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Chapter 499 The General Support Unit's Main Base of Operations

Chapter 499 The General Support Unit“s Main Base of Operations

'Oh? It finally appeared.'

This was the first time since the beginning of the event that Izroth's war objectives had been updated.

"I was starting to believe that we were never going to get a single war objective. To obtain one as soon as we stepped into the city—it is safe to assume that it is of the vicinity-type classification." Maeva stated as she opened her Event Interface for confirmation.

She then asked, "Should we accept the request now or wait until after we visit the General Support Unit's base, Izroth?"

After traveling together for several hours, Maeva had become more comfortable around Izroth and even started to address him by name instead of as Palace Master. To Izroth's surprise, once Maeva broke past the initial awkwardness of traveling alone with him, she was more friendly and open than he initially thought.

Since Maeva regularly gave off a solemn and distant aura around others, he believed that she would have difficulty getting along with the Mystical Realm Palace's members. However, it turned out that Maeva was not intentionally giving off such an aura; she was just a naturally shy individual.

"Let's drop by the base first. If the war objective is still there after we complete our business, then we will accept it." Izroth replied.

Not too long after, Izroth and Maeva made their way to the General Support Unit's base near the city's center.

In terms of size and grandiose appearance, Xanaharpe did not come anywhere close to matching to Amaharpe's capital city. It could, at most, be labeled as an average town in the Amaharpe kingdom. Nevertheless, it was bustling with players and NPCs going to and from place to place.

Xanaharpe was well guarded, and the number of troops entering the city seemed to be steadily increasing with each passing moment.

"Is something big going to happen soon?" Maeva questioned as she saw members of the War Brigade moving busily throughout the streets.

NPC Name: War Brigade Soldier 10th Class

NPC Level: 20

NPC Name: War Brigade Soldier 8th Class

NPC Level: 22

NPC Name: War Brigade Soldier 1st Class

NPC Level: 30

"Given where this place is situated, it is only a matter of time before someone makes the first move. It is no longer a question of how, but when." Izroth stated. On their way to the General Support Unit's base, he explained to Maeva the circumstances surrounding Xanaharpe that he acquired during his time in the Amaharpe Palace Library.

Xanaharpe usually acted as both an outpost and trade town since it was close to the borders of the First Kingdom Amaharpe, Sixth Kingdom Rosentarus, and Seventh Kingdom Malentansium.

Located at a point not too far away from Xanaharpe was a piece of land known as the Unsanctioned Zone. At this spot, the borders of Amaharpe, Rosentarus, and Malentansium were all connected.

The Unsanctioned Zone was also filled with a bountiful amount of natural resources and rare materials, causing each of the three kingdoms to build an outpost near it to ensure that the other parties kept the agreement. However, now that a war had broken out, there was no guarantee that the other side would not overstep their boundaries.

The good news was that Amaharpe was on friendly terms with Rosentarus and both were not on the best of terms with Malentansium, who had close ties to the kingdom of Tempest. This created a natural disadvantage for Malentansium. But, that did not mean Amaharpe and Rosentarus would have an easy time occupying the Unsanctioned Zone. After all, Malentansium's military might was nothing to scoff at.

"If it's as you say, then a huge event is bound to take place here sooner or later. We may be able to walk away with a nice sum of contribution points. If we are lucky enough, perhaps we can also gather some useful materials and resources." Maeva stated.

"There will be an ample number of opportunities birthed from this location. We must make the most of them." Izroth affirmed.

'Is this part of the reason why she recommended I visit this place first?'

If Seraphina did recommend this place while taking into account everything they had just mentioned, then...

'She may care about things more than she let on.'


A few moments later...

'I take it back. That woman is too careless.'

Izroth and Maeva were inside of the General Support Unit's main base of operation—if it could be called that. It was a small building, not even half the size of the Mystical Realm Palace's first floor. Five individuals were running around hectically, and the person who appeared to be in command was behind a desk with multiple stacks of paperwork piled to the ceiling.

They were a light-skinned male who appeared to be in their early thirties with a shiny bald head, dark blue eyes, and sharp facial features. He wore a magnificent silver-plated armor with a golden trim around its edges.

NPC Name: General Support Unit 4th Division Captain of the 1st Unit Hyasin(Rare)

NPC Level: 50

"That Commander...! When I see her next time, I swear I'll say something! I'll really say something next time. I promise I will!" Hyasin muttered to himself as he continued to fill out the mountain of paperwork.

"Heh, don't you always say that, Captain?! I'm afraid when it comes to the Commander, you don't dare to decline. Hahaha!" One of the individuals who ran around hectically commented. It was soon followed by the laughter of all the General Support Unit members present.

"Who says I can't decline?! Watch how I turn her away next time-" Hyasin was speaking when one of the other GSU [1]members abruptly spoke out.

"Commander Seraphina, you're back already?" One of the members said.

"Commander! I am doing the paperwork just like you asked! See? How about the two of us go to lunch together, my treat-" Hyasin's expression quickly turned to one of delight as from his cheeks to his ears turned bright red, and he stood to his feet in excitement. But, when he looked towards the entrance and saw that Seraphina was not there, he fell silent and slowly dropped by into his seat. However, the laughter around him erupted into a roaring sea.

"Ahahaha! What decline? Captain, we know that you are in love with the Commander. How can you turn her down when she asks something of you? Ahahaha!"

"Yeah, yeah! We're rooting for you, Captain!"

"Captain, is it true that you joined the GSU with a full head of long hair, but it fell out after just one year?"

"Y-you all... Ahhhhh! I swear the next time, I'll do it! I'll confess my feelings! Curses, I got some sand in my eyes!" Hyasin said as he wiped away his forming tears.

"Huh? But, we're inside a building. How can there be sand here...?" One of the GSU members mumbled to themselves.

"Besides, what do you know?! The Commander herself said she loves hardworking bald guys!" Hyasin declared proudly.


A couple of hours ago at the GSU main base of operations before Izroth and Maeva's arrival...

"Hey~ Hyasin~ You see, I have soooo much paperwork. And, and I need some help, you know? It's too much to handle alone, and I know that I can always count on you in my time of need, you know? So, like, can you like help me out here?" Seraphina spoke in an innocent and coy manner with her lips slightly perked out as she fluttered her eyes, twiddled her fingers, and constantly fidgeted around.

"I'll do it! I'll do my best and take care of it at once, Commander! S-So, about lunch-" Hyasin accepted without hesitation but was met with an empty gust of wind the moment the first few words escaped his mouth.

"Thanks, Hyasin! You're the best! I knew I could count on you! Hardworking bald guys sure are the best!" Seraphina was already headed out the door waving goodbye the moment Hyasin accepted as she sped away from the scene!

"...the best... the best... best..." The last few words echoed into Hyasin's ears as he fell quiet.

"...ALRIGHT! I WILL GET ALL THIS PAPERWORK DONE! I'M FIRED UP NOW!" Hyasin roared, as the other members of the GSU, looked at him with eyes of pity.

At that moment, the same thought entered through the minds of GSU members simultaneously, "The Commander sure is ruthless in her own way."


"This... Are you sure we are in the correct place?" Maeva questioned as she furrowed her brows. Compared to the War Brigade members she saw marching down the street in uniformed order, the GSU members seemed way too lighthearted being so close to a potential warzone.

"These are the correct coordinates," Izroth answered.

"Oh? More new arrivals?" One of the NPCs carrying a stack of papers stopped when he noticed Izroth and Maeva. He was somewhat on the short side with long black hair tied up, brown eyes, and wore casual clothing with a sword attached to the belt at his side.

NPC Name: General Support Unit Lieutenant of the 4th Division Swivel(Elite)

NPC Level: 48

New arrivals? Almost everyone looked over to see who had shown up. It was not often that they received even one new arrival. So, it came as a sudden surprise to see two of them at the same time. This was already the second time today they had fresh arrivals—it was a new record!

"Do we even have enough resources to prepare two additional War Kits?" Swivel muttered to himself.

He then continued, "Ah, follow me. Since you're here, I should just introduce you to the Captain and let him deal with it."

Swivel sat the stack of paperwork on top of a nearby table and led Izroth along with Maeva to meet Hyasin.

"Captain, we have visitors." Swivel said as he knocked on Hyasin's desk, who had just returned to doing paperwork.

Hyasin looked up and frowned, "More arrivals on the same day? We won't get a new shipment of supplies for another three days. One War Kit would not be an issue, but two is a little... Aye, this is troublesome..." Today was already a restless one, and the blows just kept piling on.

War Kits contained several useful items to players such as potions, equipment repair stones, signal flares, communication talismans, etc. Every member of each war branch would receive one at the start.

"If you are short on materials, then is it possible to convert what I would have acquired directly into contribution points?" Izroth asked. He did not know what a War Kit contained, but it was unlikely to be anything he absolutely needed. If he could gain some contribution points out of it, then he was okay with not accepting a War Kit.

"For me, as well." Maeva followed up. She felt somewhat pitiful for the GSU. They were understaffed and lacked resources, so she would feel troubled if she took their last stock of supplies. Besides, if she could get some contribution points in return, it would not necessarily be a loss.

"Huh? Yeah, I suppose that can work. In that case, I will give you three contribution points each in exchange for your War Kits. Just so you know, a normal War Kit is worth two contribution points. However, since it is partly our fault, I am adding an extra one. So, how about it?" Hyasin asked.

[1] Decided to shorten General Support Unit to GSU.

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