Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 44 Anivarity's Bell

Izroth narrowed his eyes as he felt that oppressive aura. It was exactly the same one that was lingering around outside of the palace as well as throughout the entire hallway. He did not even need to read the system alert to take a guess at who was within this room.

Sitting on a large throne locked in place by an abundant amount of chains, was a huge Shadahi who was over 10 meters tall. This Shadahi was not like the others, it gave off a much more suffocating aura.

Its eyes were crimson red with little black lines constantly flowing within them, its skin was a deep nightly black rather than the standard dark red of a normal Shadahi. If it were not bound by those chains, then the party felt as though they would have already died 100 times over.

"Insignificant mortals... You dare to defile the throne room of I, the great Syxirius, with your presence?!" a deep voice resounded loudly from the mouth of Syxirius.

He was already fuming with rage because of the failure of his trusted Commander Ekquilore and now mere mortals dared trespass into his throne room. He unleashed an even greater pressure upon the party making them feel as if thousands of pounds of force was trying to crush them into nothingness.

Izroth eyes grew cold as he looked at Syxirius sitting upon the throne, locked in place by the «Chains of Mazi». He was not bothered by the pressure thanks to the «Heavenly Golden Body» skill he possessed, however, the others were not quite as fortunate and had a hard time simply standing up.

Name: (Weakened)Syxirius, The Unworthy(EPIC BOSS)

Level: ???

HP: ???

ATK: ???

DEF: ???

AGI: ???

MAG: ???



Chains of Mazi Binding(Passive): This being is bound by the «Chains of Mazi» and cannot unleash their full strength. The original strength of this being is «Legendary», however, due to the «Chains of Mazi» it is reduced down to «Epic». Although this being is unable to move or act, the pressure of a «Legendary» existence still allows for them to pose a threat to those weaker than itself.

They were all shocked when they saw Syxirius and even more so when they read one of the passive skills. This was the first epic level boss that any of them had seen excluding Izroth, but it could also technically count as a legendary level boss!

This kind of news was amazing and if sold to those top guilds could give one a small fortune. After all, even if those guilds could not fight against such a boss monster at this moment, there would come a time when they obtained the strength to do so.

Halls and Luna felt as though this quest was not so simple after all. Would they have to fight that monster? Even if Syxirius was sealed in chains and could not act, just from the pressure it gave off alone made it difficult for them to move freely.

If they tried to fight that thing, only death would be the outcome is what they felt. That was still originally a legendary existence within RML after all.

Izroth knew that at the moment fighting against Syxirius was not possible with the way the system limited players based on their stats. He understood that things in this gaming world and the real world were very different and that his current strength was not yet sufficient.

He was no fool that would willingly march towards his death. If this Shadahi was many times stronger than Commander Ekquilore who he only barely managed to defeat, then he could infer that the fight against Syxirius would be way more demanding.

"You all can stay there, I'm going to go take a look" Izroth said as he decided to ignore Syxirius and started to walk around inside the throne room, examining his surroundings. When Syxirius saw that he was being ignored, he instantly reached the peak of his anger.

When had anyone dared to ignore the great Syxirius? He was a legendary being that few could rival and he was being ignored by a mere weak mortal? Syxirius focused most of his attention on Izroth as a strong force pushed down on him.

〈System Alert: You are being suppressed by a strong level of energy〉

〈System Alert: Checking Willpower...〉

〈System Alert: You resist the force of suppression〉

Everyone else could barely take a single step forward, yet Izroth was casually walking around the room as though he were on a relaxing stroll.

"How is this possible...? A mortal who has not approached my level of power should be unable to move around so freely under my legendary pressure..." Syxirius thought to himself as he narrowed his eyes. Who exactly was this mortal?

Izroth could hear a faint chiming sound within his mind as though a small bell was constantly being rung. When he first entered into the throne room he heard that sound, however, it was very faint and almost inaudible. But when he stepped deeper into the throne room, the sound began to grow louder.

"Where is that sound coming from..?" Izroth thought to himself as he furrowed his brows. It was as if the noise was coming from every single direction within the room. But there was some strange force guiding him towards it.


The sound that resonated inside of Izroth's head was much louder than the last few weak chimes. He stopped moving and before Izroth was a small bell hanging on the walls of the throne room. There was nothing special about this bell beside its antique like beauty and the dim glow emitting from it.

Izroth reached out to touch the bell and as soon as he did, it instantly jumped into his inventory. The ringing noises faded out, but it was replaced by the sound of the system alert.

〈System Alert: 1/1 Retrieve the special item has been completed for the quest «Journey to the Seer»〉

Izroth could not help but smile when he saw that system alert. With this, his purpose for coming to the Shadahi's realm was complete. Now all that was left was to return the «Boundary Sealing Sphere» back over to Tererestiaa and then return to «Amaharpe» in order to give this item to Terminus.

Izroth opened his inventory to examine the item that jumped inside before he had a chance to see any information about it.

Magic Item: Anivarity's Bell(Quest Item)

Magic Item Rank: ???

Magic Item HP: ∞(Indestructible)

Magic Item ATK: ???

Magic Item DEF: ???

Usage: ???

Special Note: A divine item that changes forms every time it appears within the world. This time it has taken the form of «Anivarity's Bell». This item can only be used once before it disappears into the world, never to be found again for many centuries. This item can naturally guide its possessor in their time of need.

Izroth was a little disappointed that it did not even show the usage of the item, but the fact that its rank was «???» made that part understandable. "What an interesting item... One use before it disappears for hundreds of years. It must be incredibly powerful" he thought to himself.

Even though it was a powerful item, in the end, it only had one use and Izroth did not even know what power the «Anivarity's Bell» possessed. He was also a man of his word and so he did not have the slightest bit of greed, not thinking for a moment of wanting to keep the item for himself.

Syxirius was confused as to why Izroth would take a useless decorative bell. But, after realizing that he could not get Izroth to willingly submit, he must resort to other means to obtain the «Boundary Sealing Sphere». Even if it was hiding within Izroth's inventory, Syxirius was still able to sense its presence because of how near it was.

"Mortal... If you relinquish the «Boundary Sealing Sphere» to me, then I shall grant you power far beyond your imagination, rare treasures that would make kingdoms destroy each other. However, should you be so foolish as to decline my generous offer then I promise you this... No matter where you hide within the mortal realm I, Syxirius, shall eventually find you and end your pathetic life.

You shall never again have a single day of peace" Syxirius looked down on weaklings like Izroth, however, he needed the «Boundary Sealing Sphere» to break free from his imprisonment. Otherwise, how could he negotiate with someone far weaker than him?

Izroth had a carefree expression on his face as he listened to Syxirius words. It was fine to try and tempt him with rewards. But the one thing Izroth would never respond to was a threat. He was once the number one cultivator within the seven realms, was he afraid of some little threat?

"Then I'll be waiting" those were the only words that left Izroth's mouth as he turned to walk towards the exit of the throne room. No matter how many benefits Syxirius offered him, Izroth would never submit to anyone. Especially if that person threatened him.

Syxirius did not think that Izroth would ignore his offer so easily. "Wait! Mortal, halt your steps! Do you hear me?! I am the great Syxirius! Destroyer of continents! Lord of a legion of Shadahi! You dare to walk away from me mortal! ARRRRRRRRRGHHHHH!" as Izroth walked away the entire palace began to violently shake.

All of the Shadahi within the palace and even those outside of it shivered with fear. This was a natural fear embedded into them from birth towards Shadahi of a higher level than them. Their lord was enraged and they could feel how terrifying he was at the moment.

Halls, Luna, and Scarlet all had cold sweats running down their backs. The fact that Izroth could maintain such a carefree attitude in the presence of so much bloodthirst and anger was unbelievable.

Izroth no longer paid any attention to Syxirius as he exited from the throne room with the others and the doors slowly closed behind him, drowning out the furious shouts of Syxirius. Given how upset Syxirius was, there were bound to be an endless amount of Shadahi pouring into the palace soon towards their location.

"We have to leave from this place as soon as possible. I doubt he'll let us casually stroll out of here without attempting to stop us" Izroth said as he began to move. The rest of the party followed after him, if they were to remain here then they would become trapped between an endless wave of Shadahi.

As Izroth was moving quickly throughout the hallway, he could hear the light chiming of a bell. It was the «Anivarity's Bell» within his inventory making that sound. This time the sound of its chiming was more focused, as though it was trying to guide Izroth somewhere.

The chiming grew louder as Izroth approached a solid wall at a dead end. There was nowhere else to go, but the chiming was still very loud.

A few moments later, the party could hear what sounded like a large group of Shadahi approaching. It wasn't just two or three either, there was at least an entire small army of them judging by the number of footsteps!

"We're going to be trapped here soon, we have to move!" Halls warned Izroth, but he was not responding and looked as though he were thinking about something. The steps of the Shadahi grew closer and closer as everyone began to prepare for an intense battle.

Izroth touched the wall before him and something abnormal happened. When he touched the wall he did not feel anything solid but rather his hand went straight through it! This must be a hidden passageway or some kind of portal. There was only one way to find out.

"Follow me!" Izroth went through the wall which startled everyone. But, they did not have any time to hesitate as the Shadahi were closing in on them, and so all of them rushed through the wall. When they arrived on the other side of the wall, they received a system alert.

〈System Alert: You have been transported outside of the «Palace of Syxirius, The Unworthy» by a boundary rift〉

The group had arrived not too far away from where they first entered into the Shadahi realm. They didn't know how it happened, but they felt elated. None of them knew what a boundary rift was but they were thankful for it.

When they thought about it though, it must've been something similar to the way they entered the Shadahi realm. The only difference was that it seemed it was linked to the Shadahi realm and not to the mortal realm. What was more amazing though was how Izroth discovered such a hidden place.

A few moments later the party arrived at the area where they first entered into the Shadahi realm.

Izroth took the «Boundary Sealing Sphere» out of his inventory as it shined brightly before all of them vanished into thin air. Not too long after, a system alert went off.

〈System Alert: You have entered the mortal realm〉

At last, they had returned to the mortal realm!

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