Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 474 Departed Memories?, Izroth's Shocking Announcement!


Meanwhile, on the first floor of the Mystical Realm Palace, players were no longer focused on purchasing pills. Instead, their attention was drawn to the breathtaking beauty that had just stepped into the Mystical Realm Palace.

"Her level and status are hidden—she must be a rare NPC!"

"Really? It's my first time seeing a rare NPC. I wonder if she gives any special quests."

"Could it be that she's come to personally meet the Pill Emperor or inquire about his identity?"

"So pretty!"

"What do you expect? Don't you see her ears? She's a member of the Trephasia race. They are all beauties."

"Trephasia... I heard rumors that there is a player who became a Trephasia. I want to become one, too."

"Sigh... I thought the Trephasia at the auction house was a beauty, but she doesn't begin to compare. I guess even among the Trephasia race; there are different levels of beauty."

The vast majority of players had yet to run into a rare NPC; therefore, they were excited and continued to speculate her purpose for being in a player shop. However, how would they react if they knew that she was not a rare NPC, but a legendary existence! This legendary existence was, of course, the Wiseman of Everpeak, Kryxelsia.

Some players attempted to approach Kryxelsia, but every time someone got within a few meters, they felt themselves becoming sleepy. By the time they snapped out of it, they had somehow ended up further away from Kryxelsia!

Kryxelsia swept her gaze among the crowd; however, the individual she was searching for was nowhere to be found. As for the players who were present, she paid them no mind. There was an aura around her that was not discernible to the eyes of others. This aura made it so that when someone approached within a few meters of Kryxelsia, their mind would become blank as they entered a state of awareness. During that time, that person would walk away from Kryxelsia, and when they came to, it would appear that they had simply drifted off for a bit. While the spell seemed to be simple on the surface, it was quite complex and required a masterful control of one's mana.

"It is close. If I am correct, then I can not afford to sit still." Kryxelsia looked towards the staircase located on the other side of the room. Just as she did so, Kryxelsia heard a familiar voice echo from that direction.

"The Mystical Realm Palace is closing until tomorrow for some important maintenance! I will have to ask everyone to leave!" The voice announced, which caused everyone's attention to turn towards the staircase.

"Look, it's the owner of the Mystical Realm Palace...!"

"Eh? The one that was a part of the Sleeping Gardenia group that cleared the hardcore raid? So lucky...! I wish a top guild would carry me."

"Ha! If you want to be carried by a top guild, why don't you get a popular shop first?"

"But, wait, why do we have to leave all of a sudden? I still haven't finished looking at everything."

"Then, you will have to excuse me." Izroth said. A few seconds later, all of a sudden, a flash of bright light encompassed the body of every player on the first and second floor of the Mystical Realm Palace!

"What's this light? I can't move!"

"Wait! I still have to buy-!"

At that time, all players inside the Mystical Realm Palace, excluding those of the Fireheart Apothecary Society, had disappeared from the shop!

〈System Alert: All [Guest] status players in the Mystical Realm Palace have been successfully ejected!〉

〈System Alert: The Mystical Realm Palace is now in restricted access mode to [Secondary] status players or higher!〉

In the blink of an eye, the once busy and bustling Mystical Realm Palace was now so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

"If I knew that the Wiseman was making a personal visit to my Mystical Realm Palace, I would have made more proper arrangements," Izroth stated as he stepped onto the first floor of the Mystical Realm Palace.

"It's you." Kryxelsia's eyes widened slightly from shock when she saw Izroth. However, her expression quickly returned to normal as she released a light sigh.

She then continued, "You seem to enjoy getting yourself caught up in troublesome affairs. Though since you are the owner of this establishment, I suppose it saves me some trouble."

"Oh? From the way you're speaking, it seems I'm not the reason behind your visit. Though you being here saves me some trouble as well." Izroth stated. He found it hard to believe that Kryxelsia would come all the way to Amaharpe just to pay him a friendly visit. If it was not to visit him, then Izroth had a general idea as to why Kryxelsia had come to this place.


A few moments later, Izroth and Kryxelsia were inside the room on the 5th floor of the Mystical Realm Palace.

At the moment, Kryxelsia was carefully examining the young Trephasia, who was still soundly asleep.

"How did you discover her existence?" Izroth questioned.

While had was going to make a trip to Everpeak and visit Kryxelsia, it caused some questions to arise regarding how she knew of the young Trephasia's location. Izroth could only hope her intentions were not ill-placed. If they were, then he was unsure if even the system restrictions would be enough to prevent Kryxelsia from taking action. As for facing someone like Kryxelsia head-on, Izroth understood that with his current strength, it was the equivalent of meaninglessly throwing his life away. But, considering that she seemed peaceful and did not appear to carry any hostile intent, Izroth believed his concerns were unwarranted.

"Several days ago, I sensed an ancient aura that belonged to members of my Trephasia race. These auras should not have existed in this time period. When I left to investigate, I retraced the steps of all those involved and ended up here." Kryxelsia explained as she held her hand out, and a gentle rainbow-colored mist encompassed the young Trephasia.

'Ancient aura? Could she be referring to the legendary figures who were pulled into that vortex in the sky? Still, to feel an aura in Pzenium kingdom from Proximus—it's likely that she is not the only one who knows of this girl's presence here. It seems I was careless.'

As if sensing Izroth's thoughts, Kryxelsia spoke, "If you are concerned about others who may discover this child's whereabouts through means similar to mine, there is no need to be. I have already erased all traces. However, you must still use caution. There are those who will not halt their investigation."


Several minutes passed by as Kryxelsia completed her examination of the young Trephasia.

"Can she be awakened?" Izroth asked.

Kryxelsia remained silent for a bit before she answered, "If you are asking if I am capable of forcing her awake, then the answer is yes. However, there is no need to go to such extremes as her life is not in danger. She will awaken herself when the next moon sets and the sun reclaims the skies. Until then, I will stay with her. You will have to pardon my intrusion."

"I see. Then, my questions will have to wait a while longer. You are a guest in my Mystical Realm Palace. If you need anything, just say the word, and the main clerk, Opal, will assist you. She will be just outside the door if you need her." Izroth said.

He then walked towards the exit and continued, "With the Wiseman here, she could not be in better hands. There are a few matters that I must attend to, so you will have to pardon my abrupt departure."

Kryxelsia gave a small nod and replied, "Do what you must."

Izroth exited the room on the 5th floor and stepped into the corridor.

"Opal, the shop will be closed for the rest of the day. For now, you will tend to our guest. Make sure her needs are met." Izroth stated.

"Yes, Handler Izroth. I will not disappoint you." Opal responded with a respectful bow and a smile on her face that could not hide her enthusiasm. When Agate had alerted her to the presence of the Wiseman, Opal nearly fainted from shock! Who did not know of the famous Wiseman of Everpeak from the Proximus kingdom?! More than anything, Opal felt honored that she could serve such an esteemed guest!

'Now, since Worldly Skies and the Fireheart Apothecary Society have arrived, it's about time to call everyone over. I have delayed the matter long enough. It's time I start to move around a little.'


A few moments ago, after Izroth left the room on the 5th floor...

A smile appeared on Kryxelsia's face as she looked down at the young Trephasia. She gently brushed the back of her hand against the cheek of the sleeping child.

"It's been a long time, Arteria. Have your memories of me already departed?" Kryxelsia spoke in a soft voice.

But, she received no response from the sleeping child.


Later that day...

A gathering was taking place inside the conference room on the first floor of the Mystical Realm Palace.

"I'm glad that everyone was about to make it on such short notice." Izroth stated as he swept his gaze across the players sat at the conference table.

Luna, Zi Yi, Halls, Guan Yu, Valentine—all of Izroth's regular party members were present. But, that was not all who showed up.

Mirage, Azalea, Worldly Skies, Gu Chao, Qi Jiguang, Midnight, Omega—even Metronome was there!

"Heh, how would I dare sit still when my brother calls?" Guan Yu stated.

He then continued, "Though there's a lot of unfamiliar faces here."

"When you said my master was here, I thought you were having a discussion about magic and rushed over. Now, I feel as though I've been tricked." Valentine shook his head and said with a weak smile.

"Is magic all you can think about? You truly deserve the name magic freak!" Zi Yi scoffed.

"Though you have to admit, that kind of dedication is pretty admirable. Still, I don't get all the interest in magic. The frontlines are where all the fun takes place." Halls smirked.

"Well said, brother!" Guan Yu cheered.

"You two dare to disrespect magic? Come, let this big brother teach you two a lesson!" Valentine said.

"Eh? Why is that big sister calling herself big brother?" Mirage questioned Luna, who was sitting next to her.

But, before Luna could even reply, Valentine answered, "Man! I am a man, you know?! Wait—haven't we already met before?"

"Man?! No way! But you're so pretty! How can you be a man?" Mirage gasped as she completely ignored the latter part of Valentine's sentence.

"Ahahaha! Big bro Izroth, you never told me you kept such a lively crowd! I, Gu Chao, do not regret joining y-" Gu Chao spoke; however, he bit his touch mid-sentence and winced from the pain as he covered his mouth.

"I warned you about trying to talk so fast, Gu Chao. If you slowed your words, perhaps you would not bite your tongue as often. Honestly, what a strange skill side-effect." Worldly Skies sighed.

"Is he going to be alright?" Midnight asked as he furrowed his brows.

"He seems quite sturdy. I'm sure he'll be just fine." Omega burst into a fit of laughter when he saw that Gu Chao bit his tongue.

"Noisy..." Azalea muttered to herself. If it were not for her teacher requesting her presence here, she would have already taken her leave from such a crowded place!

"So many beauties gathered in one place. It's a shame we have to discuss business." Metronome commented.

Izroth tapped the table twice as he held up the palm of his hand. After doing so, everyone fell quiet as the conference room was suddenly filled with silence.

"We will get introductions out of the way soon, but first, everyone should be aware as to why I have called them here today," Izroth stated.

He then continued, "Initially, I intended to wait another month or two; however, time continues to become a luxury that is seldom afforded these days."

Then, without wasting another moment, Izroth made his announcement, "I plan to create a guild—one that stands above all others. Who here is willing to follow me?" Izroth said, however, he was met with silence as an expression of disbelief appeared on the face of almost everyone present.

Did they just hear right? Izroth, the same anomaly that the top guilds could not predict, wanted to start his own guild?!

If news of this ever left this room, it would cause a huge uproar! Something like this would undoubtedly upset the fragile balance of the top guilds!

However, everyone had the same question on their minds—why now?

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