Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 450 Secret To The Headhunter Syndicate's Success, Benefits of the Great Sea Palace Raid!

The players hidden in the corners of the room prepared themselves to make a move at any time. As long as Vault gave the word or Izroth tried anything—they would not hesitate to cut him down!

Izroth, however, was not intimidated by the presence of those four players. He found it assuming that they thought he had not discovered them yet just because they were stealth. After all, how could they escape the detection of his Energy Vision Sense?

"Perhaps you need more time to reconsider." Vault said as he glared at Izroth. When was the last time someone dared to deny him? After his father came across some money several years ago, his family's connections, influence, power, and wealth had been in a constant state of growth! While it could not be compared to those top families, they were still not someone a nobody like Izroth could afford to offend. If he wanted something, just a single word should be enough for it to fall willingly before his feet!

"There's no need." Izroth replied as he stood up from his seat. The moment he did so, the stealth players immediately moved their hands to their weapons.

He then said, "If your four dogs continue to bare their fangs, I do not mind lending you a hand in pulling them out."

The players who were stealth seemed surprised that Izroth had noticed their presence. The level of their stealth skill was at the pinnacle of B-rank—how and when did he discover them?!

Vault's gaze turned cold. At the moment, more than anything, Vault wanted to kill Izroth a thousand times over for his arrogance. However, he knew that now was not the time to act. Besides, one way or another, it was only a matter of time before the power of his Headhunter Syndicate reached new heights. At that point, the Pill Emperor himself would come crawling to him and beg to serve under him!

Just when the pressure in the room reached its peak, and it seemed as though a fight was unavoidable, a soft and steady voice spoke out.

"Palace Master Izroth, these players are a minuscule precaution against those who may hold ill intentions. Rest assured, they will not make the first move unless there is an absolute threat. As for the guild leader of the Headhunter Syndicate—he is under an abundance of pressure as an ascending star amongst the top guilds. I hope that you can overlook this trivial matter and will accompany me outside for a breath of fresh air." Menerva stated.

"It would seem that at least one member of the Headhunter Syndicate is competent." Izroth commented just as he left the room, guided by Menerva, who closed the door behind them.


Menerva led Izroth back to the main entrance of the building and walked with him until they arrived outside.

"In the future, I advise you to exercise caution. Today, you have undoubtedly made an enemy of the Headhunter Syndicate. Your path forward will not be easily walked, Izroth." Menerva warned.

Caution? Against the likes of a mere Headhunter Syndicate? Even if Vault and the Headhunter Syndicate had a thousand lifetimes, such a day would never come to pass!

"Do you not fear being labeled a traitor in your guild?" Izroth asked. To be truthful, he questioned how someone with Menerva's demeanor and intelligence could end up working for someone underhanded and valueless like Vault.

"I am not a member of the Headhunter Syndicate—just someone passing by. Besides, if the conversation had persisted, would not have your intention been revealed? I am not sure what grudge you hold against the guild leader of the Headhunter Syndicate; however, an inadequate move now only renders the significant move that succeeds it ineffective." Menerva answered without hesitation.

'I see. So, that's how the Headhunter Syndicate developed so quickly in RML.'

Izroth had a feeling before when they first spoke that Menerva was a dangerous person to how a conversation with, but it seemed that she was even more hazardous in person!

When Izroth first saw that Vault was Wendell, his entire mood shifted for a split second due to the intense hatred carved into his body. But, this was quickly subdued by Izroth, and he was able to control himself near instantly. However, in just that split second, Menerva absorbed everything! She even deduced that he had a grudge against Vault and wanted to act right then and there, but restrained himself. To learn so much from so little—how could this type of person be anything but dangerous? Without a doubt, she played a critical role in the Headhunter Syndicate's sudden rise to power! With someone like her who was unknown to all the top guilds plotting in the background, it was no wonder the Headhunter Syndicate was so challenging to infiltrate and predict!

"Then, to repay your kindness, I will give you a warning in return. Get as far away as possible from the Headhunter Syndicate. Their destruction is much closer than you think." Izroth said as he turned to walk away, leaving Menerva with those last few words.

Menerva watched as Izroth left as she closed her eyes and released a faint sigh. Get away? If only things were so simple, then...



"Who does he think he is?! That useless nobody! Damn, he dared to make a mockery of me?! I'll kill him! Ruin him! I'll ruin his entire family! Ungrateful trash!" Vault kicked over the wooden table and swung the chairs around the room. He was furious!

The door to the room opened as Menerva entered inside and saw that the place had become a mess. Although it was not in the best of shape beforehand, it now looked like a typhoon had visited.

The second Menerva entered into the room; Vault stomped over to her.


Vault reached out and tightly gripped onto Menerva's lower face with one of his hands!

"Who permitted you to speak out of turn?! Don't forget; you belong to me! I should break you where you stand, you filthy dog! Or did you forget our deal?!" Vault said as he swung his arm to the side, causing Menerva to be thrown to the floor harshly!

However, Menerva's facial expression remained unchanged and neutral. When Vault witnessed this, he sucked his teeth in disappointment.

"You emotionless freak...! You're no fun at all!" Vault said in a frustrated tone as he calmed himself. But, even though he appeared calm on the surface, he was still fuming with rage within.

He then continued, "Morning Sky! Get some people and find out everything you can about this Izroth—in RML and the real world. I want him left with nothing! If it has some great backing, inform me immediately. If not, then, if anyone tries to get in your way, hmph, show them no mercy!"

"Heh, I'll get on it at once, young master." Morning Sky, one of the players who were hidden in the corner, replied.

"Also, find that second Pill Emperor and have them meet with me. Since we can't get the first one, for now, we will settle for the second one." Vault added as Morning Sky acknowledged his orders before leaving.

Morning Sky was grateful that Vault sent him out on a task; after all, he knew how the young master could get when he was in a bad mood. Those around him would not have a good time!

"Tch, my good mood is ruined! Owner of the Mystical Realm Palace? So what! Since you dared to refuse my toast, you will only have yourself to blame when you're forced to drink a forfeit! Hmph, wait, and see how I deal with you!" Vault said as a savage looked flashed through his eyes.


Moments later...

Izroth had pushed his meeting with the Headhunter Syndicate to the back of his head. Even if they tried to cause some trouble for him, what could they possibly throw at him to deter his path? No matter what, in Izroth's eyes, the fate of Vault and the Headhunter Syndicate was already sealed!

After he left his meeting with the Headhunter Syndicate, Izroth returned to the Mystical Realm Palace to sort through the loot he received from the Great Sea Palace.

The first thing he did was view the skill he acquired after completing the final phase of the Great Sea Palace, the Breath of the Sea.

Skill Name: Breath of the Great Sea

Skill Level: MAXED

Skill Rank: Unique*

Requirement(s): Clear the Final Phase of the raid «Great Sea Palace» on the Hardcore difficulty.

Passive: The user of this skill gains the following effect(s):

-Resistant to «Flow».

-Movement restrictions no longer applied when submerged in water.

-Gain +15% Water Resistance.

-Deal +30% damage to water-type monsters.

-Most sea creatures will not see you as a hostile entity unless attacked.

-Regenerate HP and MP 200% faster when out of combat for more than 30 seconds.

Special Note: Inhale and exhale to unleash the breath of the great sea!

'If the other memory fragments are in water-type areas, this skill will undoubtedly have a beneficial role.'

Izroth was satisfied with the effects of the skill. It was worthy of being listed as a reward for defeating the Colosseum!


Izroth moved on to the equipment he acquired. While he gave some away to those in his main party, he still had four pieces of high-level rare-quality equipment to himself.

In the end, he fed all four rare pieces of equipment to his Apparel of Insatiable Transcendence. The stat increase was not as high as he thought it would; however, he did gain two skills from the rare-quality armor. One was called Life Link, and the other was Rapid Regeneration. He immediately replaced his Adapt and Hellfire's Rampage effects on his Perfect Emulation: Set Skills.

While Izroth lost 100 attack power in the process, it was well worth the trade. Not to mention, he used his remaining 12 stat points on his attack power to make up for the difference.

Armor Name: Apparel of Insatiable Transcendence(Soulbound)

Armor Rank: Growth Type

Armor Level: 50

Requirements: ???

HP: 4,550(+929 -\u003e 1,901)

MP: 0(+0)

Attack: 55(+3)

Defense: 367(+74 -\u003e 173)

Agility: 795(+177 -\u003e 377)

Magic: 0(+0)

Movement Speed: +10%

New*-\u003e +0.5% HP Regeneration Per Second

New*-\u003e +1.5% Critical Hit

New*-\u003e +4% Armor Piercing

New*-\u003e +6% Attack Speed


«Perfect Emulation: Set Skills» - [Crystallization][Adapt -\u003e *Life Link][Hellfire's Rampage -\u003e *Rapid Regeneration][Silverline's Life Essence Magic][Sky Steps]


New* Armor Skill: Life Link(Active) - The user can mark one ally target within 30 meters. For 5 minutes, the user and the marked ally target shares a single HP value, prioritizing the HP with a higher value. During this period, all healing and damage that affects one of the «Life Link» targets, affects the other.

Cooldown: 36 hours

New* Armor Skill: Rapid Regeneration(Active) - Increases the user's HP Regneration by 200% for 1 minute.

Cooldown: 12 hours

'The stat gain is somewhat disappointing. To not satisfied even with four rare pieces of equipment—this armor deserves to be called insatiable. Though the two skills and other stats I gained are not bad.'

Izroth gave a nod of approval as he looked over his stats via the system interface. While they may not be the strongest for someone his level, they were unquestionably the most versatile. Of course, with the limitless potential of the Apparel of Insatiable Transcendence, it was only a matter of patience until its power reached the pinnacle! At that point, even other divine equipment could only sigh in awe at its strength!

[Name: Izroth]

[EXP: 2.18%]

[Level: 50(Stat Points: 0)]

[HP(Hit Points): 19,784 -\u003e 20,839/20,839 (100%)]

[HP Regen(In-Battle): 79 HP/s -\u003e 185 HP/s(555 HP/s out of combat)]

[Energy: 225]

[MP: 1,403/1,403 (100%)]

[MP Regen: 10 MP/s (30 MP/s out of combat)]

[ATTACK: 2,696]

[DEFENSE: 1,134 -\u003e 1,241]

[AGILITY: 1,944 -\u003e 2,161]

[MAGIC: 144]

[Physical Resistance: 25%]

[Magical Resistance: 25%]

[Water Resistance: 15%]

[Luck: 1 -\u003e 3]

[Critical Hit: 8% -\u003e 9.5%]

[Lifesteal: 6%]

[Armor Piercing: +6% -\u003e 10%]

[Attack Speed: +13% -\u003e 19%]

[+10% Movement Speed](Doubles when out of combat)

[-10% Spell Casting Time]

Izroth checked the time before closing out his system interface.

'It's almost time. Azalea should be here soon. I should invite "her" as well. After all, where we're going, there's no guarantee that they will be accepting of outsiders.'

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