Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 465 Boundless Nullifying Expanse

Izroth met Falcinean's words with silence as he picked up his Sword of the Storm and pointed it towards Falcinean.

'Boundless Nullifying Expanse... The effects are not as strong since its incomplete, but it still works better than I anticipated. I had some concerns if it would be able to confront a domain, but it seems that my worries were unwarranted.'

The skill Izroth just used was one that was a part of his Boundless Emperor Void Perfection skill called Boundless Nullifying Expanse.

Skill Name: Boundless Emperor Void Perfection

Skill Creator: Izroth

Skill Level: 1

Skill Rank: Growth(Current Rank Equivalent: E-)

«Boundless Nullifying Expanse»

Active: The user creates a «Nullification Zone» within 1 to 20 meters that last for 5 minutes.

«Nullification Zone» - While inside this area, the following effect(s) are applied to everyone(including the user) and cannot be negated:

-Instantly removes all buffs and debuffs.

-All magic other energy sources are consumed and then nullified upon use.

-Weapon/Armor passive and active skills are disabled. Any active skills in use are nullified.

-Items cannot be removed from the inventory or used.

-Only physical attacks/skills that do not require any mana or alternate energy source may be used. All other skills are nullified.

-Cannot leave the area of the «Nullification Zone» for the duration of the skill.

Skill Note: Skill duration may vary depending upon those trapped inside. This skill can be broken by the user at any time or by someone whose power exceeds the limits of the user's «Nullification Zone».

Cooldown: 252 Hours

'Given the power Falcinean displayed, I estimate that the Nullification Zone will only last around 1-2 minutes. I have to end the fight before it reaches that point.'

This was the first time Izroth used the Boundless Emperor Void Perfection skill ever since that mysterious man who appeared back at the selection helped to remove the suppression that was placed upon him. Although its current might could not hold a stick to its full strength, for now, Izroth had to make do.

Inside the colorless ring was the Nullification Zone. It affected Izroth and Falcinean, applying the restrictions to both of them. However, the effects of the Nullification Zone were crueler to someone like Falcinean, who relied heavily upon the magic effect of his crimson scimitars and his Sand Domain.

On the other hand, for some like Izroth, who was a combat master, the Nullification Zone to him was similar to a fish in water—it was as if it were made for him!

Since the vast majority of his skills did not require mana or energy usage—such as his sword forms—it provided him with a considerable advantage over others who were caught within the Nullification Zone!

'Fourth Sword Form: Dipping Valley.'

Izroth lowered his sword next to his leg, but there was a strange illusion that looked as though the sword rested on his shoulder at the same time. The sword on Izroth's shoulder started to move and meet up with the sword at the side of his leg. But, if one were to look carefully, the sword would seem as if it took an eternity to reach its intended destination!


The instant the "two" swords met one another, they fused together as a fissure formed on the ground before Izroth and split open the earth, creating a deep scar as a powerful strike rushed towards Falcinean!

Falcinean wanted to avoid the opening fissure; however, he found that even his movement skill was rendered ineffective! By the time he discovered that fact, the fissure had already approached him in full force.


Falcinean braced himself to receive severe damage; however, he was surprised when he discovered that the attack barely scratched him. He used the opportunity to dash forward and launch a counter-assault on Izroth. But, as Falcinean moved, he found that his speed had been reduced by more than half!

When Falcinean reached Izroth and lashed out with his crimson scimitars, Izroth avoided the attack effortlessly, and just as he did so, a surging sword intent erupted from the ground towards Falcinean as the fissure slammed shut. It was the second part of Izroth's Fourth Sword Form: Dipping Valley!

«Critical Hit»


The sword intent that was unleashed from the fissure as it closed was many times more powerful than the initial strike of the fourth sword form! But, it was not over yet.

Izroth shifted his stance as his sword slashed out at Falcinean instantly after he evaded the crimson scimitars. It was the Sword Counter effect of his Second Sword Form: Returning Wave paired with his First Sword Form: Converging Paths!

«Critical Hit»


Sword Counter allowed Izroth to immediately launch a counter strike after successfully evading an enemy's attack. As for his first sword form, it guaranteed that Izroth's next sword strike would be a critical hit!

In just two moves, the gap of usable skills between Izroth and Falcinean had already begun to show!

Falcinean, who was not used to fighting without the magic effect of his crimson scimitars and skills, had his entire flow of battle disrupted. Just like that, he had gone from having the advantage with his Sand Domain to being completely and utterly overpowered!



"Phantom Image." Four phantom images of Azalea that took on her physical appearance appeared next to her.

At the same time, a circular-disk spinning at great speeds flew out from the ground and cut three of the Azaleas. The instant it did so, the three Azaleas turned into a shadow before dispersing.

The circular-disk returned to the ground before erupting a few seconds later and striking the remaining two Azaleas!

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Both of the Azaleas stopped moving before turning into shadows and disappearing like the ones before them. It turned out that all five had been phantom images!

"Where did she go?!" the Sandstorm Walker Leader's head emerged from the ground with a look of frustration in his eyes. Every time it seemed that one of his attacks connected to Azalea, it turned out to be a shadow image, ravens, or a dark of vapor of sorts. He had never faced such a slippery opponent! As Sandstorm Walker, he was supposed to be the slippery one—not her!


The eyes of the Sandstorm Walker Leader widened as a dagger exited the front of his head in between his brows. At the back of his head were his shadow showed, a hand could be seen holding onto the dagger that was impaled into the Sandstorm Walker Leader's head. It was the same dagger that belonged to Azalea!

"Shadow Hunt." A figure slowly ascended from within the shadow with a freezing look in their eyes as they pulled the dagger out the Sandstorm Walker Leader's head. The figure that emerged was none other than Azalea!

The Sandstorm Walker Leader's body was ejected from the ground as he lay motionlessly.

〈System Alert: 3/4 Eliminate intruders in the «Millennial Veiled Oasis»〉

Azalea twirled the daggers in her hands before returning them to the hidden sheathes located under her forearms. There was not one cut or bruise on Azalea despite having just faced off against a rare NPC!

To be honest, Azalea had not forgotten that the Sandstorm Walker Leader had grabbed her ankle earlier. As someone who prided herself on speed, this was a great humiliation for Azalea! Even if her guard was lowered, she found it unacceptable!

Though if most players knew of her thoughts, they would want to strangle her to death! Complaining after only getting touched once by a rare NPC while also fighting three other strong NPCs—what was there to complain about?!

After Izroth told her to take care of the Sandstorm Walker Leader, Azalea wasted no time. At first, it was a stalemate as the Sandstorm Walker Leader could simply stay hidden beneath the ground with that unique skill of his.

But, as soon as that sandstorm appeared, the Sandstorm Walker Leader received a significant advantage and caused Azalea to be constantly on high alert! The desert was his home; therefore, he was used to fighting in that type of environment.

Unfortunately for him, the sandstorm did not persist, and he lost this advantage. From there, Azalea uncovered the weakness behind the skill of the Sandstorm Walkers. They could not attack without first revealing themselves! Otherwise, they would just stay beneath the ground the entire fight and launch an endless barrage of sneak attacks. But, even with this information, it was not easy to find opportunities to attack the Sandstorm Walker Leader as he was extremely cautious.

But, during the final moment against the Sandstorm Walker Leader, Azalea used an assassination skill called Shadow Hunt. This allowed Azalea to transport herself to any shadow within a certain range. As for the shadow she chose, it was the almost negligible shadow that formed from the Sandstorm Walker Leader's head being above ground in that split instant! Though that window was all Azalea needed to reap his life.

"Is teacher still fighting?" Azalea set her sights towards Izroth and Falcinean, who were fighting not too far away from her. As she observed the fight, Azalea felt that something was off about it. Falcinean's usual prowess was gone, and the scimitars in his hands lacked its previous fearsome power. Not to mention, there was this strange ring that had formed around the two. Why did he seem so much weaker than when he confronted her?

"Azalea!" A familiar voice called out to Azalea.

When Azalea turned to look, she saw that it was Mirage with the young Trephasia in her arms, accompanied by Luna.

Azalea gave a small nod before turning back to watch the fight between her teacher and Falcinean. Strangely enough, she did not seem to mind when Mirage called her Azalea instead of Wraith! Just what happened during the fight between them?! Luna and Mirage quickly approached Azalea.

"Are you alright?" Luna asked.

"Fine." Azalea responded with one word. It was evident that her attention was drawn to somewhere else.

"He's still fighting? Why haven't you gone to help him?" Mirage questioned when she realized that Izroth still in combat.

"Hmph, how can my teacher need help against someone like that?" Azalea in an almost condescending tone.

She then continued as she pointed forward, "Also, that ring is not normal."

Azalea did not know what it was about that colorless ring, but she felt a sense of unknown danger coming from it.

Luna nodded and commented, "I tried to use a healing skill, but my mana just disappears without having any effect."

When Luna saw Izroth's health through the system's party interface, the first thing she tried to do was naturally heal him. After all, it was better to heal first and ask questions later. But, unexpectedly, her healing skills had no effect whatsoever!

Mirage had a helpless expression on her face as she observed Izroth's battle. That was an epic NPC he was fighting against! There was also the fact that S-ranked quests seemed to follow Izroth wherever he went. Even the quest she previously invited him to somehow got turned into a rare S-ranked quest! Since when were S-ranked quests so easy to acquire?!

But, how could Mirage know that due to Izroth's world fame, as well as his luck stat, great opportunities were bound to throw themselves on his path! This was the benefit of having high world fame and luck stat!

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