Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 459 Owner of the Empress Brooch, Intruder In The Millennial Veiled Oasis!

The child was a young girl who appeared to be somewhere around 10 years of age. From her slightly pointed ears, one could discern that she was a member of the Trephasia race. She looked thin and frail as she lay unconscious on the floor in tattered clothes with bruises and scrapes located all over her body. However, the most bizarre thing was the young girl's hair that matched the color of a vermillion bird's blazing feathers. It was unkempt and wild as if it had not been tended to for months; however, there was still this startling brilliance that peaked through.

'Red hair the color of flames? Interesting... Is this child the source of that powerful flame I witnessed with my Energy Vision Sense?'

For Trephasias, red hair was uncommon. No, perhaps uncommon was an understatement—it was virtually unheard of!

"I don't get it. I thought that those Trephasias took good care of their own kind. Why is this little girl here all alone?" Mirage pouted.

"That's a good question." Izroth stated as he, too, was curious as to why the Trephasia in that village had abandoned this child. It was just as Mirage said—the Trephasia was well known for welcoming other members of their race with wide-open arms.

As for not knowing that this child was here, Izroth found that to be highly unlikely given that they were instructed not to enter this forbidden area. In all likelihood, this child was intentionally abandoned here! Though the question was—why?

Mirage moved over to check on the young girl as she visibly frowned when she saw the cuts and bruises. But, she was surprised by what the system revealed.

NPC Name: ???(???)

NPC Level: ???

NPC HP: ???(2%)

Besides the percentage of her HP, the system did not display anything else about this young girl. Even her name and level was hidden!

Mirage removed a Medium-Grade Health Potion from her inventory and tried to use it on the young girl; however, the results were shocking.

[???'s HP Remaining: 2.01%]

[???'s HP Remaining: 2%]

[???'s HP Remaining: 1.99%]

The potion had only managed to restore 0.01% of her HP! That was a Medium-Grade Health Potion for crying out loud! But, just when Mirage thought that things could not get any more unusual, the young girl's HP started to fall slowly!

Mirage furrowed her brows as she took out a High-Grade Health Potion and used it on the young girl. If other players knew that she used such a high-quality potion on an NPC, they would be shocked to death. What a waste!

However, despite Mirage's best attempt, the High-Grade Health Potion had the same effect as the Medium-Grade Health Potion. It was practically useless!

"Why is nothing working?" Mirage questioned.

As Mirage tried to find a solution to help the young girl, Izroth opened his inventory and removed the Empress Brooch. The instant he did so, the item trembled as it seemed anxious to go forward.

Izroth sensed this and let go of the Empress Brooch as it shot directly towards the young girl as it collided with her left shoulder!

The sudden appearance of the object startled Mirage, who was next to the young girl. When she looked down, she noticed that the beautiful brooch was releasing a faint aurora of lights as a gentle mist encompassed the young girl's body. At the same time, the bruises, scrapes, and filth started to heal and disappear from the young girl.

[???'s HP Remaining: 3%]

[???'s HP Remaining: 4%]

"Her HP is going back up. What an amazing healing item!" Mirage gasped. However, how could she know that the origin of this item was not as simple as a mere healing object?

When the Empress Brooch came into contact with the young girl, Izroth received a stream of system alerts.

〈System Alert: 1/1 Deliver «Empress Brooch» to the member of the Trephasia race who possesses the royal bloodline.〉

〈System Alert: Congratulations, you have completed the quest «Royal Bloodline».〉

〈System Alert: You have gained +2 Luck.〉

〈System Alert: You have unlocked the conditions for the chain quest «Awakening of The Lost Bloodline».〉

〈System Alert: Would you like to accept the second part of this quest? Warning! If you accept, you will lose your reward of +2 Luck. There is no penalty for declining.〉

The mysterious reward for the D-ranked quest was actually 2 points of Luck?! How generous! One had to know that even after Izroth defeated the first hardcore raid boss, he only gained a single point of Luck. Right now, his Luck was a monstrous 5 points! With this much Luck, the benefits he would receive over time would be immense.

Unfortunately, if he wanted to keep these 2 points of Luck, he would have to decline the chain quest that he was being offered.

However, just as Izroth was about to look over the quest information and decide, he felt the ground tremble, which caused him to frown inwardly. This was a familiar tremble that he had recently experienced.

Izroth looked towards the distance at a location not too far away from the Trephasia village and observed that the surrounding space was being reformed—similar to the time he first entered the Millennial Veiled Oasis with his party.

'The entrance to the Millennial Veiled Oasis has been opened?'

According to the system, no other player should be capable of setting foot in this place for at least another year. Therefore, how was it possible that someone had managed to re-open the entrance in such a short period of time? Whatever the reason, Izroth knew that it was doubtful someone from the Trephasia village was returning from a journey. After all, if the Trephasia in this place possessed the skill to leave the Millennial Veiled Oasis as they pleased freely, then their information about the outside world would not be so out-of-date.

'If there is a legendary existence protecting this place, then there should be no problem. However, we should still return to make sure everything is okay.'

Izroth still had no idea how to leave the Millennial Veiled Oasis. Even if the villagers did not know the answer, they might be able to provide some clues as to a means of leaving.

Izroth walked over and picked up the young girl, carrying her in his arms. He could not simply leave her here, especially if he decided to accept the second part of the quest. If he did so, then her presence might become a necessity.

"Let's go." Izroth said as he stepped out of the small hut, followed by Mirage. The two of them went to rejoin Luna and Azalea, who had been waiting patiently on the other side of the riverbank.

When Izroth returned with a young girl in his arms, Luna and Azalea seemed to have a few questions. However, since both of them also had the Royal Bloodline quest and received the same system alerts as Izroth, they already understood some things.

"It seems that some new visitors have arrived in the oasis." Izroth stated.

"Hm? New visitors? How can you tell when we're so far away?" Mirage asked. However, she was met by a carefree smile on Izroth's face.

"I leave her in your care." Izroth said as he handed the young girl to Mirage.

Mirage had a confused expression on her face. But, it was soon replaced by one of surprise as she exclaimed, "So light!" The young girl in her arms felt as though she weighed nothing at all!

"Be safe." Luna said to Izroth out of nowhere with a light smile on her face. It was as if she already understood what he planned to do.

"Be safe? What do you m-" Before Mirage could finish her sentence, Izroth kicked off the ground and soared into the air. He used the skill Sky Steps to walk in the sky!

"Azalea!" Izroth said as he flew at great speeds leaving behind a trail of flickering afterimages in his wake!

Azalea's figure became faded to the point that she resembled an apparition. Without wasting a moment, she moved at great speeds in the same direction as Izroth. Her speed was even faster than Izroth when he was using his Flickering Steps!

'My Soul Sense is becoming more and more active. I thought that it had something to do with the forbidden area; however, ever since the entrance to the Millennial Veiled Oasis re-opened, it has become much louder. Can it be a being from the Netherworld sent to hunt me?'


Meanwhile, at the Lost Trephasia Village...

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

Artemius unleashed three arrows from his bow. Each of the arrows contained a fearsome power and was enhanced by wind magic.


Two scimitars with a crimson glow cut out at the arrows as they were split apart and fell to the ground.

"I will ask you again. Where are you hiding them? If I don't receive an answer soon, I cannot guarantee the safety of your village. The Great Duke will not forgive those who dare harbor people who commit an unforgivable crime." Falcinean said as the crimson blood glow on his scimitars died down.

"Silence, human! You attack without provocation, and now you are demanding we hand people over without giving a proper explanation! No, even if you gave a proper explanation, what right do you have to make demands on our land?!" Artemius scowled. However, he was extremely cautious of the individual before him. Artemius sensed a dangerous level of killing intent coming from Falcinean, which caused him to tremble unconsciously.

Artemius had grown up in the peaceful Millennial Veiled Oasis; therefore, even though his skills were well above average, he had never experienced a real life or death battle. So, when she was faced with a hardened warrior like Falcinean, it was challenging to do something as simple as withstand his killing intent!

Artemius glanced over at the bodies of his fallen brethren who had been mercilessly slain by Falcinean. This caused him his blood to boil over with rage, an emotion that was entirely new for Artemius.

"Human, you will pay with your life!" Artemius cried out as he glared at Falcinean with tears flowing from his eyes and fired off a barrage of arrows. Unlike his previous shots, these arrows carried an excessive amount of killing intent. Unfortunately, it was still lacking when compared to someone of Falcinean's caliber.

Phtk! Phtk! Phtk!

The arrows pierced into Falcinean's body—one of them even drilled into his forehead!

Artemius clenched his fists tightly when he saw that his arrows had struck their intended targets.

"Brothers, I have avenged your deaths..." Falcinean said as a look of sorrow appeared in his eyes.


Artemius suddenly felt something pierce through the center of his chest as he looked down and saw the blade of a crimson-colored scimitar! A look of shock appeared on his face as he coughed up a large amount of blood.

"H-How..!" Artemius at the figure of Falcinean that was still in front of him. However, that figure crumbled and turned into a pile of sand as the arrows dropped to the earth.

"Fool." A voice sounded at Artemius' back. This voice belonged to none other than Falcinean, who was now behind Artemius!

He then continued, "You are unworthy of a death by my blades."

NPC Name: Crimson Blades of the Desert, Falcinean(Epic)

NPC Level: ???

NPC HP: ??? (100%)


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