his entry to the throne room. [Incomplete]

-(2)Find a way to excuse yourself from the throne room. [Incomplete]

-(3)Meet with Hunter Venare in the palace's back garden. [Incomplete]

-??? [Revealed after the completion of tasks 1-3]

Maeva quickly read over the skill's information as she inwardly furrowed her brows. This was the first time she encountered such a bizarre passive skill. However, after learning of the potential losses she could suffer from ignoring it, Maeva decided it best to play along for the time being. At least, until she could find out how to escape from this place.

"Were the Commander and the others also pulled into this tale and given roles? But, if we are not able to reveal our identities, how can we tell an ally from an enemy?" Maeva questioned internally. But, she did not have much time to ponder as the sound of footsteps echoed throughout the throne room.

Maeva straightened her posture as she set her eyes upon the person who had just entered. It was a dignified man who appeared to be in his mid-thirties with dark blue hair, sky-blue eyes, and a sturdy build. On his head was a golden crown that was even more extravagant than Maeva's tiara. He wore flawlessly fitted clothing and gave off the aura of a ruler.

"Is there something troubling you, my queen?" The man said as he walked towards the throne area and took his seat at the center. Not too long after the king sat down, dozens of individuals started to pour into the throne room.

This group of individuals seemed to be the palace servants. They swiftly shuffled around from place to place within the throne room, bringing out catering tables, and setting decorations in place. It was as though they were preparing for a grand ceremony.

"I hold no troubles. I greet you, my king." Maeva steadily replied. It did not take a genius to figure out the identity of this person next to her. Without a doubt, he was King Sonamus, the ruler of this palace.

Maeva was somewhat nervous and stiff as she spoke. She was uncertain as to what kind of personality this Queen Nixpera possessed; therefore, she tried to maintain a neutral behavior. She could only hope that she would not stand out too much.

〈System Alert: Greet King Sonamus upon his entry to the throne room. [Complete]!〉

"Do not be hesitant to speak your troubles to me. This palace will officially be your new home before the next sun rises. It is a moment of celebration. " King Sonamus stated.

"You are correct. I suppose my nerves are getting the better of me. Perhaps a walk in the garden will place my mind at ease." Maeva replied.

King Sonamu gave a brief nod and said, "It brings me untold joy to see that you are treating this palace as your own. If a walk in the garden will assist in soothing your mind, I urge you to take the trip. But, I must ask that you return before the ceremony begins."

"As you wish, my king," Maeva said as she stood up, gave a proper farewell, and left the throne room.

The instant Maeva exited the throne room; she received another alert from the system.

〈System Alert: Find a way to excuse yourself from the throne room. [Complete]!〉

"This may be easier than I expected," Maeva said to herself. In just a handful of minutes, she had already completed two of the three tasks assigned to her role.

"Still, this place is too big. How am I going to find the back garden?" Maeva sighed. There were more than twenty doors in just a single hallway that were impossible to distinguish from one another. If this was just a single hallway, Maeva could only imagine the size of the whole palace.

After walking for a while without luck, Maeva finally ran into a palace servant and asked for directions to the back garden.

The servant was frightened at first and immediately fell to their knees to bow. However, Maeva was just as startled as the servant by their actions—until she remembered her present identity.

"That's right. Right now, I am Queen Nixpera. Pretending to be someone different... It has not been that long yet it already feels tiring." Maeva internalized.

Once Maeva gave the servant permission to rise, they happily led her to the palace's back garden. Upon arrival, the servant bowed once again and did not leave until Maeva dismissed them.

"What a pretty garden." Maeva could not help but utter as the stunning scenery welcomed her. There were different breeds of unique flowers and plants growing within the garden. Everything within it was arranged without flaw and with incredible finesse. The aroma from the flowers permeated the garden's air and made one feel as though they had just stepped into a calming paradise.

While Maeva admired her new scenery, she had not forgotten her primary goal. The back garden was approximately forty meters in diameter, and there were only a handful of areas that appeared fit for a secret meeting. But, there was still one issue. Maeva had no clue regarding Hunter Venare's appearance!

"Hopefully, they are as easy to spot as the king. Though it's strange... Why did Queen Nixpera decide to have a secret meeting on the day of an important ceremony?" Also, she did not know why, but Maeva had felt uneasy for quite some time now. It was as if she were constantly being watched ever since she took her first step into the back garden.

Just as Maeva turned the corner of a group of tall hedges, her body was abruptly pulled in by an unknown hand!

"?!" This caught Maeva off guard as she was swept off her feet and into the middle of the hedges.

"Who-! Mmf..!" Maeva was about to speak; however, a hand was promptly pressed over her mouth to prevent the sudden outburst. She struggled to break free from her captor, but it was no use. Without her stats, equipment, and skills, Maeva was no stronger than a new player.

"Nixpera, it's me...! Venare..!" A voice sounded out as a ray of sunlight peeked through a crack in the hedges. It revealed a handsome man with black hair and golden eyes, who donned light leather armor.

〈System Alert: Meet with Hunter Venare in the palace's back garden. [Complete]!〉

〈System Alert: A new task for «Tale Immersion» has been unlocked!〉

After hearing that name and the system's confirmation, Maeva ceased her struggles.

"I hope that you can excuse my abhorrent actions. But, as I'm sure you know, I can not afford to be discovered." Venare let out a deep sigh of relief as he lifted his hand from Maeva's mouth.

He then continued, "Nixpera, I've come to take you away from this place. That king—I won't let you marry him against your will..!"

Maeva was perplexed. Married? Take her away? Wasn't Queen Nixpera supposed to be with King Sonamus?

"It can't be... A love affair?" Maeva thought to herself as she hid her shock.

But, what Maeva and Venare did not know at that moment was that a pair of watchful eyes could see their actions from afar through a small crack in the hedges.


Meanwhile, somewhere in the Dream Domain...

'So even domains like this exist. Interesting.'

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