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Chapter 496 The Four Branches of War

Chapter 496 The Four Branches of War


Two hours passed by quickly as the Mystical Realm Palace had already re-opened. Since Izroth had completed his preparations, he spent the remaining time with Aurora and caught up with her on her plans for the Mystical Realm Palace. Even though Izroth insisted that she could handle things in the way she wanted, Aurora still maintained that it was best that he stay up-to-date about his own business.

As for what to do with the craftsmen Izroth hired for the Mystical Realm Palace, Aurora deemed that their monthly salary was too high—even when compared to the players from top guilds. However, she chose not to touch this for two reasons.

The first was that Izroth had already promised them said salary. If he went back on his word, it would worsen his reputation and that of the Mystical Realm Palace. This would make it extremely challenging to hire skilled craftsmen in the future.

The second reason had to do with attracting future talents to the Mystical Realm Palace. At that point, Aurora would implement a more percentage-based earnings depending on what the craftsman provides to the shop. Of course, they will also be given a base salary underneath that, but it would not be as large as the previously hired craftsmen.

Aurora's gaze swept through the Mystical Realm Palace's first floor as she noticed the number of players had drastically decreased after the initial rush from re-opening the doors. However, this was to be expected, considering what was right around the corner.

"You can tell that a world event is starting. There are barely any players here." Aurora commented.

She then turned towards Izroth and continued, "I still have a few things I want to finish up here. Are you going to head to the Event Center? The event starts in ten minutes."

'There is also nothing left for me to do here. I suppose I should head out as well.'

Izroth wanted to wait until the last minute because he knew that the Event Center would be crowded at the start of the registration period. By now, things should have calmed down considerably as opposed to earlier.

Izroth opened up his system interface and examined the quest he received after completing Choosing Sides and picking a faction.

Quest Name: War of the Titans(World Event)

Recommended Level: N/A

Recommended Party Size: N/A

Quest Rank: Unique*

Quest Objective: ???

Time Limit: N/A

Kingdom of Origin: Amaharpe[Supporting Side: Proximus]

Contribution Points: 0

War Rank: Unassigned(Please visit Event Center)

Life(s) Remaining: N/A

-Rank Rewards are based on contribution points. The more contribution points obtained during the war, the better the rewards. There are various ways to acquire contribution points, which include but are not limited to:

-Eliminating enemies.

-Gathering and donating resources or items for the war effort.

-Completing War Objectives.

-Providing useful information in relation to the enemy.

*Please Note: You may also lose contribution points if your actions are deemed detrimental to the war effort. If you do not register at an Event Center before the end of the registration period, you will automatically be assigned the lowest War Rank.

Reward(All Participants):

-100% Experience Booster Token[2 Hours]

-50 silver coins

Rank Reward(Winning Side Only):


Penalty(Losing Side Only):

-Loss of all reputation with the opposing side.


While there was technically no cut off time for when one could register, some players held the impression that the earlier one registered, the greater the war ranked they would obtain. Even though this was just a baseless rumor circulating around RML, many players took it seriously and rushed to register as soon as they were able to.

Izroth, on the other hand, found it inconceivable that one's war rank would be determined by who arrived first. If anything, it would make more sense to choose based upon the player's level.

"Then, I will take my leave here. As for the other matters you mentioned, you can do what you see fit." Izroth said as he made his way towards the exit of the Mystical Realm Palace.

As he walked away, Aurora released a long sigh. This guy—how could he have such a relaxed and carefree expression on his face when a world event was about to start? Was he not nervous? After all, while her information network was not the best in RML, even she was aware that Izroth had attracted the eyes of many individuals—both with unknown and bad intentions. Without a doubt, this event would be the perfect opportunity for Izroth's enemies to suppress his rise, and from what Aurora knew, the individuals he offended were not just some nobodies that could be brushed off.

Aurora shook her head and said, "There is no use worrying about it. All I can do right now is to provide support in the background. Everything else is something he will have to handle using his own hands. Hopefully, it is enough."


A few minutes later, Izroth reached the entrance to the Event Center. He had only been to this place one time before today, which was after he left the Chaotic Dogma Realm.

'More players are entering last minute than I expected. It appears that not everyone fell for that rumor.'

Fortunately, even though there were more players than Izroth anticipated, it did not take long for him to reach the information counter and speak with one of the NPCs.

The NPC was a healthy-looking human male who resembled someone in their late twenties with tanned skin, short silver hair, and green eyes. He wore uniformed clothes befitting someone of the Event Center, but there was a fierce aura that naturally emitted from him as if he had experienced many harsh battlefields.

'Oh? The NPCs this time around are certainly stronger than my last visit here.'

NPC Name: War Brigade Captain Tenze(Elite)

NPC Level: 50

When Izroth looked closer around the Event Center, he noticed that there seemed to be a great deal of high-level NPCs located at specific information counters. Most likely, they were here precisely because of the event.

"Welcome, young warrior. There sure are a lot of you spirited adventurers today. More than I anticipated have joined our branch. Are you here to register for the War Brigade, as well?" Tenze asked.


Izroth did not know that there were multiple branches that one could register for during the event. The Amaharpe War Brigade was the primary armed forces of Amaharpe—he knew this much. But, he was curious as to what else was available.

"Are there other branches I can register for?" Izroth asked.

Tenze frowned at Izroth words; however, he still answered, "You can register to one of any four branches. My War Brigade focuses on displaying our prowess on the battlefield. There is also the Resource Management Division, whose job is to gather resources and materials for the war effort. Then, there is the War Intelligence Group and the General Support Unit. The former's goal is to collect useful information and distribute it to our allies. The latter's purpose is just as it sounds, general support—to provide support wherever it is needed. Ah, I should also mention that all of our branches are connected with our allies for this war effort. However, if you wish to make a name for yourself, I would advise against joining the General Support Unit." Tenze explained.

'So that's how it is.'

Based on Tenze's description of the branches, Izroth's interest leaned towards joining the War Brigade. The Resource Management Division seemed to be more for craftsmen, and the War Intelligence Group probably required one to infiltrate enemy backlines to acquire information. Of course, Izroth's playstyle was not exactly stealthy, and so he pushed this aside. However, he was interested in Tenze's last statement.

"The War Brigade seems suitable; however, is there something wrong with the General Support Unit?" Izroth questioned.

Tenze gave a light sigh and replied, "Wrong? No, nothing is necessarily wrong with it, but if I had to give it a reason, it's usually only for those who are not confident in making it with their own skills in the other three branches. They have no generals and only one commander, so their numbers are small. The order in other branches are strict, but those in the General Support Unit are usually left to their own devices, coming and going when and where they please. But, without any direction, it's not easy to make a name for yourself."

Tenze then pointed towards one of the nearby information counters with no players lined up in front of it and continued, "See that place there with no one lined up? That's the General Support Unit's information counter. That alone should give you a good picture of its reputation and reliability."

Only weak lower level players would ever remotely contemplate joining the General Support Unit, as it seemed the most relaxed and carefree. As for the other branches, their requirements were more strict. But, it was just as Tenze said for the other branches—it was much easier to make a name for one's self as long as you possessed the talent or strength. Naturally, the top guilds and vast majority of players would all swarm to those branches.

"I see. You've made my choice quite easy." Izroth said with a carefree expression on his face.

Tenze nodded, "Then, I will register you for the War Brigade at once-"

"War Brigade?" Izroth cut Tenze off. When did he ever mention joining the War Brigade?

Tenze had a questioning look on his face as Izroth walked away from his counter. However, his questioning look soon turned to disbelief, then quickly to disappointment. It seemed he had made a misjudgment!

Izroth stopped in front of the General Support Unit's information counter. When he arrived, there was a woman behind the counter with long and messy purple hair that looked as if she had just gotten out of bed. Compared to Tenze's neat uniform, the woman's uniform was disorganized and wrinkled. But, perhaps the most bizarre thing of all was that this woman was fast asleep at the information counter, lightly snoring without a care in the world, while drool trickled down the side of her mouth.

"Hehe... No~ I couldn't eat another bite~... Okay, maybe one more..." The woman was actually talking in her sleep with a smug smile on her face.

'This is...'

NPC Name: General Support Unit Commander, Seraphina(???)

NPC Level: ???

'...the leader of the General Support Unit?'

According to Tenze, the General Support Unit only had one commander. This meant that the person sleeping before Izroth was none other than the head of the General Support Unit!

'Is the General Support Unit that short on manpower?'

The War Brigade could afford to send multiple captains, which was only one rank below that of a commander, to act as recruiters. The other branches also had numerous high-ranking individuals and multiple information counters. However, the General Support Unit seemed only to have this single information counter at its disposal. Still, for the person-in-charge to be here herself—Tenze may have been acting polite when he said that it was not easy to make a name for yourself in the General Support Unit!

"Mm... Ah..? A person still joining this late..?" Seraphina had awakened not too long after Izroth approached as she lifted her head slightly to look up at him with one of her eyes open. The color of that eye matched that of a morning glory flower.

She then continued, "Registering so late... You should be more responsible, you know..? Besides, are you sure you're even at the right counter...?" Seraphina yawned as she spoke—though the last part of her sentence was something she muttered to herself.

Responsible? Was this coming from the same woman who was half-asleep with drool running down her mouth?!

Izroth brushed off the Seraphina's words and said, "I want to join the General Support Unit—is that an issue?"

"Ehhhh? Why not one of the other branches? I don't want more paperwork; it's a paaaain. I have to do it all myself, you know?" Seraphina whined as she wiped the drool from her mouth with the back of her hand.

This... Was this person really the head of the General Support Unit?!

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